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subject: Quote on UFO evidence by Dr. Steven Greer

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9/3/2005 10:58:11 AM

Steven Greer:

"CSETI (The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has in the past 18 months succeeded in intentionally establishing contact with extraterrestrial spacecraft, on two occasions at very close range, and with multiple witnesses present."

So where the heck are the photos and video of the close range contacts?????? Greer is a liar.

The Jester: "Steve is God".

You need to go back to trying to be funny. Cuz you're not cutting it as a "UFO" researcher.

9/3/2005 11:01:20 AM

Ooops! I misqouted "The Jester" he actually said:

"Steve is the UFO God."

Right. Sure. Greer needs to stop talking and start showing.

9/3/2005 12:29:24 PM

I would as well like to see what DR greer is talking about. So far he has shown little proof to his claims.

The Jester
9/4/2005 7:05:24 AM

I always thought Mr Greer was "The Man" to you people.

9/4/2005 4:38:02 PM

Respectfully, personal experience has led me to believe that many of the things Dr. Greer claims are true. I cannot speak for everything he has said, but i find his assessment of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence to be highly accurate.

Ex. "While these various EBEs may have values and priorities which are different from those of some 20th century humans, their motives and ultimate intentions are non-hostile and do not include the acquisition or subjugation of the Earth or its peoples"

This is the truth. These beings have shown unquestionably that they are non-hostile. I have personally seen UFO's on many occasions... many times i initiated the encounter. I have never been hurt, abducted, and certainly never eaten. They have shown repeatedly that they ARE interested in my desire for further peaceful relations with them and are willing to comply. If i was able to put more effort into it, i probably would have met these beings by now... but i'm slow. And i got my own life to live... aliens are not everything in my life and they certainly can't pay for college. Living in a city such as this one doesn't make it much easier either.. i don't expect the ET's will land in my backyard.

I see many of you saying that Greer needs to disclose his free energy technology in order to prove he's not a liar. This is bullshit. Greer has made it very clear, and he's right, that technology such as this would be a major problem in the world we live in. We live in an unstable global social environment. Wars and fighting is the norm. I think the consequences of what would happen If hostile countries were to get their hands on this free energy technology is pretty obvious.

All in due time.

  Replies 11 - 15 (out of 15 total)

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