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Rick Sobie
2/5/2004 1:49:52 PM


This is one case that for whever reason, seems to have more significance than people will admit to.

It occurred, right after WII after the bombs were dropped on Japan very close to
the only nuclear base in America, did it not?

It was too late to be a case of intervention. It was a crash, yet there was no
means of propulsion. It had no engine, motor or power source. It was a glider.

So either it came from a mothership, or it came from another dimension,
or it came from the moon.

Now I need to know more about this crash and I have asked and asked for
more information from the powers that be, and I have got nothing but dribbles
of stuff surrounded by tons of meaningless information and nonsensical
information and bullcrap.

The last time a Senator investigated the crash and the report came down and
again it was full of crapola about it being a weather baloon. It was not a weather balloon.

Now I will tell the American Government this once. And if you know me, and know
who I am, I want you to take me very seriously about this.

I have every reason to believe that my sister was on that shuttle.

She is here with me now, she is an angel now, and we want the truth.

The Roswell crash. The crash at Corona I could care less about.
We want to know the exact details of the Roswell New Mexico crash
for our own reasons.

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