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2/7/2004 4:02:06 PM

Am I the only....

I suppose I'm the only female around on this post who has an interest in E.T.'S.
Maybe it's because I have more of a 'scientific' intelect or interest than the average female. I recall a test we took in high school to determine what area we had our strengts and weakness. To my surprise the area I scored the highest was electronics. I kept thinking..."This has to be a fluke...lucky guess on the multiple choice answers".
Yet I have to admit I like to analyze things or situations reviewing all possibilities and look past at what it appears to be. I think one reason it's hard for some to believe in the concept of visitors from the outer limits of our realm is simply due to lack of hard evidence and it's difficult for them to look beyond what is not seen by their own eyes. I believe in God, but can't imagine what he looks like no matter how hard I try. There were eye witnesses to Jesus and documentation of his life on earth, etc. There are eyewitnesses and documentation on u.f.o.'s. How do we know either of these to be real? There are unexplained healings of people who were diagnosed as having a terminal illness and MRI'S/CAT SCANS produced a visual image of the illness...then for some unknown reason the illness vanished. Was this a miracle? Many would believe this was God's healing.The answer is science and faith in all these examples.

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subject: Am I the only....

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Robert L. Sharp
2/7/2004 4:16:20 PM

I don't understand either, why other women don't come to this forum. However,
I enjoy your postings, and hope you don't leave.

2/7/2004 4:37:12 PM

There are a lot of areas where you won't find a lot of women. In the IT branche where i work there are like 5% women. Analytical and/or logical thinking isn't really a female domain or preference i guess. Out of 100 employees at my last customer there really were 5 women, mostly mathematicians. The rest are men. Thats somewhat sad.

So you are our most precious asset here *g*.


2/7/2004 7:06:12 PM

Lois...I dare say you are not the only female. In actuallity I ran across this message board looking for a site that had some information on Russia and China. I have been at this for a long time, my latest endeavor was to look around and see what other groups in this topic field were communicating about.
Ufology, or whatever appropriate term someone wishes to give the study of this subject is a passion of mine. It has been for a long time. I do some work for a UFO research group and I am involved in a forum on paltalk concerning this subject matter.

2/8/2004 3:03:52 AM

no you are not the only female to be interested in aliens...i know some girls who are obsessed about aliens

Scott Johansen
2/9/2004 10:14:18 PM

I just assumed they just all were aliens and didn't need to come to this website cause they already knew what's up. LOL
Just kidding Lois. Glad to see your still here. I enjoy your posts very much.

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