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subject: UFOs Exist

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8/21/2007 3:58:28 PM


9/6/2007 7:06:03 AM

UFO's exist. NOOOO, YOU THINK!!! How long did it take you to realise that

Space God
10/20/2007 4:05:06 PM

FOOLS AND DEBUNKERS. There are many here. Many wrong opinions. Is this the HYBRID forum?

Of course aliens exist. ASK THE MIBs.

Ignore the truth and they will conquer our planet.



6/2/2008 5:42:25 PM

Индиги and the UFO - show 1 1 Me the future about 1994 2 Acts of terrorism all on р-ф 3 Towers the American 4 Murders. 5 planes 6 Nuclear boat which has fallen all, пожар-all are good, has returned, all are alive 7 Cathedral a dome 8 Steam-ship has burned down In St.-Petersburg has sunk in Greece. 9 Fallen helicopters many in р-ф 10 American 4 helicopter 11 Tanker which has fallen, apparently, in Iraq the cargo 12 Rocket has blown up, platform Одиссей about it to me many 17 Death of stars very many both р-ф 18 Death has not flied up much spoke 13 Abnormal changes in weather 14 Meteorite 15 Explosion of a star of very far 16 Avalanches and постых люде й 19 I Am able to enter into an electromagnetic field of the ground easily 20 And I play with energy which us surrounds 21 I Stop time in technics 22 I Operate technics, somehow 23 Wind copes 24 Picture I change in a TV set 25 Signal I disconnect in a TV set and radio 26 Signal I do more quickly in a TV set and radio 27 Light can disconnect anywhere 28 Probably, can and treat 29 Has asked simply to come to me Jesus has come, has touched a hand and has left, indigo it of 30 90 percent from that that is shown on the TV is thought up by me 31 Притворяю idea during a life at itself in башке, And then I send all to you 32 I Choose to whom what ideas of 33 Ideas my very good 34 Completely gum клаб 35 Music I think out and I introduce in clips 36 Clips 37 Advertising 38 Films many 39 Idea washing that have constructed in Peter's center very big building 40 If shall ask that нибудь to make, you will make this all 41 I Change laws in р-ф. It occurs on past my will 42 Нац projects the some people 43 Has got acquainted with them. Very good people have arrived to me in 12 one o'clock in the morning. We have talked at a telepathic level. The distance was between us of 2 meters 44 Clever, beautiful, kind. Learn protect, help to understand, who you on a planet, help to understand what to do now with you 45 2 contacts very important, other, are not important, but

6/2/2008 5:46:47 PM

46 They have helped 47 This planet while, not we 48 Космос-is very good platform for construction of planets 49 is better to not anger Become better 50 I Study program people 51 Could to get into an information department of a planet. Has stayed some time, has then worked the protective mechanism, and have explained, that else yet time 52 they Arrive not simply on the ground 53 Stonehendge this phone well as well as many other things places 54 Remove it is possible and to meet is knowledge which will help with it 55 Ани show, what the engine at them, and you do not understand what to do 56 If you, casually, have met them, greeted, be quiet, do not escape. Softly, gently talk. Ask them, that it is necessary to them, then say goodbye 57 It turned out to operate some movements of the president р-ф, it is assured now and the following I shall operate to help 58 Animals submit not all to 59 you it is necessary to be responsible for everything, there demand big, after death 60 I Know, for what will have to answer and for what will not have 61 Study to pray and you will hear, though is not present - in fact is an old level 62 you still not all understand, likely, as well as I 63 Hitler has collected a lot of information is very badly 64 Music heard which listen they and all to reproduce 65 Can is possible to construct a computer, understand as and to talk to those who does circles on fields 66 See atoms of several kinds at light 67 Will help me and I shall meet with Тесла, scientists. It indigo 68 Machines, such as at them probably to construct 69 Will come technologies which will separate soul from a body, such technologies at them are 70 Now I understand, that the Buddhist belief means and I know how to study 71 It is necessary much very much for the information from you on Buddhist belief and their pictures especially 72 I Wish to meet to talk you but I am afraid not in those brains on mouth-understand Still to me have told, after a meeting, the word тора or Toro-that this all means, I do not know - is to a prebox ние that is the book. Where to search - I do not know, if know that it, please, write to me 73 Me will suffice to study I write this all to that organization and those people who know about me about 94 years: help me or lag behind. It is visible, you have very strongly become interested in me after I have met them. Though, you, in fact, and before were interested in me and showed, that you are. It is visible, you very much would like to see still them by means of me, you carry out some my actions. Thanks, certainly, but what for 74 These children are very important strategically, protect everything, if on the ground. Something happens, you should rescue first of all these children 75 Meaning of the life in a life and still which in what, but while, I can not write 76 Атлантиду we shall find 77 Estimate, yes what brains at me 78 Weather varies because of me on a planet, and I change itself 79 Was there where to be showers of all people this planet very far 80 Global warming to disconnect not a problem 81 Now I know, that after death 82 who badly acts 83 Jesus is very a pity, to you spoke to not do bad, but you 84 is amusing you in fact on music leave on their level 85 Is the planet, very far, refers to Paradise. The hell exists, but in other format 86 If you think, that reductions or their showers go near to you, you strongly are mistaken, in fact, it simply is not possible .Так as our heart will not sustain sensation of their presence near to us. Their energy very strongly influences our heart and the person simple or not prepared, to receive power impact on heart 87 Word it can is possible and to cure or kill 88 Force think it is not material, energy is material, but not an idea 89 Ани all to destroy on the ground for some seconds

6/2/2008 5:50:15 PM

89 Ани all to destroy on the ground for some seconds 90 you them there is nothing do not please badly 91 Before them will have will answer 92 Ани to solve, what to do with душою 93 better to these children to not die 94 To live it is necessary as it is possible more correctly for 95 Me all will have to change 96 All film transformers will change 97 Well and how to you? 98 animals understand us at a telepathic level and submit to 99 Me still very much that people has made approximately two thousand with superfluous years back is not pleasant. Jesus have killed. And, you think, what people on a planet of this does not pay off? Be mistaken

6/2/2008 5:51:48 PM

100 I has thrown out in that put a lot of energy for some seconds and, during this moment, has sent the information. And they have heard me. I have asked them to arrive to me, after end of experiment. Has laid down to sleep in a bed, and I never before in a life did not fall asleep so quickly. Time it is has left on falling asleep some seconds. Strange it, in fact to me is very difficult to fall asleep at night. After I have fallen asleep, I have woken up, approximately, in some minutes. Has opened eyes, has risen, has approached to a window and has seen their machine. It is cheerful above the ground, headlights have been disconnected. But, have then included. It did not publish any noise and did not move anywhere as though it has been put on road and stood on ручнике, but in air зависла. In this time was still very much светло in the street and burned lanterns, therefore it it was very visible and without its included headlights. Then I have started to look on the parties and to estimate conditions: whether mother of it and the people who are passed along the street, at our house sees. I often distracted from a plate to look, whether mother has woken up and whether who looks from street. After I was convinced, that anybody is not present, I have started to communicate. Has greeted, we long time talked. They understood, that at me for a condition and have concerned to me very well, that is, at conversation did not injure my brain. Has then told to depart and lay down on a bed I has agreed, I have shown, how I want, that there was a machine and it has changed. Such I there is no time did not see and I can not to compare to what-it it is simply impossible, because it is very strong overloads, even for them. For the sake of me, they have gone on much, in the pictures which have been laid out on the Internet, there is no such picture which can show how there was their machine. So have put, as did not put for a long time. After that have talked, has told, that I have gone спать-I have gone, but suddenly it wanted to me to refuse and have refused.And has approached back to a plate, tried to work on my brain and to force to lay down to sleep, but I have not obeyed both nothing has left also we long very much looked against each other, has then thought, that will suffice and has dared to lay down to sleep. Has laid down and has asked, that there will be-it has told, that there will be all by way of. I was disconnected in some seconds-has opened eyes and have seen, that all as, it has told that everything, will suffice, sleep and here it was disconnected. Having opened eyes, has seen that I lay on a bed, I laid very exactly: hands have been pressed to a body, eyes are closed, all room has been shined by bright light, from my soul I have looked at a plate, but it any more was not also I observed very long of itself, but has then understood, that nothing will occur and has departed. I wish same, in fact they have helped, having seen them do not take in head itself to program, and that then will be very difficult to reprogram itself back

6/2/2008 5:53:28 PM

101 Stop to hunt on animals and fishes whom it is not enough and on the others, in fact they cannot supply with new animals or them 102 Look forward, approximately at 200 years, start sometime think now of the future of our children 103 Can, and you can build such planets as the ground 104 If will be very good, they will include our scientist brains 105 It is not pleasant, that you use cigarettes, alcohol and drugs-stop, pass to wine, and then throw all 106 Bombard the brains, the idea and to you much that will open, and you can contact 107 Or bombard all space of the ground and space-the help (an idea of a hand) 108 Will help to collect all other information shall meet them 109 more At still more many outstanding problems on р-ф, you now only begin something, To do from my submission 110 If correctly all has deciphered that our all country the same children as well as I programmed, or the same adults it is a lot of years possible to program other country on destruction in any activity or to lift all country the brains and to not be 111 the president of the country 112 Here children who are born on the ground 113 If indigo at us will be more in р-ф then they to us will arrive more, and it means, that we shall promote very far in their knowledge and technologies of 114 Indigo all of you is more senior 115 Eyes it is possible and честици to charge that to light 116 Индигом likely very hard to live, in fact they think for you for many years forward, and can and on hundreds years 117 Индиги can revenge after the death, in fact only they can return on the ground in the form of spherical spheres and destroy a part of that country, in which lived 118 Flying spheres in the sky which you name fireballs, this not that, That you think are indigo showers and showers of especial people - it allow to arrive on the ground and to help with management of the ground 119 And signs on fields or circles are done indigo - showers 120 Showers consist of energy and plasma 121 As any person from transfer which was thought up by me has told, is inexplicable, but the fact: there is a thinking atom and it is the truth, there are molecules of atom which think and perhaps transparent and opaque when it transparent you see to its form of a fireball 123 Showers of such child can easily destroy everything, everything 124 122 Showers fly To that moment when their machines cannot be in the certain point of the ground, they can send indigo soul on performance of a problem on the ground and in space 125 To stop a comet or a meteor, as a hobby indigo, does not make what work 126 Fifth element recollect, in fact this all the truth about Лилу is energy of soul has stopped a meteorite and color of soul is similar 127 Showers is at each person 128 Why do not give you such machines as at them and technology of their construction?-you in fact will destroy the ground 129 Death penalty cancel, on a planet people should live, but sit in prisons 130 How many to me of years? It is not enough and many 131 Bad Americans kill the soldier of the in Iraq, there will be насылать on all countries and the cities connected with Americans, a heat, flooding a cold and other all 132 those children who can recover dead will possibly be born also, that is will return soul in a body, most likely, that these children will be, they will be born from indigo in fact they all it can 133 Badly what I have not had time to ask a medicine from спида and a cancer, during that moment when communicated with it at a telepathic level, but I not расстраиваюсь-in fact this not last meeting with them 134 Why I have not departed with it? Because the place was not in the machine, it has arrived one, and the place only for one in the machine was 135 I has departed, but in another way, without a body

6/2/2008 5:56:22 PM

136 Showers has stopped in St.-Petersburg, seconds on 4, where exactly, I can not tell. Then the soul has gone far on space, on other planet, under the name Paradise. Why there? Yes because before it has programmed itself there, with such stops. Then I shall return лся also has understood what you never will understand, and has understood where to search, and that and as 137 I am assured that everyone the Tibetan people, only elites, in fact understand this also, there is at them what is not present at anybody: authority above this world, access to technologies and authority above a life and death. Whence system of flights at them 138 Also it is assured, what they have still more many knowledge which are transferred from century to century, but what for? In fact this very huge weapon which they own 139 Buddha-it in fact too indigo. Can, it all has left it for studying and promotion of people. And to indigo children. In fact, this knowledge which are left in Tibet, both other knowledge, and systems of training of contact to them, this knowledge all are necessary advancing the brain on their level, they all it is scattered worldwide and intended to these children 137 I am assured that everyone the Tibetan people, only elites, in fact understand this also, there is at them what is not present at anybody: authority above this world, access to technologies and authority above a life and death. Whence system of flights at them 138 Also it is assured, what they have still more many knowledge which are transferred from century to century, but what for? In fact this very huge weapon which they own 139 Buddha-it in fact too indigo. Can, it all has left it for studying and promotion of people. And to indigo children. In fact, this knowledge which are left in Tibet, both other knowledge, and systems of training of contact to them, this knowledge all are necessary advancing the brain on their level, they all it is scattered worldwide and intended to these children 140 I Was born in St.-Petersburg, actually in fact I now to something prepare, yet I do not know, but I know, that I should strengthen heart and to collect pair technological features 141 Here was born, who on light to 142 Me is necessary from спец services р-ф information on terrorists, can kill them through an electromagnetic field of the ground 143 be not afraid to communicate 144 Desirable constant human weight of 70 kg 145 I see the same molecules, as well as in film " mission to Mars ", film is removed about that on a planet Mars is the person, that moment where it costs in a glass dome. It also breathes liquid oxygen, and in this substance light balls fly - I too it see all at light, how many they-very are a lot of, to not count. I think, that I see oxygen, but this not everything, is also others 146 Sometimes ideas of some people I hear, but it not always 147 Our ground was constructed by their builders to 148 Us it is necessary to construct more than sports complexes on р-ф 149 Ани allocate with huge abilities helping people and to advance the country on the best level to advise true decisions concerning the country and to prompt, as well as what to do 150 Country which becomes better, will meet with approval from their party and it is very important

6/2/2008 5:58:32 PM

151 Here is laid out a certain slice мо its brain and how I understand everything after has met them 152 Understand correctly, bad to you I do not want, me will offend-them will offend 153 And indigo children should not serve in army if these children, please, advance them forward will want to serve, but under supervision of that organization which observes of them and goes on a life with us if they to serve in army not want-means your problem to all of them to reject from army. They have deserved and advance them in before 154 These children everything, that wish to receive 155 It it should is impossible to use harmful substances as the course of the future of this planet depends on them 156 Most important that they have more quickly understood who they on the Earth and have understood the applicability 157 It is necessary to develop all of them abilities, and it is very fast, and that you on them will spend all and will spend the state, including money, has already paid back or to pay back. Even, if you of it do not see all, then learn and will understand, that all was knowingly 158 They disconnect terrestrial technics the brain, but can also by machines the 159 Still, I know about some movement of the president р-ф before it somewhere will go. How? Still I do not understand, I can direct, I cannot precisely tell, because to me memory somehow is automatically erased and, I have noticed, that this all has begun for a long time. The information gets in a head, but not always I have time to understand and stop that comes and to decipher. And if I have not time to understand and keep that, the TV when shows all helps. And then I understand, that before it I was right, that I understand all correctly and in the rest, too all correctly I understand

  Replies 41 - 50 (out of 65 total)

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