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2/15/2004 2:28:23 AM


Let's leave the arguments of interstellar space travel behind and just say something like "they are more advanced than us, maybe they know something we don't".

* How many people have "been abducted"? Hundreds?
* How many people have photographed a UFO? Thousands?
* How many people have seen UFO's? Hundreds of thousands? Even more?

And still, there are no photos of them, at least no clear, bright in-focus ones. All the photographs, and there must be hundreds of thousands of them, ALL of them are distorted in some way. Why is that?

Is it because the UFO's are always seen at night, or far away, out of the cameras capabillity to take a clear image? If so, why is THAT?

Is it because as soon as they come any closer, we see that is is just another aeroplane, hot air balloon or someting else ordinary?

The claim that aliens have better technology and knowledge, and therefore knows how to get here, is something I can not dispute, not knowing enough about the physics involved, and more importantly, not knowing whet else are there to be discovered. But the fact that there are NO CLEAR IMAGES taken out of all these witnesses, is good enough for my jury to convict.

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Robert L. Sharp
2/15/2004 10:16:34 AM

Look at the top of this page. I see six pictures of pretty darn clear saucers of
some sort. And, it appears they are taken in daylight. Or are we to assume these
are faked photographs? I have seen many more of this type, and they are not
fuzzy or out of focus and so on. I can't believe you would say that there are
absolutely NONE that are discernable.

Not everyone carries around a camera with them when the moment comes to
witness one of these machines. I can see the day when we will probably do
that though. I agree with one thing you said. An awful lot of of these pictures
are nothing more than unfocused, blobs of dim light off in the distance, and
most people are in a hurry to proclaim they are other worldly, when they are
most likely other things such as airplane landing lights, a bright planet, or a whole
host of other identifiable objects. I have also seen videos of fairly clear objects,
and I am sure you have had to seen even a few yourself, and again, some of
these are nothing to write home about, as a lot of them are so out of focus with
without being able to make out what it is. I am a believer of visitors to this planet,
having witnessed many times, clear objects I might add, and I have seen many
other way off in the distance types, that I didn't rush to the conclusion that they
are ET.


2/15/2004 2:01:27 PM

You are right. There are six photographs of UFOs up there. Would you take them as proof of something so overwhelmingly big as alien visitors? I wouldn't. Just because they cannot be used as proof when they just as easily could be something else. UFO's, yes, in the meaning that they are flying (or at least up in the air) and not identified. But not alien space craft.

Was it Carl Sagan that said: "extraordinary claims demands extraordinary evidence"?

2/15/2004 5:55:53 PM

Here is a collection of 170 UFO photographs - it is on the UFO Evidence website itself.


Robert L. Sharp
2/15/2004 7:06:43 PM

Thank you for posting these pictures. Probably over half of them, I have never
seen before. What a nice collection.
As far as NSB's debate, I am still not sure if he is debating the actual terminology,
or the definition of UFO or just what. Obviously anything that flies through the air
that is unidentified, is a UFO. Even the pictures you showed us, are still unidentified,
as far as the definition goes. Now whether these are controlled by a living, breathing
entity, is something that will be debated forever. My opinion is that the vast majority
of them are not of this Earth. I would bet my last dollar on this.
If these aren't clear enough pictures for NSB, I don't know what it will take.
Again, they are still UFOs, and the vast majority of them are extremely clear.
And the ones from the 40's and 30's are especially intrigueing to me, as it is
obvious we didn't have anything technologically advanced as this.
Thanks again,

2/16/2004 11:25:54 AM

An interesting collection, I admit.
I want to clarify exactly WHAT I am debating. But first, let me say that I have not seen a collection that big (i am now referring to the link above) before. And many of those are undeniably clear and well focused. So you could say i stand corrected on that point.

However, It is not the presence of photographs, clear or not, that is the actual poin (and yes, this is not what i initially said, I admit). It is wether these photographs could ever be considered *evidence*. The thing with evidence is that they should, witout a doubt, proove something. Like if someone discovered that my fingerprint matches one found at a crime scene - then I can not try to talk me out of the fact that I have been there at some point. I could instead try to argue that it was before, or after the crime was commited, but not wether I was there at all or not.

Now, the photographs does not *proove* that aliens have ever been on earth, no matter how crystal clear they are. They might have, before people started to manipulate images, which was about five days after the invention of the camera. And the thing with UFO's seems to be that the worse the photography, the better the evidence, because, hey, look it is obvious that noone would make such an obvious fraud. At least that seems to be that case a lot of the time.

If we should find evidence of extra terestrial life any where in the galaxy, that would be such an important thing to all human beings that we would look upon ourselves differently forever more.

If we should find them here on earth nothing could ever be the same. I can't beging to imagine the effects on society, religion etc. I can most defenitely say that my view of life, universe and everything would be totally different in ways I can not describe in the english language ( being swedish). So I want to KNOW. Not think, suspect or imagine, but KNOW. And all the photographs in the world could not persuade me, what ever quality.

2/16/2004 1:30:23 PM

Dear NSB please buy "ufo's the undeniable evidence" vol 4 from amazon.com look at it and you will be in no doubt whatsoever! i cant believe some sort of black(ufo) american agency has not stopped this footage from coming out! Most likely as the belgian ufo was filmed in belgium is on it, the Belgian ufo case is in my opinion is the most conclusive case since Roswell! Simply excellent evidence 9000 witnesses and with the Belgian Government addmitting it had to be an E.T craft because of g-40 acceleration levels well that made me very happy. Study that case at www.chez.com/lesovnis/htm/foia.htm

2/16/2004 10:15:46 PM

And don't forget that not everyone is ready to accept their existence, let alone see them or make some form of contact.

My understanding is that they are preparing certain people or humanity generally.

Does anyone want to challenge that idea?

8/16/2006 8:09:43 PM

robert where are they pics i can't see them? what are you talking about??

9/23/2006 9:08:46 AM

I have always been intrigued with the UFO photo from 1927 shot at Cave Junction,
Oregon. The photo shows a real nice metallic saucer craft flying over tree tops.
Remember this is 1927, there is no internet, no computer, no digital trick photography,
no idiots like today that will try to distort any real photo. This is the real deal, the
one true photo that I think proves by photography alone, that UFO are real, metallic
flying discs not of this earth. Go look at any modern photo and you can always
question whether or not it is real or some digital distorted fake. I will rely on the
older photos until a real UFO is found, like the Kindross UFO crash site now under

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