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2/8/2004 8:38:48 PM

I need to meet the aliens I REALLY NEED TO

I know it sounds foolish. I need to feel that feeling of mental connection so I will see and get a better perception of them. Can you understand where I come from? I need to finally see what thier like, and the funny thing about it is that once I do meet them I think Ill just realize that thier not so special at all.

This is one of my goals to further involve myself in the process of awarness. My sub-conscience begs to seek them out. It is not just curiosity or wonder.

I am not obsessed with them and I am a normal guy, but you only live once and I want to experience contact. I need to talk to them to further my future plans and involvment in this subject. God how I wish they would just call me on the phone to set up a meeting.

Are you reading this aliens? Yes Im talking to you.

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subject: I need to meet the aliens I REALLY NEED TO

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Robert L. Sharp
2/9/2004 6:56:53 AM

Someone recently authored a heading about having their panties in a bunch.
Could this possibly be you?

2/9/2004 12:19:51 PM

I agree. There has been too much wast of valuable lifetime already. I want to meet these other species also. I am familiar with most animals and they respond well to me. Meeting more species, animal or alien, would be equally interesting. I await the meeting, as you. We all have the right to know what inhabitants our planet supports, and what inhabitants support our planet. For instance, Do you think the magnetic field around Earth natural? I think it was created for humans to survive here. By who you say? Let's meet and find out.

2/9/2004 5:56:32 PM

I dont know what you mean robert. Im 100% loyal to the subject of aliens and Im not here for any bs. Im not saying that you said this.

2/9/2004 7:05:43 PM

Illumanti how do you know you have not already met an extraterrestrial? Look at everything out there Abductions is not the only thing going on.

2/9/2004 7:28:19 PM

Oh can other things be verified so good as the typical abduction? Abduction is my best chances of meeting them NOT going on a hike in the woods and hoping another type species appears out of nowhere.

2/10/2004 10:00:16 PM

Earth's magnetic field is a result of an iron core not alien intervention. But I agree it would be great to meet with them, I hope something wonderful happens in my lifetime whether it be a scientific breakthrough or alien contact. Life on Earth is too repetative we need new horizons.

2/11/2004 6:48:00 AM

Dear Ryan, The magnetic field is just one of the ways "intervention" has allowed humanity to live. Maybe an example will help. Say you have a pet you don't want to wander away, so you install the pet product "invisible fence" in the lawn perimeter. Now you have installed a simple reproduction of the "Earth's magnetic field" around your pet. On a grand scale, it is that simple. Disclosure will reveal many facts that have been hidden from you. My advice is to not go and tell everyone this until Disclosure happens. If you start telling everyone before Disclosure, people will tease and harm you to no end. Please try to keep this to yourself for now. Believe me. I am living a nightmare because I spoke out. Thank You for your interest.

2/11/2004 8:54:05 AM


I do believe that extra terrestrial life is visiting us based upon my own research and like you I hope that disclosure will happen some day soon. But I'm struggling to accept that another species would go to the sizeable and likely impossible task of infusing our planet with a molten iron core to facilitate life, especially when the geology of our planet as with all the inner planets can be explained by current day science. And the Earth is not the only planet in our solar system to possess a Magnetosphere that would imply it is a naturally occurring phenomenon. Your analogy whilst appreciated would suggest we are not destined to leave these shores yet we can and one day will. But as always I remain open minded! Tell me more about this and other “intervention” that has allowed humanity to survive. Thanks in advance.

2/11/2004 9:19:32 PM

I highly doubt that are magnetic field is a way to keep us on Earth. We have already left the Earth so it didnt do much good. Soon with Bushs plans for NASA we can launch from the moon with far less gravity to make it way easier.

  Replies 1 - 9 (out of 9 total)

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