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Rick Sobie
2/15/2004 4:36:01 PM

NASA you deserve an explanation...

I was approached a few nights ago (as I often am) by a woman who said
she was a Martian scientist.

So where does this martian scientist, Hoagland, The Supreme, MIB, abductions,
and all this fit in?

(If you don't know what I am talking about, it would take volumes to
eplain to someone not in the loop and to bring you up to date. Ask me, I will tell you
here in as short a form as possible)

Anyways, are those who refer to themselves as Martian scientists actually
from Mars? I don't know, but what I do know is that they are Catholics,
who like to call themselves Martian Scientists instead of Catholics for obvious

But they are not just Catholics, as anyone could go and become a Catholic,
these people all have the same genetic origins, and look similar, if you
know what to look for. Some of them are suffering spiritually and look paranoid,
and wild eyed at times.

They are the same race as the Italians and the Portugese and similar races,
although over time cross breeding through marriage etc makes them into
hybrids, and hybrids is just a term for intermarriage.

Previously to their arrival on earth, they were in the moon ship and some still are,
above ground, I think. They suffer from the ringing noise since the moonship
lost its accoustic protection.

At any rate, I am not sure if there ever was an ancient civilization on Mars,
but I doi know who the leader of the Martian Scientists is, way out there
in the cosmos.

When I was in a lucid dream, he appeared to me, just standing there and instantly
I remembered him. I had gone to school with him, lifetimes and lifetimes ago,
sowhere out there. Like Daid (King David i suppose to the Jews) and
Steve MIB who called into art Bell at S4, and and even Jonesy. Who most woudn't

At any rate, when this woman approached me and said she was a mArtian scientists,
said to her, "Oh, then you must know the leader of Mars,... what's his name again?"

No answer and end of conversation because of course they do know the
leaders name. If you examine the Vatican and Judeo Christianity it
is a mixture of things which was made up by people who sicerely wish
they knew the leaders name, or who they are, or where they fit in, etc.

So when you see that yellowish artifact near the latest rover, that too
is a message from someone who is saying all right, we are here on
Mars, where are these Martian scientists everyone is always talking about?

Well they are here on earth, and may not be practicing Catholics, but they
have some form of contact with some powers that be, and many are just
normal good people and some actually are scientists and one at least,
was an astronauht on the last shuttle disaster. A woman, from America.

The leaders name, and he is a good looking man of thirty, with features which look
Portugese and Italian but not quite. He looks older, ancient in fact. And even
maybe a bit of him went into the Japanese as well, I don't know. These
people are one of the oldest races of man. They are ancient.

The leader of the Catholics (red) and the so called leader
of Mars, is Wando Li. (The spelling I cannot remember)

So let us get this thing solved and settled and work together to find
a resolution to the problem if at all possible. I will say this, if the
Catholics are still serving the Republicans, Wando would be pissed.

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2/16/2004 11:04:43 AM

I sometimes think you abuse this forum to gauge the believability of your fantasies. You should really write a book.


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