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Robert L. Sharp
2/10/2004 12:42:11 PM

True Majority

Hi all:
Here is a cool sight. Let the page download, and then read the infinite
knowledge of our so-called leaders. While you are reading, wait for the
little bar graph at the top to load, turn up the volume, and enjoy the animated
presentation. After it is over, you can register, only if you would like to, and
then there is still a small part of the presentation left to watch. It is safe to open.


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Scott Johansen
2/10/2004 6:13:23 PM

Very cool Robert. I just registered and it made sense. I just hope it's not a wolf in sheeps clothing. It's impossible to know who to trust. The media is saturated with lies deception brain washing and covert attacks on the common individual. Will they e-mail updates and ask me to vote on issues or am I now on some NSA list of people to be watched closely? LOL

Robert L. Sharp
2/10/2004 6:15:57 PM

I guess we have a lot of company. There are over three hundred thousand
of us now.

2/11/2004 3:26:19 AM

Very interesting link. I'd join for sure if i'd be from the states. Didn't know the disproportion of budgets is that blatant.


2/11/2004 4:06:07 AM

Man talking with white beard-ok.......................

Robert L. Sharp
2/11/2004 8:37:35 AM

The figures are probably even more disturbing. If these are just a little accurate,
it is really sad. Everything is SO out of balance. We can spend $5 Billion a month
on a skunk hole place like Iraq, but we can't feed the hungry and create jobs in
the US. Yes hungry. Believe it or not, there are millions upon millions of people
right here in the US that have children going to bed at night hungry, every night.
We are more concerned about issues like abortion, gay marriages, letting
murderers and criminals run loose, taking away the Bill of Rights, The Constitution,
The 10 Commandments, paying for special interest groups, and on and on.
Oh, did I mention the Military Budget?
We can't spend money for education, and you can see the results of that everyday
over here. My wife is a teacher, and she pulls her hair out daily with what goes on
in our schools. You can't blame the teachers for trying though. They are always
in a struggle to get just a little money for this or that, but, we somehow don't have
the funds for anything anymore. It all goes for military spending, special interest
groups, etc.
One other thing. The illegal aliens, (not the ET type), have overtaken this country
like you wouldn't believe. They can waltz into the US, get free medical, free
hospitalization, free prescriptions, deliver their babies, send all of their paychecks
to Mexico and other places, demand this, demand that, get free this, get free that,
and act like they have some God given right to be here and take, take, take.
Do you know that my wife has about $700 a month, every month, taken out of her
paycheck, just so we can have some type of medical coverage? I am sure I can't
stroll into Mexico, and demand free this or that. I would be ushered across the
border pronto. And they can come here, expecting us to speak Spanish, as if
English is something they don't want to bother with. You can go into any store in
the country just about, and there are signs in English and Spanish. Well, horseshit,
I don't care to learn Spanish at all. I sort of like the language that has been around
for a long time.
That is just a very small example of where all of our money goes. Did I mention
the money we spend on Military? And I didn't mention the people in poor countries
that don't even know what a hot meal is. Our farmers in the states grow enough
food to supply a great part of the planet, but no, our government has to "subsidize"
them for NOT growing crops. Unbelievable!! Well, I will get off my high horse now.

2/11/2004 1:08:12 PM

This is so sad. Another very sad thing about it is, that the US economy is extremely dependant from the military industry, so if you cut down their budgets, this would directly lead to another economical crisis.
And then, they need justification for the budgets, so US in this state is a constant threat to the rest of the world. There must be occasional war.
I guess Bush's announcement of the new plans for space / mars exploration are kinda answer to that situation, trying to direct some of the money into another direction but spending it for the same type of industry. I guess Boeing, Lockheed etc. doesn't care whether they build jets, missiles or space craft as long as they get business.
Even if they would immediately start to change and migrate the military industry into something that makes a tiny tad more sense, it would take decades to finish that.

Lately i read an article about the immigration problems. Even police officers trying to do something against illegal immigrants get into real trouble. This has gone way too far.

And yes, the situation for the hungry children is really bad. I didn't know there are that many alone in US.

Not to mention the educational situation. I consider good education as one of the most valuable goods you can have. Though well educated citizens, who might even be able to lead a self determined life without a gov't, are not in the best interest of a gov't or shadow gov't or military industry lobby. They prefer the easy manipulable sheep type *g*.

And the longer these problems are ignored, the harder it will get to solve them, especially when you have to do stuff, that hungry sheeps don't understand, to solve it.



2/13/2004 5:08:35 AM

Dear Robert,

not that I dislike you at all, because I don't know you...or the various aspects of your personality...and that's not what this forum is about in any case. However, I would like to quote from my dictionary:

'Racist - race relations - relations between members of two or more human races, especially within single community.'

And I will add: or interplanetary/interdimensional species.... Point made? Or are you just 'stirring the possum'?

Mexican ancestors were there long before yours. You no more have rights on Nth America than I do on Australia. As your wife is a school teacher you would be aware that the British dumped their convicts in Nth America before the War of Independence. After the war they needed another dumping ground and 're-discovered' Australia - an ideal banishment for the political dissenters as well as the hungry...yes hungry Robert... the victims of the Industrial Revolution... the cottage industrys and crafts people who could no longer survive and maybe did steal a freakin' bread roll while loitering in Penny Lane.

As I have previously mentioned: Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee is a sad indictment of Nth American history. It is a well-known fact internationally that Mexicans have lived 'illegally' in the US for a long time, working for sub-standard wages as farm labourers and domestics - virtual house slaves. It's ok while it suits the purpose so don't overlook the positive contributions. They would maybe balance out your wife's tax return. Personally I would rather give it to a close 3rd world country neighbour than use it for death and destruction - feed the hungry!

And don't be so xenophobic - remember the yin and yang of all situations, the two sides to every coin - the sacred balance.

Robert L. Sharp
2/13/2004 8:49:42 AM

First off, good morning to you.

Actually this discussion was to bring to light the imbalance of funding in this
country. It wasn't meant to be a racist thing. You can call it what you like.
Next, you go off on something about interplanetary/interdimensional species--
point made? Stirring up the possum. What exactly is that?
You then state I have no rights in North America? I suppose the ILLEGAL aliens
should have more? I am talking ILLEGAL. There is a tremendous difference.

My family came here from Ireland around the 1905 period. They came here
and looked for work, established theirselves, learned the language and cultures,
paid taxes, bought homes, started businesses, AND became American citizens
after passing the prescribed tests during this time period. They didn't sneak across
the border hiding in the tumbleweeds, and then take a piss ant job to send their
paychecks back to Ireland, while at the same time demand, demand, demand,
like these fine people from across the border do. And you talk about forced labor
types of jobs. No one, NO ONE, holds a gun to their heads and forces them to
work in motels and hotels, and as maids, toilet scrubbers or whatever you wish
to call it. None of these people are forced to come here. What do you mean by
slave labor? They are the ones that take these types of jobs. The meat packing
and slaughter house jobs are mostly ILLEGAL aliens. They are constantly raided,
and the people are sent back across the border, only to return the next day or next week. And then, our government gives them just about anything they desire.
My family and I have to pay through the nose for everything we have. We don't
receive everything free like the illegals do. That is part of the large drain on our
money in this country.

I suppose you are one of the people that believe in the old adage, "Remember the
Alamo", as if Mexico has some God given right to just take over. BS!!
And as far as xenophobic goes, I have no fear or dislike of strangers at all. You
have gotten that wrong. Come to this country legally, do it above board, at least
learn our language, pay your fair share of taxes, don't demand and whine, and we
will get along fine, and as a matter of fact, I will welcome them as my next door

Maybe I got off on the Illegal alien thing a little too much, but a tremendous amount
of money is wrongfully drained from our economy by these types. The heading I
posted was to bring attention to the amounts of money spent on various programs
that don't make sense. Why is so little spent on much needed things such as
education, feeding the poor, police, fire fighting, cleaning up the environment,
reasonable medicine costs for the elderly, and young alike, but we can spend
trillions of dollars on new bombs, fighter planes, new missiles, new nukes,
bigger armies, bigger, badder this and that, but somehow, we can't feed the
hungry children? Not only in America, but the whole damn planet if needed. I would
love to have my tax money set aside to feed a young child that went to bed hungry
last night, instead of having it go for the latest round of new tanks for battle.
Unfortunately, I have no choice in where our taxes go.

One other quick item, and I apologize for rambling on. I have been a registered
Republican forever it seems, but I feel if we don't get rid of the Bush's in this
country, we are all in deep doo doo. I am not saying the Democrats have all the
answers, but I feel like we would somehow be better off going that direction.
I am actually going to vote for Kerry this election term. I would like to regain a
good footing and relationship with countries like France, Germany, Russia, and
even the Middle East. I don't think we have a prayer if Bush is re-elected. It
seems as if the entire world hates America, even though countries such as
England and Australia say they are with us, sort of, maybe a little. Don't know!


Scott Johansen
2/13/2004 7:52:42 PM

This is a bad subject in which there is no winner.

Although it was wrong the bounderies are as such. And have been for hundreds of years the fact that boundaries are needed at all is a sad state of affairs. If you want to talk about rights it's pointless. I am an American. I also happen to think that we have the most outrageously corrupt governments on the planet and I despise everything about them. But don't tell me That I have no rights to my own @#$@^#$ country. Robert is right tyo a certain degree.Economicaly, Immigration sucksand everything he said is true. And by the way as unfortunate as it is that instead of being able to live in harmony bloodthirsty idiots feel they have to commit geneside to the inhabitants of the country in which they wish to occupy. That's what happened and I as an american have EVERY RIGHT TO AN OPINION ABOUT HOW MY COUNTRY DICTATES IT'S POLICIES ON LAND THAT MY ANCESTORS KICKED ASS TO CONQUER. YES THAT'S RIGHT KICKED ASS.
Not to mention the fact that WE DEVELOPED THIS LAND TO BE AS VALUABLE AS IT IS.If Mexico was still in charge I'm sure that it would be as filthy as the Beaches of Santa Monica after the culture shock of the Mexicans in the valley hit them. This is one of the most disgusting filthy displays of pollution I have ever seen. No I am not a racist. But there are general traits of every race and culture that I do and do not like. The French= Great Food, Wonderful art, Shitty personality, African Americans= Wonderful people (n) African americans=Discriminatory, Whining, hypocrytic, robbing, welfare fraudulent, thieving,murderous.little maggots that should be shot. Mexicans= culturally proud great food etc. Mexican Americans= dirty filthy throwin your feces in the trash can instead of the toilet. Polluting without remorse. You should just look at a beach or park after the self righteous Mexican american culture has hit it. The bottom line is ALL MANKIND SUCKS AND WE SHOULD BE REMOVED FROM EXISTENCE ALL TOGETHER.

I am the only person I know that rooted for the bad guy to make it in "12 Monkeys"

Scott Johansen
2/13/2004 7:59:06 PM

One more thing And I know I just lit the bonfire on that last commentary but Is any one happy with our Governments. Why is NO ONE REVOLTING. IF ALL OF AMERICA KNEW WHAT THEIR GONVERNMENT REALLY WAS. G.W would be in the Gallos faster than you could say Marie Antoinette. They say an uprising will come soon in america. I wish it would come tomorrow.

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