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2/7/2004 10:24:36 PM


I have a question for any of you who say you were abducted.

I have a hard time believing in abductions. Not that they don't happen. Just, exactly how DO THEY happen? For example. You're asleep in bed with your wife/partner lying next to you. When the abduction begins. What happens to you're partner during this experience? Do they remember anything? What if their awake during the incident?

How do the Aliens get to you physically? Do they land a craft and experiment with you on board? Is their a limit to their capabilities?

I guess what bugs me is SOME of these stories sound more like a horrific nightmare than they do actual events taking place because the story is about being on the craft being hurt and nothing else.

Where's the physical evidence that proves its not a dream?

I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to be hostille toward their experience, I just want to learn more about it with facts.


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Robert L. Sharp
2/7/2004 10:38:23 PM

Look under the heading: Robert do u want to talk. I tried to explain to lluminati
what happens in an abduction. Read some of the postings between us.
In my experience, I have never been asleep or in a dream as you theorize.
I have always been totally awake, and aware of my surroundings. It suddenly
happens, that's all. It is not fun. If this was all a dream, how do you account for
all of the regressive hypnosis that constantly comes up with Aliens, aboard
space craft, having basically the same procedures performed on abductees? In my
opinion, it is totally impossible for everyone to have exactly the same dream, and

2/7/2004 11:03:20 PM

It happens like this ; A abductee is in bed and they see a bright light maybe, and they awaken but they cant move and the aliens ensure that anyone with them in the house doesnt awaken. They come through the walls and ceiling of the room as the spaceship hovers above outside. Then the person is lifted up to the ship.

Thats how.

Now alot of times people are abducted when thier walking around in day time too. A alien can make a abductee drive to a certain spot by mind control. When a abductee is outside a significant amount of time the aliens land thier ships on the ground and walk the abductees up to the craft.

Robert L. Sharp
2/7/2004 11:10:15 PM

Tomorrow, I will give you the name of a good book to read by Budd Hopkins,
a brand new one, that tells of Aliens and spacecraft that are able to become
completely invisible, during bright daylight, abduct people in parks and other
places, take them aboard, and the people around them are totally unaware of
any of this happening.

2/7/2004 11:13:20 PM

"I imagine your feeling like Alice"? "Falling deeper down the rabbit hole".

Yes Robert thank you. Hopkins told me about Sight and Seem a long time ago. I havent even read it yet so I found what you said very interesting.

Robert L. Sharp
2/7/2004 11:19:58 PM

Sight Unseen. Read it.

2/7/2004 11:25:58 PM

I wonder if Hopkins is scared that he may become abducted. Surely by now the aliens know who he is.

2/8/2004 3:13:14 AM

I read those post's, yet you havent really gotten in-depth about exactly what happens. Like, describing a certain incident from start to end. If you don't like talking about it I would understand.

I'm frustrated by the idea that these life-forms seem to have an un-endiing supply of special powers. LOL, it drives me nuts.

HOW do they go through walls???
HOW do they keep the others around from waking up???
HOW do they keep the abductee from moving???
WHY if they are so powerfull do they even need to abduct anyone???
Let alone allow you to feel pain, yet you can't move??

I know, I know.. there's probably no way on earth you could answer these questions.
Just hypothetical questions I have.

You need to understand that I'm writing a screenplay on this issue and I want it to be as legitimate as possible, given the substance. Abductions give me a clear insight into their capabilities.

The idea of Aliens having "supernatural powers" is fiction. They can have greatly more advanced technology than us, but not supernatural powers. At least I hope not.


2/8/2004 3:22:13 AM

i think the aliens make your partner forget about what he/she saw

2/8/2004 11:59:03 AM

Hey Robbie. We do not exactly know how these mechanisms operate but we do know that they operate. Meaning thier technologhy.

Could barely anyone say how our electricity works, or how a tv works exactly today? Could a human today say how a cell phone works in detail? So dont try and look at it that way.

The aliens DO HAVE supernatural or powers unrelated to thier technologhy. They can use mindcontrol to a extent, and erase your memory and perhaps even read our memories. All this is done mainly by the alien looking into our eyes.

Theres some reports I think of them using psycho-kinesis to move objects with thier minds. And then theres of course the one "supernatural" power we know they have for sure TELEPATHY.
I dont think you should call these things supernatural, because these are abilities that come naturally to them. These things are only called supernatural if a human can do them.

2/8/2004 5:02:30 PM

Then the question begs to be asked, if they are that powerfull then why do they need to abduct and terrorize us to begin with?

I'll ask them that if they ever try to probe me.


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