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Robert L. Sharp
12/30/2003 7:00:55 PM

Open Microphone

Hi to all:

I wish it was possible to have an open microphone forum, so we could all get
together and voice our opinions and beliefs in an intelligent format, instead of
yelling at each other through emails. But I suppose our extremely brilliant
earthly human brains could not come up with something as ludicrous as that.

I would love to hear the voices of the pros and cons to get a feel for where
everyone stands on all of the issues. Maybe Mr. Hopkins could try to arrange
such a meeting of the minds. Or, am I WAY out there on this? I realize that some
folks may not have such a contraption as a microphone, but I DO, and I am sure
there are others. To zip emails back and forth is alright, but it would be very nice to actually hear who is on the other end. Sort of like getting a "feel" for what I am
READING in the forum.

Robert L. Sharp
Gering, Nebraska USA

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1/1/2004 1:27:47 PM

Nothing easier than that...

1. buy a headset at local electronic stuff store of your choice
2. download Roger Wilco at http://rogerwilco.gamespy.com
3. ask others to do so too
4. set up a date when to meet
5. start session and talk

Usually used in online games for faster communication between players than typing stuff. Sound quality fairly well.

Oh and Happy New Year to everyone.

Robert L. Sharp
1/1/2004 2:38:05 PM

Hi Doc:
I went to the Rogerwilco website and looked it over. This is alright if you
don't mind paying the monthly fees and so on. I have an older Gateway
computer that came equipped with a microphone, and all I had to do was
a simple download for the microphone software and it works fine, and at
no monthly fee. All I have to do is find a website or chat room that utilizes
microphone, turn up the volume and start talking. Pretty simple. I realize a
lot of people may not have a microphone, and would have to purchase one
and then download Rogerwilco or something similar, and they could talk back
and forth in real time that way, but oh well, I guess it was just an idea.
Thanks for the website info. It is quite interesting, and has some neat features.
Robert L. Sharp
Gering, Nebraska USA

1/1/2004 3:18:45 PM

Oh yes there is a version that costs a monthly fee but there must also be a freeware version around somewhere, thats the one i downloaded but thats quite a while ago. From all these voice com stuff, especially real time, roger wilco was one of the best and reliable. I used it often when playing Everquest with a friend.
But i agree it's quite unusal to have a headset and voicecom software installed so we won't see this happen too soon i guess.


Ronald Pressley
2/11/2004 5:57:10 AM

Do they believe in God

Robert L. Sharp
2/11/2004 7:34:22 AM

Do microphones believe in God? What is this question you ask?

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