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subject: Ok, this is going to sound absolutely ridiculous, but....

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1/9/2004 7:12:04 PM

I godda say, I haven't laughed like that for ages and I almost feel sorry for anyone who can talk about a thing of this nature. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sorry for the chap having these itchy urges, I just feel sorry for the fact everyone is going to think of him as a nutter. But to be honest, there is a science in his ability where by persons feelings can be told purely by what he does and this means itching certain parts of ya'body. Although the bird thing seems a little bit as if he is reading into his experiences to much. It's like owning a Toyota of some sort, you will notice that all you will ever see is Toyota's and thatís because you are paying attention to it. Maybe that isn't everyoneís experience but some of you can relate to that...... Unless I am nuts?

Get this, I am physic, I have actually proved it on several occasions to my closest friends and my brother thinks Iím bonkers, still, I don't talk about it purely because I would be perceived as a complete nutter, on here, it don't matter. But answer this, whatís more unbelievable; having Physic ability or seeing an Alien spaceship??

1/9/2004 10:48:22 PM

I said I am physic.....I meant to type psychic. I am just to darn tired for this, working nights does this to'ya

Prof. Malcolm
1/14/2004 12:22:15 AM

yes, rather amusing. This validates the SETI. hehe. One thing i wondered about the thread however, was this: someone said to take prozac. Well, if you read a fair nmber of studies, it's the new recipients of suck psychoactive drugs that have delusionalo experiences. Maybe lay off the prozac! Your interest makes me smile folks.

Scott johansen
1/14/2004 12:42:38 AM

I would like to interject for a minute. First of all ,Prozac reacts differently with different people and sometimes may cause some serious side effects such as severe diahrea and weight gain, which is why others take zolaft or lexiprol or even wellbutrin.But none of them ,I mean none of them cause any itching or mental instability.These mood balancing drugs have gotten a bad wrap from court cases where some desperate lawer is trying to discredit a witness by saying that they must be mentally unstable soley on the fact that they have a prescription for Prozac. It is my humble opinion as well as a great many number of my physician friends that if we could find a universal drug of this nature, free of side effects,we should put it in our water like fluoride.

Prof. Malcolm
1/14/2004 12:50:23 AM

It has been documented that antidepressants cause detrimental mental effects in 'certain' people, not all. A man takes prozac and murders his family 2 days later. A woman jumps off a bridge while seemingly happy until the drug is administered...I'm not here to give proof. Just question whether it's useful at the moment. It could explain a lot if t was proven that such drugs do cause major delusions.
Mind and mood altering drugs don't cause delusions, but little green, er, grey men are abducting humans and zippin' across the sky unbeknownst to evenyone but the 'enlightened'? hmmm

Itchy Itchy Burny Burny
1/14/2004 1:22:00 AM

This may sound even more crazy than your story. Perhaps you can help me understand my itch. Two days ago I got a nasty itch right smack dab in the middle of my asshole. I keep itching and scratching then wiping and wiping followed by more itching and scratching. I contacted my doctor about this and she says that it's because I shave my asshair too close and that I should try plucking rather than shaving. But I know there is a reason for this and you have the itch decoder power. Can you please help me?

Scott johansen
1/14/2004 1:31:52 AM

unfortunately, people murder their families every day.people also coppulate with horses,tear off their clothing and howel at the moon too. None of this to my knowledge has any direct connection with any anti depressant on the pharmeseutical market today. At one time they said that leaches could cure cancer and geritol rejuvinated Tired blood. In my opinion, thier are a lot of researchers getting a lot of funding from a lot of agencies and they need to produce results ..They tend to find these isolated cases, compile them into onetest case study,draw a conclusion and publicise it as a TEST CASE STUDY so that theywill have no accountability for what has been published. I know dozens of people that take it including most of my family and there is absolutely no history of mental imbalance in my family.Well my Grandmother did claim to talk to her dead sister.HA HA . My point is you don't have to be crazy to take prozac. And from what I have seen of my family since they have been on it they are much more productive and happy. That's all I know. I am not a doctor of medicine so I could be wrong but I do have a rather intensive medical library as it has always been of great interest to me.And i read a lot.
I would love to know more about your field but I think that we may be getting away from the original subject at this time.


Prof. Malcolm
1/14/2004 10:09:52 AM

yeah. we're off topic.

Robert L. Sharp
1/14/2004 10:30:41 AM

Hi Prof. Malcolm:
Welcome to the forum that debates everything from actual UFO's to
anagrams to itching bungholes. This is a fun place, sort of like a three
ring circus with all the camel and donkey shows you can stand.

Scott johansen
1/14/2004 10:34:40 AM

HEE!!! HAA!!! HEE!!!! HAAA!!!

  Replies 11 - 20 (out of 25 total)

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