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2/5/2004 1:25:50 PM

Did anyone read ...

one or both of the following 2 books from Dr. Cournty Brown, www.farsight.org ?

#1 Cosmic Voyage: A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth
#2 Cosmic Explorers: Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind

Just curious whether they are worth to read, any opinions ?

Spent some time there yesterday and made a crash course on Scientific Remote Viewing.


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subject: Did anyone read ...

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Robert L. Sharp
2/5/2004 1:47:45 PM

I have both of these books. They are the type you won't want to put down
once you start reading. The one on remote viewing is especially interesting.
It is a method of surveillance, and is used by the U.S. Military. Dr. Brown used this method to verify the existence of two distinct alien races in one his books
titled: Cosmic Voyage.
Actually both books are about remote viewing. His second book: Cosmic
Explorers, led him to discover the existence of a third race of alien beings,
a menacing and warlike race. They are called the Reptilians. He also talks a lot
about Greys and the Martians.
In Cosmic Voyage, he talks of a Martian race who, having barely survived an
ancient natural catastrophe on their own world, still struggle to survive on the
nearly dead planet and in hidden retreats here on Earth.
The Greys, a highly advanced humanoid people, who nearly destroyed themselves
by wanton abuse of their environment and who now seek to enhance their
own evolution.
Brown claims to have actually observed and interacted with a distant galactic
federation of extraterrestrial civilizations, which humans, if they survive Earth's
coming planatary crisis, may one day join.
Get both of these Doc.

Robert L. Sharp
2/5/2004 1:54:50 PM

I have other books on Remote Viewing, and some crash course types of literature.
I started studying this method a couple of years ago, and find it is extremely
difficult to master, or to even learn the basics. It is for spying specifically, and not the type where you want to observe your good looking neighbor lady down the street.
They are using this method as we speak to find this yahoo named Osama Bin Ladin,
however it looks like it hasen't been successful as of yet. The military used it
extensively thoroughout the cold war with Russia, trying to learn nuclear secrets
and so on. I understand the CIA and the FBI also utilize this, but not sure.

2/5/2004 2:08:51 PM

I viewed all the videos on the farsight site yesterday about Dr. Brown's method. I find them very interesting. Although i think, that the phenomenon he describes is somewhat just a start, something like the average people version of possibilities. I thought it must be possible to interact somehow with the target and to get an even better picture than just a puzzle of information as he showed in his videos.

Well anyway wanted to hear an opinion, will look into getting them here.

What i really liked about that site and what adds IMO dramatically to it's credibility is that he gives his information freely and that thats all non profit.


Robert L. Sharp
2/5/2004 2:16:40 PM

Finding the target is the easy part, putting the pieces of the puzzle together
to find a specific location or landmark is the difficult part.

Robert L. Sharp
2/5/2004 2:31:15 PM

If you would like some other interesting reading, I would suggest a book
titled: The Aliens and the Scalpel, by Dr. Roger K. Leir, D.P.M. with a forward
by Whitley Strieber.
It is pioneering research into the removal and analysis of suspected alien implants.
And yes, it has some pictures of these implants.

2/6/2004 6:25:19 AM

Yes sounds interesting. Wonder whether removing the implants changes something in the relation between the contactee and the aliens. Wonder whether they loose track of the contactee or redo their surgery work. Guess have to put this one on my reading list too.


Robert L. Sharp
2/6/2004 10:28:38 AM

I have other books on the subject. From what I have read, if one has an
implant removed, they will be reimplanted in the near future. Kind of scary
if this is correct. They really must want to keep tracking an individual, for
whatever reason. If someone has an implant, I would suggest to leave it
be, unless you want other future visitations. Just a thought.

Scott Johansen
2/10/2004 8:51:48 PM

Do you think that all implants would be detected in an x-ray or an MRI. I swear something is in my right middle finger and right middle toe but I highly doubt that anything would show in either of these probes. I think you are familiar with my expierience. What do you think? And did you ever get that lump checked out. Or submit to a hypnosis session?

Robert L. Sharp
2/10/2004 9:07:36 PM

I received a very lengthy email from Budd Hopkins just yesterday. This is
really all I can say about it at this time for certain reasons I have been told.

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