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subject: UFOs Exist

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6/2/2008 6:18:32 PM

стоянна to fly to space and devices would be back shorter all are equipped by an artificial intellect and dangerous toys well this worked at an automatic level that Апарат in space worked and all mechanism flied should be as at Seniors of the machine and the engine should swing energy from an electromagnetic field here then will carry out protection of territory of the country in an automatic mode and пренемать decisions itself is provisional 367 All in Russia scientists can to create the weapon the same as well as that weapon from which in those of year when was expedition to Antarctica and On expedition have attacked Seniors and have fired to 368 Me was паказына a picture for a long time many people where that подземлёй is it that is not pleasant this strangest and not a pleasant picture for me was the shown 369 Theory перенсёная machines of Seniors shot at an idea with with the certain program with entering in in action activates the program произайдёт conceived in a reality as to me seems this the maximum reason which can correct and and corrects 370 Still I think that It is possible to learn to accept the child of the invalid energy surrounding us that the child on мойму should recover 371 I am provisional generate in a stream of idea and in same to treacle them I create is visible all of you in it to treacle be on it and it turns out to send you маи ideas is provisional 372 We can and does not study in your scientific institutes and to send the angels and тачьнее the Senior workers which own the information which to a consequence under our request in will include brains of scientists 373 I has noticed that many people at that time were engaged Buddhist belief and entered any secret or closed communities well канешна not only Buddhist belief were engaged канешна in fact all this and will advance the person simple or the person with саспособностями above all and приналичии a certain technique is possible to receive different abilities is provisional 374 Germans have achieved very big progress and that that I know confirms that Germans flied on таки х machines also had contact to a civilization which distances it some schemes it is direct in a brain but Germans should make now that even at such machines having presently as Seniors is simple унечьтожат Germans Germans have no right interferes with a life of people simple and at present those Germans or them пакаление live подземлёй in the majority but канешна already and have got out on the ground but as it is visible shares do not want the development now at them likely усовершенственные the machine which likely will be difficult from to treat for machines of seniors and have achieved Germans only from for that that in their оргонезации in those days were people with саспособностями that is telepathists and people seen the future here ани and send on contact with Састаршими and канешна догаварились is provisional 375 All works were supervised personally Гимлером which did not regret any means on financing of such grandiose projects. Маладци in that that regretted Germans of what means for campaigns in the certain points of the ground well and on those development which were conducted From an Internet 376 As движителя on "Hauneburu-X-Boot" so-called "perpetuum mobile" - тахионатор-70 by diameter 23 meters has been applied. Management was carried out by means of the pulse generator of a magnetic field under an index "4А-sic". The device could develop practical speed of the order of 6000 km/hours, but by strengthening draft of the engine was planned to reach speed of four times greater... From an Internet 377 At present I try to get into an electromagnetic field of the ground without the help of hands and I try to get and be kept to brains 378 Still I try in сматрется in these flying честици or atoms and 379 Seniors tries heat or slow down them can also abilities all to give that is include only the Senior it is necessary to place piles of the machine in an orbit of the ground and to strike on all ground an electromagnetic impulse but is visible people have not deserved still 380 I am those earlier not when did not sit down in the Buddhist pose but after a meeting with Састаршими all has changed became with

6/2/2008 6:19:41 PM

адится as though it it is necessary for оргогизма and a brain actually памагает the condition каторае on me finds it when I sit in this pose is simple улёт there is nothing will not be compared is visible in this pose it is possible to be adjusted more quickly on energy or to leave in contact I feel that that хорошое and the necessary condition in accuracy not обьеснить as though adjoin to energy surrounding all the soul or is cleared of the information not necessary becomes easier very much ощутима leaves a negative to кавсему varies in a nutria as though is reconstructed at this condition is possible зарежатся and likely much that else пака not yes the end study on itself 381 Before to a stone has arrived the Senior I has visited some poses of Buddhist belief is provisional меняющехся likely is and паследовательнасть which that that activates in a nutria of an organism is provisional in includes memory in an automatic mode and itself begin in what that a condition all to make as though know that do as though this all in оргогизме is incorporated and is more correct than 7 poses in a shower Which in sequence forces to do all yes the end I shall try to write about this as I shall recollect this mechanism very important 382 Still I think as will construct installation which to lay a way through mountains making in them tunnels ана should mountain split breed and should through mountains is fast to pass a material for strengthening the tunnel непанадабится to 383 Shower it is possible and унечьтожить only it computers the Senior 384 Seniors can and place soul of the simple person in a vessel glass and hold soul under the certain beams as for example catch светличька and памещаите in bank светличька would constrain bank and to a shower their beams which would not give not where to depart to a shower 385 Exact age do not remember but is approximate детсадовский age or 1 class at that time seems did not show photos Иноплонетиан on the TV of a photo паевильсь then by what year do not remember but precisely remember own that to me already them ний the kind of the person came to a brainAnd this is very precise I remember 386 Remember, aliens arrive to the Earth in spacecrafts - And their part it of soul after them it death gets on always into a part of soul Индиги they are born in human bodies and mix up with other people. We also are these space newcomers from the maximum planets which should bear light of knowledge to the terrestrial mankind which has fallen asleep in the evolution on? личиночной? Stages of development. Simply while we? Have played? During a terrestrial life and temporarily have forgotten about it the army is provisional From an Internet of 387 Indigo-first звоночек-them already, will get out all... In time, shines ся on pass it is not necessary-тупорылых hunters full... To all the time From an Internet 388 These people are very sensitive to surrounding changes and possess superknowledge at an intuitive level. They are movable by Spirit, гиперактивны and are capable to the spiritualized creativity. Their problem to help another to be issued with critical processes of realities. To become a beacon at storming ocean new энергий. To help to solve problems. To bear Love and compassion. From an Internet 389 Even before disclosing abilities and color of aura here not and From an Internet 390 Yellow color of aura - pleasure, freedom, ease, absence of strong attachments, radiation of vital force. The people possessing yellow aura are very generous, нематериалистичны. Also the yellow luminescence around of a head testifies to high spirituality. Будха and the Christ possessed such aura. At sensation of pleasure and satisfaction in aura the yellow luminescence is shown. Noticed са m at itself a luminescence from a body From an Internet 391 Recently in this World has started to come more and more than children which behaviour not укадывается in STEREOTYPES of a modern society. Plus besides with проявляющимимися paranormal abilities at early age. Since what time of children of this bacon to me becomes more important for knowing From an Internet 392 it is not necessary to get once again under a cap тупорылых hunters. You TOO BRIGHT. From an Internet 393 Simply live. And

6/2/2008 6:20:44 PM

зучайте itself and world around. In due course learn контроллировать both abilities and all rest. "Kind" дядячек and recruiters of all colours on light suffice. From an Internet 394 you Wish to learn who? DEEP MEDITATIONS the best way, including steam rooms (the boy girl In Yan). But it is not necessary to climb too deeply. And to fall up to banal блядства. Study to feel power each other and with времнем can learn the in crowd. Any book will not tell to you who you and Whence. Time all will come learn. It is not necessary to hurry events. Premature disclosing of abilities too хороше will not bring anything. That does not kill all does of us more strongly. It is very difficult way, and it is subject not to much. It is not necessary to climb on рожон if not чувсвуете in themselves forces to resist. It is better to wait. Also protect girls. It is easier to them to powder brains. From an Internet 395 It is necessary to influence infinitely out-of-date educational, legal and administrative systems. From an Internet 396 Fact: " When number of hyperactive indigo children in a class more than five - educational process is completely disorganized ". In the near future " writing off " the teachers, not capable to work in new conditions is predicted mass. That will be with school - a question, as they say, interesting... " And as there are no special schools will be bad уч етилям From an Internet 397 your level of vibrations is too low. From an Internet 398 Authority it only the TOOL. Врата and a Shambhala - open only безкорыстным. You perfectly know it. From an Internet 399 Two thousand years ago you BRUTALLY РАСПЯЛИ the PREACHER! Revival from dead not a miracle. It not the most complex procedure, in an arsenal of priests both атлантиды, and древнеегипестких priests. You want it or not. Anybody ANY MORE does not ask you. Will suffice науправлялись. It is our WORLD, and Our THRONE! For this reason I do not hurry up to include a fighting mode (my consciousness is not adjusted on liquidation, but the spring compressed up to a limit sooner or later выстреливает in обратку), and I try To study мотиваци, will reach on good, alas in some cases it is vain. Whether from an Internet 400 This that who хочит the nobility сваё будошие Папробывать можна but неуверен as this on you can work I not испростых people каторые is simple see будошие точьнее to me паказывают and говарят знаюшие people каторые know all наперёт and throw off then all to me папросить them that to me расказали yours будощие наверна вазможна and раскажут but тагда ани отвлекуться отсваей примой works and they in fact should be understood the same and обращяться as beside стаящиму чиловеку at каторого a lot of work then падумайте all is necessary to you this and has noticed that is very fast I begin кантролировать people through the Internet and to influence their life yes if уних is simple ник is simple that all knew навсяккий случий 401 we is not comprehensible when to us talk language of Force. From an Internet 402 we OTHERS. And we not MUTANTS From an Internet 403 Morons can further эксперементировать with genetics and ruin people, I use them as an account material. From an Internet 404 Main thing SPIRIT - instead of the BODY From an Internet 405 Ancient Showers have returned to the Earth. From an Internet 406 Great are not born - great become! And only still time then are born. From an Internet 407 you Sit so at night you touch nobody, рассуждавешь about the Life about the Universe (CHRISM-Ίρα‘ of AI, the Building of the World)....... And then FROM ABOVE start to have an effect. So charms of mermaids, in comparison with it an innocent kindergarten. Opening of " karmic codes " yields very unexpected but expected results......... From an Internet 408 We send that together with earthmen to expel a harm from our favourite planet. Great Clearing also will begin with it. From an Internet 409 I do not consider that Mankind hopelessly. People зомбированы. And it is done very competently. From an Internet 410 I think it is necessary first of all расчитывать on the forces. I only wished to tell, that for us hunt, believe to me it not mere words, from those whom undertake серьзно having survived

6/2/2008 6:36:52 PM

ают not many. To a course there is all: and attempt to place on drugs and alcohol and обрабтока итд итп especially while you do not know family who you, and that you survive. We opened, чувствитеьные and vulnerable, they use it. In an astral we are shone, that too does not remain without attention. But on force and power we do not concede and even we surpass недображелателей all colours. Special services amplifiers of abilities (нацистк ие use development), but even with them they to us not competitors. From an Internet 411 Let girls will shroud this World in Love, and all of us таки should work in more rigid mode. Any of ours generates quite certain waves in space. Our mood is transferred people. Both good and bad. That that people to us last too doubts does not cause. Especially girls very well act as гармонизаторы surrounding space and people being it as consequence. The same functions at Pyramids (гармонизатор). Though they can be used as зашщитные and as attacking. Breadboard models of pyramids in a miniature too work. Предупрежден means it is armed. Take care. From an Internet

6/2/2008 6:42:33 PM

Индиги and UFO - 2

412 I of days observe UFO of these particles or atoms a little as thought that честици or atoms this and was not present not частици and not atoms This alive оргонизмы Ани think as to fly on a trajectory not senseless flights thought that this честици earlier or atoms which bombard with each other and on it fly and make a start from each other was mistaken that is not so looked narrowly then and this is now visible to time all to a bowl look narrowly is surprising as this without corporal organisms Ани fly as want and outside of зап but can with huge speed is developed suddenly and fly to other party as угодна can fly but eat and very precise from лажанные flights look Ани as small balls shining but in them that that is seen but пака to me not time is strong to peer 413 Still which what is fast moving a matter saw saw дастаточьна not a shadow that that thinking who that observes but this not pure showers that that another me does not touch a ball of fire is precise visible in meter from me was carried by In the different parties

My block in катором I write a little about that that I am able and панемаю after a meeting with Састаршим

Индиги and UFO - 1 http://blogs.mail.ru/mail/umnic12/7F1304659B4F3550.html

Индиги and UFO - 2 http://blogs.mail.ru/mail/umnic12/75BE831DD1C32111.html

Индиги and UFO - 3 http://blogs.mail.ru/mail/umnic12/3E0D5735479DA5B3.html

Индиги and UFO - 4 http://blogs.mail.ru/mail/umnic12/190B4935EE7BE7C1.html

Индиги and UFO - 5 http://blogs.mail.ru/mail/umnic12/16CDF761BEAC6457.html

Сдесь ресунки in full фармате made after a meeting with Састаршими http://umnic12.pochta.ru/


  Replies 61 - 65 (out of 65 total)

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