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subject: Abductee's

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Robert L. Sharp
2/12/2004 7:09:33 PM

Mr. Cassidy:
I am confused a little. You posted a reply to Robbie about abductions.
I don't understand what you are doing. Unless you know Robbie personally,
why would you do what you are doing? After all, you stated you were told
to keep quiet about what you know. Then you say you are in danger of this
information getting out. Unless you are good friends with Robbie, what gives?
First of all, you are in a forum that can be read anywhere on the planet if you
have access to the internet. In other words, you are telling the entire planet
that you have certain info that you are told to keep quiet about, but want to
go ahead and tell this to a stranger.???????????

2/13/2004 4:36:38 AM

I find this thread interesting. My et/ufo experiences to date lead me beyond the 'good/evil' duality to something more mystical and magical. What I find boring is the attempt to limit it to something humans can imagine.

To give you a starter I was 'told' a few years ago to try to imagine a colour that didn't exist on this planet. I copyright that sentence and concept so everyone who reads this please copy and save for me. You are my witnesses :) ?

I have a revealing book in progress, it's authorised so to speak, so you will find this info in the book if a publisher will even touch it.'....it' being too far out there. And then again, as some of you watching know, it's already old news.

Still, it will get left for posterity and that's more important I guess. My experiences go back to age seven earliest memory and include being told things that then occur, close encounter of 2nd kind, receiving information on them and I didn't know enough to even ask the quesions, waking at night with activity in the room and then remembering it the next morning or a few days later, children involved at many levels and things that dreams are made of that provide clues as to how little we really know.

It isn't anything like we might even imagine and even further removed than your wildest imaginings maybe. Still, it's nice to drop in for a chat occasionally.

2/13/2004 4:40:59 AM


  Replies 31 - 33 (out of 33 total)

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