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11/28/2003 2:36:34 PM

Quote on UFO evidence by Dr. Steven Greer

The evidence that at least one extraterrestrial civilization has visited Earth is extensive both in scope and detail. In its totality it comprises a body of evidence which at the very least supports the general assessment that extraterrestrial life has been detected, and that a vigorous program of research and serious diplomatic initiatives is warranted. Consider the following overview of facts:

There are numerous daytime and night time photographs and videotapes of clearly non-human spacecraft from all over the world; these films and videotapes have been evaluated and deemed authentic by competent experts in optical physics and related fields.

There are more than 3500 military and commercial aircraft pilot reports of encounters worldwide; many cases have corroborating radar documentation and multiple witnesses both on the ground and in the air.

There are more than 4000 landing trace cases from around the world.

There are hundreds of electromagnetic cases where spacecraft have been observed by police, military personnel and civilians to affect car engines, radios and other electric devices.

There are more than 100 first- and second- hand witnesses to the retrieval of an extraterrestrial spacecraft and at least four extraterrestrial bodies from a crash which occurred in July, 1947, 75 miles northwest of Roswell, New Mexico; written and videotaped testimony from several first-hand witnesses who are respected military officers have been obtained.

There are hundreds of credible reports, many with multiple witnesses, of humanoids in association with landed spacecraft.

There are several multiple-witnessed events where humans have been taken on board spacecraft.

CSETI (The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has in the past 18 months succeeded in intentionally establishing contact with extraterrestrial spacecraft, on two occasions at very close range, and with multiple witnesses present.

Various polls have indicated that approximately 10% of Americans (25 million people) have seen them at close range so that details of the structure of the object can be discerned.

Numerous US. Government documents exist which indicate that these objects are real and have been involved with observing Earth for several decades.

It is an understatement to say that the time has arrived for a serious and open international dialogue regarding the possibility of future interplanetary relations. In no other area of human experience has so much evidence existed for so long, and yet been attended by such a paucity of serious research and analysis - at least in the civilian domain. While the subject matter [of UFOs] itself is extraordinary, it is the absence of a serious human response to it that is most extraordinary.

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Doc Allen
1/4/2004 8:42:24 PM

Raj, you've outlined quite beautifully what the majority in this forum understand to be true...that alien crafts not of this earth have been witnessed by many credible people...are you listening Don...!

Robert L. Sharp
1/4/2004 8:58:47 PM

Look at the top of this page. There are great big red letters that say:
UFO Evidence. Over to the right of that are 6 pictures of flying saucers.
The 5th one from the left, or the 2nd one from the right, is exactly what
I and 4 other men saw one night, only a lot closer and larger than the
picture portrays. We could actually peer right into the portholes of this
craft, although we saw no entities or Aliens. It was almost a blinding
light coming from within, but were able to see clearly the rounded interior.
The craft was only about 50 feet off of the ground, and was traveling
at only around 20 MPH, much slower than the stalling speed of even the
smallest of aircraft. No noise whatsoever, with no exhaust or contrail.
Robert L. Sharp

Doc Allen
1/4/2004 9:04:49 PM

Robert, no doubt this must have been a life altering experience for you...!

Robert L. Sharp
1/4/2004 9:13:18 PM

I won't go into detail about things, except with the right person or people,
but this is only one of about 15 sightings I have had in my lifetime, starting
from the age of 12 in 1957. I have documented all of this in just the last few
weeks, and sent it off to a reputable UFO investigator. I only did this on the
hopes of learning WHY ME? Why have I seen all of this? Have I been "chosen"
to observe for some reason?
Robert L. Sharp

1/5/2004 12:09:57 PM

With that many sightings you should write a book. And if it's just to document all the details for yourself. Seriously. I also wonder why you aren't running around with a (video-) camera all the time, ready to shoot whenever something shows up, or do you ?

Robert L. Sharp
1/5/2004 12:24:15 PM

Hi Doc:

I DO carry a camera with me lately. And, I have thought about writing a
book, although I don't feel as is I am articulate or smart enough to do so.
I wouldn't know where to begin.
Then, there are the folks who would say I am doing so only for the
monetary gain, publicity, celebrity status or whatever. Well, that is probably
the main reason I haven't done so. I don't care about any of that nonsense, so
I won't bother with a book or much else. I will continue observing whenever
I can. If I were to take pictures or videos, some type of gevernment asshole
would probably want to break in my home in the still of the night and confiscate
what evidence I might have.
Robert L. Sharp

1/11/2004 5:53:47 AM

whose paranoid?

Robert L. Sharp
1/11/2004 11:16:54 AM

Not me! I know the facts though.

1/12/2004 3:01:23 PM

I couldn't resist

The Jester
9/3/2005 9:15:40 AM

Steve is the UFO God.

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