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subject: Do you even know why things cant travel faster than the speed of light...most ppl dont. I do realise there is a whole universe out there, and i study it every day.

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5/26/2005 4:12:33 PM

I don't believe there are other dimensions or parallel univerums.We have only one universe that is infinite big as far as we know.This is enough I think.I don't know who is inventing that other dimensions and for what.They don't know anything about this universe but already dream about other dimensions.Crazy!
The aliens may be watching us for thousand years.I think they were like Gods for the first people on the earth and because of this the people really trusted in God.Or thay trusted because they could not explane how the earth and life was created.So they thought that there must be a Creator.But the science is very godless.Science tell us that anything emerged alone.But I think it is impossible that our solar system or life can arise alone.It's too complicated.Nothing can arise without somebody's will, energy and intelect.If life can originate from alone why no new lifeforms are now originating?

5/27/2005 2:32:00 PM

to ufo 23. ok. you have a good point about new life forms originating here. I have wondered about it , my self. several times. it is very valid. . in fact, that question has questioned my belief in our understanding. I am glad someone else has thought of this. But..as a key word,
our scientists and buddha have stated that other planes of existence are there. now what?
I am not a buddhist, but intellectually, he knew something. There is a lot of info out there
about where does matter, souls, go when it goes away. so, what is the answer?
Iwould like to know. This is a forum . everyone speak up.

5/27/2005 5:30:04 PM

Then scientists tell us that man originate from apes.But why nowdays apes cannot become human?They have all the possibilities for this and they are teached to do something ,but still they don't become more intelegent.

Here is a good source for wisdom literature:


  Replies 41 - 43 (out of 43 total)

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