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2/7/2004 5:49:06 PM

mary popens

nobody wants to believe that aligns and UFOs(flying saucer) are not real.from men,woman,kids. because if they where every body on this planet would be seeing them all the time day or night and on the boob tube.the media can't pass some thing like this.it seem no one has written to much about it other than the cheap tabloids, that would write about any thing or any body or monsters. if any one out there can remember or even look back on some of these old news flash when people said they where on mars with aliens and other planets in our solar system.Well guess what we've landed on mars and found NO evidence of intelligence life. IN an micro form live can just about live any where,I will believe that much but that's all no more no less.you people need to come out of your caves and explore other life form on this planet, thing of these etherical being is some thing that needs hard physical evidence some people like myself and others call proof.I believe in satellites,meteors,comets,and the hoaxes and if it can't be explain the conspiracy theories are pretty good.stories like these are a never ending story it will never end till we are all extinct which is another story.

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2/7/2004 5:57:09 PM

Oh but the media has "passed" this subject. The USA and european nations arent as Democratic as we think. In one way or another there appears to be a set of controls placed over the press when it comes to aliens.

But we have the underground media (the internet).

2/7/2004 6:37:42 PM

Can you read between the lines. It is in the media.

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