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subject: Operation Alien Gods

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3/9/2006 6:20:32 PM

if you think about it alot of teck stuff came from this era,maybe this is why canada and england are at a stand off with an alien race because of takohoma,also this weapon of canada called mother earth could be i single person called a star child who was born in 1967 this could expain the ufo invaison of 67 over canada,what i was informed that as a child he or she saw a ufo and got scared so he wished it all away,the ufo disc had simply vanised this was witnessed by his dad a m.w.o. in the rcaf,his dad reported it to his superiour and a new weapon wich we can defend ourself against this ufo invasion was born.it is said this alien race has mind bending powers and this star child can disrupt them,only thing that he must see the ufo like in 1999 a huge triangle ufo was distroyed by him or her the star child,no traces of this ufo were found just e.t. body parts that was like a red goo and coverd a hole mountains north side, this had happen over the fraiser or okanogan valley,estemated to be over 10 000 e.t.s to turn a mountian of this size red.the cover up was a fire and the red stuff was dropped out of a plane to dose the fire,only thing there was no smoke or flame to be seen

Nommos Prime (Dogon)
3/12/2006 7:17:49 PM

Hi meismetwo,

I have long stated that just about ALL the “high-tech” stuff came from the last few years of WWII;

Whats the chances of the US acquiring nuclear and computer technology AT THE SAME TIME, in the last days of WWII?
Pretty remote?
Whats the chances of ONE MAN being responsible for both discoveries?
Very remote.

Perhaps the ultimate connection between “magical human technologies” and ONE MAN is none other than VANNEVAR BUSH (the same MJ-12 Member),
He should be THE MOST FAMOUS man in human history.

Why? Because -
Vannevar Bush was;
(1) a pioneer computer engineer.
(2) the PIVOTAL figure in HYPERTEXT research, which basically “invented” today’s computers.
(3) CHAIR of the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (1939).
(4) Truman’s scientific advisor in World War II and responsible for all 6 000 US scientists involved in the war effort.
(5) Founded the “MANHATTAN PROJECT”.
(6) “Thought up” or invented the ANALOGUE COMPUTER.
(7) Invented the CALCULATOR.
(8) Was Chairman of the Research & Development Board of MAJESTIC 12 (MJ-12).
(9) Was responsible for “REVERSE ENGINEERING ALIEN CRAFT” in MJ-12.

Profile of Vannevar Bush (Chairman of Research & Development Board of MJ-12);
and another…

Now check out “the first computer”…

“UNIVAC, as well as Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Marc Andreessen of Netscape.
From Memex to Hypertext: Vannevar Bush and the Mind's Machine
by James M. Nyce, Paul Kahn (Editor), Vannevar Bush / Hardcover - 367 pages (1992) / Academic Pr
Memex, a computer that was never built, was described in 1945 by pioneer computer engineer Bush, and foreshadowed the principles and operations of today's personal computers.”

Now read Vannevar Bush’s speech about a “new relationship” between man and his “creations”…


Ok, so Mr Bush somehow found the time (IN 1945!) to invent the principles AND operations of today’s computers. In between advising Truman and 6000 scientists on scientific applications for warfare and dreaming up The Manhattan Project.

I REALLY doubt that humanity was capable of acquiring that technology in such a short period.
Joe Firmage said similar things, although only God knows where he is these days.

I think that Computers, Fibre Optics etc. etc. were recovered or "given/traded" alien technologies.

Don't you think somebody should have slapped a Trademark (Patent) on these Technologies?
Would have made a lot of money.
Also I find it fascinating that nobody ever asks whom INVENTED the Computer or Fibre Optics etc.
Just ask anybody these two questions-
(1) Q. Who invented the Telephone?
(2) Q. Who invented the Computer?
NOBODY will even answer.
Funny that. Don't you think?

Nommos Prime (Dogon)
3/12/2006 7:35:09 PM

The Battle of Los Angeles (1942);







  Replies 11 - 13 (out of 13 total)

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