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2/6/2004 5:28:29 AM

A question of mater.

The believer is comforted by the excitement of 'possibility' and this is enough faith to move mountains . The non-believer is equally important in so far as providing negatives and contrary proof to the believer . Togeather , both those for and against offer little or nothing toward resolve .

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subject: A question of mater.

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Robert L. Sharp
2/6/2004 12:24:49 PM

What is this mater your are referring to, or is it matter? Clear up my confusion
for me please.

2/6/2004 9:10:00 PM

HI robert , very good ... you were the only one who picked up on the detail of mater/matter . In reality it shows how few are paying attention to details . Cheers.

Robert L. Sharp
2/6/2004 9:35:18 PM

I have been accused of hollering at folks that don't spell especially well. I
thought maybe you were referring to matter, but really wasn't sure. I thought
that there had been a new term coined about this UFO stuff. That's why I asked.This is one time I wasn't being an asshole for spelling mistakes.

  Replies 1 - 3 (out of 3 total)

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