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subject: True Majority

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Robert L. Sharp
2/13/2004 9:31:17 PM

D from Australia:
Good day to you again. I would like to add one other thing about this discussion
of immigrants to this country. You state that the Mexican ancestors were here
before mine. So am I to understand that any Mexican that feels like it can just come
here and do, and take what they want? Like I stated before, my grandfather,
not my great-grandfather, or my great-great-grandfather, but my grandfather,
came here from Ireland around 1905 I believe. He met a native American and
got married, had 9 boys, and I am the son of one of those boys. My grandmother
was from the Cherokee Nation. Full blooded. My father was what at one time was
considered a "half breed", a connotation that doesn't bode well, even today.
I am one quarter Cherokee and one quarter Irish from my father, and one quarter
Irish, and one quarter English from my mother.

The point is this: If any group of people have a right to be here in this country, it
is the Native Americans, the INDIANS. Not the Mexicans, not the blacks who were
forced into slavery in this country, as I am sure they would be happier back in
Africa, and I would like to see them leave for there on the next boat back, and damn
sure not the mophead camel jockeys that drive the taxi's in Washington D.C.
I believe there were something like 385 treaties signed by the government of the
United States, with the Indians over the years. And do you know what? NOT ONE
of these treaties have ever been honored by our government over the years, even
though you can go to museums, and to the archives and see them with your own
eyes, written in ink, black and white, and they have never been honored. Where is
there honor within this government? Although I am only 1/4 Indian, I am not going to
"go on the warpath" and demand, demand, take, take, pollute the country as Scott
asserted, which is true by the way, and create a drain on the economy because I
want the government to feel sorry for me like the poor taco biters from down south
want us to do. I feel I have way more right to be here in North America than any
of these slimeballs from Mexico, or Iran, or Pakistan, or wherever you name. If they
want to come here LEGALLY, abide by the same laws I have to abide by, don't destroy
the land and waters, pay taxes, be productive citizens, then that is a different story.
Don't come here and have 15 of their little brown bambinos, paid for by the hard
working people of this country, leach off of welfare, expect food stamps, disrespect
the law, ghetto the neighborhoods, pile their 30 year old cars up in the front yards
upon cinder blocks, leave them their forever for the world to marvel at them, and
then wonder why we think they suck. Get the point????

Please don't tell me I have no right being here, or that someone from down Mexico way
has more of a right, just because they slaughtered a couple hundred helpless trappers
and plainmen in a place called the Alamo. And by the way, there were about a thousand
of these burro riding assholes when they stormed the place. What a fair fight!


Scott Johansen
2/14/2004 10:26:42 AM

I must say. I feel regretful about my previous post to a certain degree. And I should point out that although other cultures have their downfalls as well as good natured attributes. These are merely generalities which is unfortunate when you consider the hard working upstanding minority of immigrants that that DO abide and truly have kept the integrity of the spirit of this country. It is our own WASP governments fault for allowing these laws to be abused. And to answer my own question as to why we are not revolting, the answer lies in the fact that it is the intention of the United states government in order to maintain control to do their utmost inassuring our lack of education.
In short.
Keep the public stupid but well fed this creates a docile mass of people.(very similar to veal)
Create the neccessary and inevitable hardships in order to insure your own personal gain, but never make it so hard as to demand a drastic change.(revolt)
Romance their feelings of superiority as it will nurture their instinctual need for security be it a false sense or not.
OUR government is the antichrist. Our government although designed to protect us has mutated into our worst enemy.
Remember the greatest trick the devil ever pulled is to make people think he doesn't exist.

  Replies 11 - 12 (out of 12 total)

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