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Robert L. Sharp
2/6/2004 11:37:41 AM

UFOs real Headers

HI all:
I was surfing around in here, and it seems there are newcomers to the forum
that don't do the same. For example: Under the General Discussion heading,
there are two headings titled: Are UFOs real?
1. Are UFO's real? posted by Donald Deilkes, jr. on 1/20/04
2. Are UFO's real? posted by YES on 12/2/03

Under the forum Debate: Are UFOs real? This is what is there:
1. They are real posted by Michelle Bugliaro on 12/6/03
2.Are UFOs real? posted by Rosemary K. Morrison on 12/4/03
3.Are Ufo's real? posted by Michael on 12/11/03
4.Are UFOs real? posted by Douglas Graham on 12/8/03
5.Are UFOs real? posted by Massomeh on 2/5/04
6. UFOs are real posted by KENDALL SHARPE on 2/2/04

Do you think you could look around a little before we have 300 pages of
ARE UFOs REAL? Probably not, as I suspect you won't even read this.

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