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12/30/2003 4:20:24 AM

ufo are home grown

why do people associate ufo with being from out of this world. they are most likely to be from earth from people that are advanced than the norm.,

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subject: ufo are home grown

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Robert L. Sharp
12/30/2003 10:31:50 AM

Hello John,
Are you REALLY sure that all of the UFO activity from the beginning of time is
something that is from Terra Firma? Do you realize that UFO's and strange objects
in the sky have been sighted for hundreds or even thousands of years? The
Wright bros didn't even get their little plane off the ground until just a hundred years
ago! Look at the different cave dwelling drawings that have been discovered over
the centuries, and you will find that SOME of them have drawings of crafts in the
sky. How can that be? Did the ancient civilizations have secret areas such as
area 51 in Nevada? NO. Area 51 and other places like it, didn't even exist at that time.

There are even observations discussed in the Bible! How can this be?
I have read accounts of UFO activity in the late 1800's. How can this be? Did
we have secret installations back then that were cranking out stealth aircraft
and other unworldly objects? I don't think so. I'm not saying you are wrong about
your beliefs, because none of us knows for absolutely sure just what is going
on in the skies above us. I do believe that SOME of the strange phenomenom
that is being spotted for the last 50 years or so, could possibly be secret craft
the government has constructed, and we have to keep it secret for obvious reasons.
I'm not convinced about a lot of the other things. I mean, I'm quite sure that some of
these things could be from another place, and not from this planet.

I'm also sure that the day will come when all of humankind will be "shell shocked"
with the disclosure that we are indeed not alone in this universe. I am one person
though that will not fling myself off of the nearest bridge because I have been
informed of other life. My religion won't change. I will still believe in GOD. I don't
believe that there will be mass rioting in the streets or mass hysteria. I think some
folks will probably freak out and bite their fingernails off, but most generally I believe
that there will be mass acceptance of the fact.

I have been taught all of my life that God created the heavens AND the universe.
He didn't just create US. Why would the universe be so profoundly huge and vast
if there was just one little rock in all of it that harbors life? Why would we need all
of the rest, if we represent the universe? Why isn't the Earth spinning around out
here all alone? Why do we need all of the other rocks? I may be completely wrong
about my beliefs, but I sincerely think the day will come, and soon, that we all will
find out that we are just ONE planet that has living, breathing, walking entities. SO
WHAT if there is life all over this universe? What could be wrong with this? Why is
it so incredibly difficult to accept this? I hope there are millions of planets that have
civilizations. I feel so terribly alone in this universe, knowing that there are lots of
folks who believe we are IT, and all the rest of us are just delusional morons and idiots
and attention starved individuals, who have watched too many Sci-Fi, X-Files, Star
Wars and Buck Rogers movies in our lifetime. I for one, have watched only a few of
these types of shows in the past. I think they are extremely goofy and don't waste
my time watching them. I have had a number of UFO experiences in my life, and
other things that would frizzle your hair, but I usually keep them to myself because
of the nay-sayers and the ones that want to paint me as a crackpot or goofball.

Have a good one,
Robert L. Sharp
Gering, Nebraska USA

12/30/2003 11:31:26 AM

The above post states something to the effect that "no one knows for sure whether they exist". that's not true because i know its not true, i've seen them up close. but even if you don't believe me that statement is false....the best you can say is that you don't know....no one can say for sure what others no. i assure you they exist. beyond any doubt. i can say that because i know they exist just as you know your own name. the evidence i have seen is that concrete. the rest of the post i thought was fabulous.

Robert L. Sharp
12/30/2003 12:07:47 PM

Hi again:

To the person who wrote an answer to the the original question. You say you know
for sure they exist. I also know for absolutely sure they exist. But, how are we to
convince anyone else that is a skeptic or non-believer, without the so-called concrete
evidence they all demand? Their demand for this evidence isn't entirely unwarranted,
but what the heck do we do? I have come to the point in time, at least for me, that I
don't care what anyone thinks or says anymore. I know what I know, and you and
others know what you and they know, so why do we have to feel like we are
automatically required to present the so-called evidence? I say this--if the non-
believers don't want to believe, or think the rest of us have a couple of cans missing
from our six-pack, then so be it. They can continue to stick their heads in the sand
and deny all that is known to others. I don't give a crap anymore. Like I said before,
the day will come for all humankind to know the REAL facts, and it will be a mind
blowing event for them. I will not be one of the shocked ones.
Robert L. Sharp
Gering, Nebraska USA

12/31/2003 10:38:03 AM

Yes,you are right! UFO's indicate nothing more than an unidentified flying object. In the early 1960's the Air Force had a plane called the SR-71 that was always mistaken for a UFO. The USAF didn't mind either. The liked it when they could just refer some crackpot to NASA, because they no longer officially investigate UFO phenomina. However,there are cases such as the Zamora case in New Mexico. New Mexico Highway Patrolman Zamora spotted an egg shaped object from the highway with occupants standing next to it. I think this is one of the few incidents that are diefinitely unidentified as in extraterrestrial. We really need to realize that most of the sightings can be explained. The ones such as the astronauts from some other star system that had to set down on Earth to fix their ship can't.
I would say that about 1% of the sightings we see can't be explained. These are the meat and potatos that the Air Force should still be investigating....but they aren't! Why? Do they think this is not a problem? I know the answer! We have obviously set up some form of treaty with them. I even know when it occured! My guess would be some time in 1952 when they were buzzing the White House. Well,they aren't still buzzing the white House,are they? The reason is we told them to meet with the government at an alternate location.

3/22/2004 9:04:13 AM


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