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Rick Sobie
2/13/2004 4:01:11 PM

Hi Gang, I'm Bock... The Catholic Problem...

H, all,

I am satisified now that Corrine was not shot down over Roswell in 1947,
while on a humanitarian mission here, from the moon.

I have been doing some research overt the last 10 years to try and figure
out what is going on, and I have had quite a bit of help in this regard.

It would appear that the moon, is a battle planet, (death star) but more of a
space ship designed for intergalactic travel.

It took a hit, a very long time ago, and had a collision of some kind, I assume
with an asteroid, but it could have been a weapon, but on the South Pole
of the moon, is a crater, 2,500 KM across. That ruptured, the miles thick
titanium hull.

That essentially put the ship out of commision.

There is about 4 or 5 miles of dirt on the moon, then the hull which is several
miles thick titanium alloy.

The largest crater in the solar system, is this crater at the south pole of
the moon.

From inside the ship, it is terraformed, and looks almost identical to earth.

In fact we have now caught up to them technologically, those who live on the
surface, of the inside of the moon, thanks to the technology brought
here from there which began in perhaps the 30's but more likely with

This impact, on the moon, happened so long ago, that from inside,
there is this huge mountain, which is about a mile high.

On one side of the mountain, is highland, and the other appears like
ocean. Inside the hull, after the titanium, was a water layer,
and numerous maintenance tunnels and ship works and all that.

When the hull ruptured, the water drained out and some of the areas,
are flooded. With about 2 and a half feet of water.

As far as I can tell it has been that way for a very long time. There are large
swamp=like lands with fish and still some normal houses, that are flooded.

The moon inside is almost deserted now.

Those that remain, near the government city, where the buildings
look like 20th century buildings, it is almost deserted, and the people
there appear to be crazy. Paranoid lunatics. Dangerous, murderers
and the like. Living in total fear and border-line insanity.

There are some areas in the countryside, which are fairly pristine,
and small groups do survive there, although like children.

Not a whole lot of old people. The only old people, say over 40,
are near by the industrail area, where the stores and supplies
and the food was pakaged and distributed, and all that is
almost deserted.

And the old people, though very few, are there only when they
come above ground, as there are people who moved underground,
into the maintenance areas, the engine rooms, and all that, and
it is a catacomb of tunnels and chambers, made of steel, and managed
by a military presence.

I think they are afraid to go above ground for any length of time, and
especially at night. It is a very spooky place at night.

What creates the environment I am not sure. Whether a dwarf star is contained,
or what I don't know, but there is night and day inside and it was designed
for long journeys. An enclosed ecosytem.

The government center, anbd the government of the moon, was miliary
controlled, and religious based, and it was Catholic.

There is a machine like the wizard of OZ that was used to get people to
believe in a higher power and obey. It looks like a person with an aligator
snout, (an alien life form) with a gold plate of sacred fractals as a mane,
and it is considered to be Saint Peter.

In terms of higher religion, the Catholics are red team, and they represent
the red, in the red white and blue.

And they are in crisis,

Before I came here, I was shot, by a catholic there. I opened the door,
and bang, took a bullet in the chest.

David was working in conjunction with an attempt at a civil government,
and in the process of hanging a very bad crazed mass murderer in a
public execution, when the crazed lunatic got the drop on David,
and David was hung.

Both of us appear to have reincarnated here.

And we are not impressed.

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Rick Sobie
2/13/2004 4:20:43 PM

Further on this...

I am planning on writing a book about it, a sci-fi novel, but i am going to fictionalize
the story, for numerous reasons, the least of which this is not a very nice
story when you get right down to it.

I am still in contact using spiritual technology and go there in lucid dreams
and have checked out quite a bit of the interior surface.

The reason why the people are mad, or crazy appears to be that it rings.
It has a ringing sound that drives people mad.

Probably because when the hull was breached, and the water jacket
evacuated into the interior surface, that left a large vacant chamber and all the accoustic protection of the original sphere, is gone, because of the impact.

Those living under the surface in the maintenance areas, the military,
are in contact with earth, and have superior technology and do interfere
with the goings on of planet earth, and are responsible for all this bad
about America.

They were trained to pilot the craft, and not to govern and their mentality
is that of construction workers, and blue collar workers and military.

The original government, was destroyed with the impact and they appear to have
manufactured a likeness of one of the Gods, a God named Peter,
from a distant galaxy, and made him into a combination of Saint Peter and
the Wizard of Machine, as seen in the movie.

True Catholisim, uses sacred drums, and is a magical type of religion based
on spirituality and Godliness. It is nothing at all like modern Catholisim,
which appears to have modelled itself, after the madmen that remained
in power for a short period after the cataclysm there.

Catholisim, as you see it, with the Vatican, is a lie.

Mary, has disavowed, Catholicism. I suggest it be disbanded, unless
it can get in touch with its native roots, and that is what it primarily
is, a religion for natives. As in native Africa.

Mafia controlled Catholicism, is a criminal oprganization, and in no way
should be associated as a religion that has anything to do with God.

Spiritually they are sick. You see it them all the time. For those who have
the eyes to see. They are referred to as the negatives at times,
and they need to disavow Catholicism, and get back to the light.

You have no spiritual protection or support, you are done.

Rick Sobie
2/13/2004 4:51:45 PM

Fo rthose who are not in the loop, but require some sort of proof,
you visit this link...


for as cursory examination of the history of the thing and what has been going
on for the last few years.

Also the impact which disabled the ship and the moon mystery in general.

Here are some facts.

The moon is not made of the same material as earth, as discovered when the
moon rocks were analysed. It has a different composition. Hence the moon did
not come from the Pacific Ocean resulting from an asteroid impact.

The moon is too large to be captured into earths orbit by the earth's gravitational
field. By ratio, it is actually too large to be a moon, and is the largest moon
by ration in the solar system. Much larger by ration than any other moon
around any other planet in the solar system.

3) The moon did not form at the same time the earth did. The compositon of
the moon is not the same as earth, hence it did not form when the earth
formed in this solar system.

4) The moon only presents one face to the earth. You figure that one out.

Further, the moon rocks showed pure titanium and other pure metals,
not possible in nature. Also titanium alloys were found.

The crater at the sout pole is 2,500 km wide and yet only 12 km deep at its
deepest point. A complete scientific impossibility that the entire scientific
community is aware of yet no one wants to discuss.

It appears as if the impact dented the titanium hull which is miles thick,
melting some of the hull in the process, and yet it did not decompress.

The hull withstood the impact, but the water jacket inside the hull was
punctured. And this flooded the interior.

It is still occupied, and they are in contact with earth, and the American
government I would imagine.

AFAIK, they have technology sufficient to cause any person on the earth
discomfort, and to cause them to obey their wishes, yet they are not
entirely evil, just in a strange situation and who knows what their plan is,
but getting the ship operational, would require, repairing a tear in the
water jacket perhaps a hundred miles across, and repairing the hull,
which is several miles thick, pure titanium alloy.

So it is not going anywhere soon. It could perhaps be towed, but
that is not likely that it will be any time soon.

It originally came through a wormhole, near Jupiter, at a lagrangian point,
and is just one of a fleet, from the universal government, and there
are two more in within a reasonable distance. Fully operational,
and manned, and in top working shape.

The rest is still under investigation.

Rick Sobie
2/13/2004 5:26:37 PM

As far as I know, the white race or caucasion race, were the occupants of the
moonship, and they were on a normal routine mission to check up on a planet,
and the efforts to seed said planet, and study the inhabitants.

At some point, after the incident occurred, many were forced to abandon ship.

A form of mutiny took place and people came to earth. Sumeria, and Mesopotamia
are two examples of arrival of civilization from there.

Civilization appeared to just spring out of no where but in fact it came from there.

Previous to that, there had been other interventions by other races, from
all sorts of places, but they did not appear to last as a civilization and
did not leave very much behind, althouigh we are now finding remnants
of an Atlantean civilization and the very ancient Indian civilizations
as well.

The leader of the military presence is a man named Robert, and he is considered
a Republican. The leader of the governmental body, who also lives underground,
is Harold. And he is considered a Democrat.

They founded America, and still control it almost completely.

How this is, I am not sure. They are arch angels, and what that is scientifically
I can't say, but they are there and they are real people.

There are serious problems there. People are suffering, and we need to
go there and investigate the situation and try to solve the problems some

As far as the situation with regards to America and their influence, I think it is time,
we brought this whole thing out in the open. As Steve said on the Art Bell show
that many are insisting on.

The people can handle a stroy like this easily, and in fact, they would be
anxious to assist the people inside. It beats the hell out of Armageddon,
and that is what peple seem to be suggesting as an alternative.

I can forgive the Catholics for shooting me, and if I can,then David can
as well. But as I said, it is finished as a religion of God on earth.

So if you are Catholic, and in any way connected with the Vatican, you
have some serious problems to deal with now. Such as full disclosure
of everything you know. And everything you have buried in the
basement of the Vatican.

2/13/2004 6:05:55 PM

The moon like all other bodies in the solar system is different, there is no evidence that it was once part of the Earth only speculation. During the formation of the solar system all sort of bodies were coliding, mixing and creating new materials hence the different makeup of the Moon. Objects are captured due to gravity not a magnetic field this is more likely to repel, the Earth has a higher mass than the Moon so it was captured. The Sun has a higher mass than the Earth and Moon so they were both captured in orbit around the Sun.

The Moon shows only one face to the Earth because of tidal locking, it is heavier in certain parts than others and gradually over time those parts are attracted by gravity to the Earth and locked in place. Once this occurs only a sizeable impact would change it. Sizeable impacts are no longer the norm in our solar system apart from Jupiter which thankfully acts as a vacuum cleaner for us due to its mass.

The crater you mention was most likely created when the Moon was young, in its development stage when it was a mass of bubbling material similar to the Earth, or if the meteor that created the crater hit by way of air burst then this would possibly explain its size and depth although I'm no expert on this to be honest.

If the moomins are in contact with us then why do we not pick up signals from them? An advanced race would presumably emmit some form of radiation that was detectable? Where do these people live on the outside, do they need radiation suits, how do they breath and keep warm? If they are an advanced race then why do their people back home not come and rescue them?

Robert L. Sharp
2/13/2004 6:49:31 PM

Are you giving us an insight to the book you are writing, or are you trying
to tell us what you say is the truth?
The reason I ask is this. Now folks, don't think I am making this up or trying
to sound bizarre. I am only repeating what I read. Somewhere in my library of
UFO material, I actually have a book on one of the subjects Rick is talking about.
I am going to look all night if I have to, and find this book.

In this book, the author talks with someone if I remember right, that was an abductee.
This person was supposedly whisked off to the moon on this spacecraft. When
he arrived, he was shown around to various places on the moon. Don't ask me
how was able to breath and survive the moons atmosphere, because I don't think
it was talked about in this article. Anyway, he claimed that the moon was indeed
hollow. They, and when I say they, I mean the entities, showed this man how they
could create a noise on the moon, sort of like striking a hammer on an anvil, and
the moon rang like a church bell, making a tremendous ringing sound, because of
the hollowness inside the moon, and the sound would bounce back and forth,
and back and forth, for a long time until it slowly died out.

Also he stated that there were actually small colonies of people that lived within
the shell of the moon, and he stated that some were very vicious, criminal types
of entities, almost as if this type were cast off of another planet to live out their
days on a desolate little rock as punishment.

He also stated that the entites told him that the moon is definitely not a part of the
natural evolution of planets and stars in their formation. He said that the moon was
actually "brought" here somehow from far away, and placed at a position just
far enough from earth to keep it in one spot, and that is where it has been for a
long, long time. Oooh, I have to find this book. Again, I am not making this up,
although it does sound bizarre and unbelievable, and it may very well not be true.
The person who wrote this book, is a reputable investigator of abductees, and
this is one of the stories that was brought forward by regressive hypnosis.


Rick Sobie
2/13/2004 7:02:14 PM

Hi Ryan,

What you are stating re tidal locking etc. is the for public consumption explanation.

Why aren't we in contact with them?

We are.

Why isn't it public?

It has the capability to do some serious damage to the earth, and
is under military control. They fear reprocussions from the Federation,
because the prime directive states that the crew and the ship must be sacrificed
rather than tamper with a civilization.

There was a mutiny, of sorts, and Sumer and Mesopotamia, was when
many abandoned ship.

And broke rules which deal with consequences beyond a single lifetime,
as people do reincarnate.

However they might get off due to temporary insanity, due to the rupture of
the inner shell water jacket, and the loss of accoustic protection,
which drives them, and did drive them mad.

Worst still a team was sent in from the Federation and tried to enter
the tunnels and was beaten back. etc which I won't go into right now.
I think part of that team might have left and landed near Roswell in 47.

Rick Sobie
2/13/2004 7:08:30 PM

Hi Robert,

re insight, both I guess.

As I said, the actual story will be before the high court, and won't be a public
issue, but disclosure will probably follow, and the facts will come forth.

I think they will get off due to temporary insanity, and it would be better
to end the standoff, peacefully, rather than have a worst calamity,
which might do more damage to the earth.

The earth as you see it today, is under military control, the way you run
a ship, in lieu of proper government. Build build build, and
fight fight fight.

Compare that to the original seeding of the planet, with village life
and ideylic village life, natural selection, and freedom.

This earth is and has been controlled from the moon for some time.

America is a transfer of the governmental ideas of the moonship.

So is the technology we presently possess on earth. From there.

As I said elsewhere.

Worst case scenario, 2,000 years ago they calculated how much longer
they could maintain orbit around earth. How much longer their power
supply would last. And then they wrote a book called Revelations.

Scott Johansen
2/13/2004 7:25:01 PM

I think that all of this is terriffic Sci- Fi but until there is some sort of concrete evidence. I have to believe that the moon is similar to all of the other moons in this solar system at least. I do believe that there are things that our government has not told us about when reffering to the moon. But the only thing that I have heard out of the ordinary about the moon is when our astronauts proclaimed "they are so big!!!" upon looking into the crater. Of which case even this could clearly have been reffering to the craters themselves.
You might note that the term "lunacy" is today primarily a legal term used by the courts to designate a degree of insanity, even though they do not attribute such insanity to the effects of the moon LOL

Rick Sobie
2/13/2004 8:00:45 PM

Well Scott,

It is quite a story that is for sure.

I guess if you were like me, and were part of the crew who tried to enter
the tunnels, or who has over the last 10 years made some 100 trips there
in the spirit to investigate the situation, and the military commander was your uncle,
(my mom's brother) you would be a bleiever too.

Of course none of that will be in the book.

But be that as it may, we have to go there and investigate, and try and
fix whatever we can by 2015.

It is not who has been making a big issue of this lately, it is Robert, the military
commander. We are of a race who has special powers. Spiritual technology,
which allows to travel out of body, lucid dream, communicate through
meditation and some 10 or 12 other means which would be considered
paranormal. If you are not of this ability, it would not appear to exist to you.

Many people who have come through this forum, have those abilities.

Few however are as close to the situation as myself, my dad, Robert,
Harold, David, my sister(s) Corrine being my half sister, and Lisa being
my full sister, John my long time friend, Mark, Matt, Mary one of my wives,
and a girl called Angelina, one of my other wives, who is why I
took on this assignment in the first place. Wither thou goest, I will go.

Do these people know as much as I do? Most don't have a clue. We are
finding things out as we go along mostly.

But Robert was making it very clear, that if we could not resolve this
issue, this standoff, very soon, there was no future.

I thought that maybe it was the Mayan Calander thing. But I discussed
it in several meetings and then called in my dad. Robert has been
clueing me in further over the last few days.

By combining my abilities, with David's abilities in 1993, we reached out
across the universe and contacted my mother, Bea. She contacted my dad.

Bea as in B E A utiful, as mentioned covertly by Jim Carrie in one of his
latest flicks. Everything we do, is in accordance with our training usually.
And that is in accordance with the prime directive. We are trained to use innuendo.

And most religious works are written in innuendo, or contain secret
spiritual messages. I am sure you have heard of that.

Will we resolve this issue before it is too late?

I hope so. The meeting between Robert and my dad went well. I think
as I said we will work it out. It is a mess. This concrete world, this
concrete jungle should be an earthly paradise. It is not. So either
it will be slated for destruction or fixed.

I don't make those decisions. I am just a lawyer. Not a nasty one though.
I will try and get them leniency if I can. Imagine the suffering if you possibly
can that has resulted in this one asteroid hitting the south pole of the moon,
which resulted in them coming to earth, and the suffering and wars and nuclear
weapons used, and all the hatred and in fighting and injustice and slavery over
the years.

It is a very serious situation.

We might be able to pull another ship alongside the moon, and tow it away.

That alone will change the world forever, and not in accordance with the rules.

Disclosure is my suggestion. To do nothing, but preserve the status quo,
will result in some very bad things. I would imagine. What you see in this world,
is not tolerated. You don't see this level of injustice in the civilized universe.

2/13/2004 8:15:25 PM


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