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Nommos Prime (Dogon)
2/16/2006 5:29:51 PM

Q-Fever, Cattle Mutilations, Human Abductions & UFO “Hot-Spots”

Recent "not yet" (publically released data) regarding "Q-Fever" in Australia (isolated to Rural communties and Abattoirs) has provided is the DEFINING PROOF of an Cattle Mutilation/UFO/Human "Link".

Q-Fever, Cattle Mutilations, Human Abductions & UFO “Hot-Spots”


"National Q Fever Management Program
What is Q fever
Q fever is a serious disease with approximately 600 cases notified each year in Australia . The illness may last 1-6 weeks and is flu-like with fever, chills, sweats, severe headache, muscle pain, cough, weakness and nausea. Though rare, complications may involve the liver, heart and bones. A small number of people may develop post Q fever fatigue syndrome which can last for a number of years.
Q fever is transmitted through infected animals' urine, milk, faeces and birth products. People become infected when they inhale contaminated droplets from these products or that are produced during the slaughter of animals, or by inhaling dust from contaminated materials.
Not all animals carry and transmit the disease to humans. The animals that are the main source of the disease are kangaroos, wallabies, cattle, sheep, dogs, cats and goats. Of these animals, cattle, sheep and goats are often the most significant source for human infection.
Q fever is primarily an occupational disease of workers from the meat and livestock industries. A new worker in the meat processing or livestock industry may particularly be at risk as they may not have had previous exposure to animals. Other populations at risk of infection include sheep and cattle livestock farmers, dairy workers, veterinarians, pelt and hide tanners, and shearers.
The National Q Fever Management Program
The National Q Fever Management Program commenced in 2001 and was due for completion on 30 June 2004. Several jurisdictions have completed the Program, however, Victoria and South Australia have extended the Program until 30 June 2006 and Queensland has extended it until 30 June 2007.
The Program is a specialised screening and vaccination program that seeks to reduce the burden of disease associated with Q fever. It is the first national Q fever vaccination program of its kind in the world and is part of the Government's commitment to servicing the health needs of people in Australia 's rural and regional communities.
In Victoria , South Australia , and Queensland , the Program provides specially trained immunisation providers to undertake skin and blood tests to assess previous exposure to Q fever and then vaccinate those without immunity one week later. The Program covers abattoir workers, those contracted to abattoirs, sheep shearers, sheep, dairy and beef cattle farmers, their employees and unpaid family members working on farms.
Importantly, the Program has significantly raised awareness of Q fever amongst rural general practitioners and provided the appropriate infrastructure to support ongoing Q fever screening and vaccination.
Queensland and Victoria
The National Q Fever Management Program has now been completed in most States and Territories, with the exception of Victoria and South Australia where the Program will run until 30 June 2006 and in Queensland where the Program will run until 30 June 2007.
For further information on accessing the Program in these States, please contact the appropriate Health Department:
VIC : (03) 9637 4126 or 1300 651 160
SA : (0 8226 7177
QLD : ( 07) 3234 1155
Useful Links
The following links may also be useful.
1. Australian Immunisation Handbook 8th Edition 2003
2. Meat Industry Advisory Group Information Bulletin No 3 (PDF file 13kb)
3. Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)
4. Queensland Department of Primary Industries
5. Department of Human Services Victoria
6. Department of Health South Australia
7. Department of Health Western Australia
8. Australian Q Fever Register

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