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Nommos Prime (Dogon)
2/27/2006 5:12:05 PM

The 1953 HYNEK MEETING with (MJ-12 or the "Robertson Panel"?)

I claim that the below Meeting Hynek had WAS with MJ-12.

The below excerpt is transcribed from the relevant “Hynek” segment, which is on the Video from the late 70s that I have, entitled “UFOs: It Has Begun”:-

(Commentator speaking);
“The CIA now would enter the picture. By convening a Panel of top scientists to examine the UFO phenomenon. The CIA’s concern was that recent waves of sightings might constitute a threat to National Security. The thinking was that the enemy could exploit UFOs as a decoy in the preparation for an attack on the United States. Five outstanding scientists and various Air Force and CIA representatives were to meet on Wednesday, January 14 1953. Among the Panel Members was one Associate Member who was destined to have more experience with the UFO phenomena than any other American scientist to date - Dr J. Allen Hynek, Astrophysicist and head of the Astronomy Department of North Western University.”

(Hynek now speaking);
“I was called into the meeting on Thursday. The Panel Members were seated around this table. It was a rather sombre and impressive occasion, actually. I was a Junior Member and I remember feeling considerably nervous and apprehensive about being in front of this powerhouse of scientists. But then for the past four years I had been Scientific Adviser to the US Air Force on this very problem. There were two films that were of particular interest to the Panel at that time. One was a film taken by a Navy Officer while on vacation in Utah, near Trementon, Utah. And the other was a film taken in Great Falls, Montana by the owner of the local Baseball team. The Utah film had already been subjected to some thousand or so man-hours of analysis by the Navy’s Photographic Interpretation Laboratory.”
(1st film is shown whilst Hynek continues to speak…)
“The Panel got up from their chairs and crouched along the walls and (unintelligible), and they asked to have the films run several times, as a matter of fact.”
(2nd film is shown whilst Hynek continues to speak…)
“On the basis of their detailed analysis of the Utah films, they had concluded that the objects shown in the films could not be Birds, Balloons, Aircraft and so forth, but indeed that they were “Self-Luminous Unidentified Objects”. Despite this conclusion, the Panel rejected this and concluded that the objects were Birds. They couldn’t be Unidentified, therefore they had to be Birds.”
(Films cease to be shown now. Hynek continues to speak.)
“I came away from the Meeting and from the room with the distinct feeling, however, that the Panel had deliberately moved to debunk the whole subject and not to give it the serious scientific attention which it deserved.”

(* Notes regarding Films shown whilst Hynek is speaking on the Video):-
(1st film lasts a total of 10 seconds. 2 Objects on “Normal Speed” are noticeable, passing behind a tower and over a number of other structures. However, on “Pause/Still Frame progression”, up to 22 Objects are noticeable.)
(2nd film lasts a total of 31 seconds. 4 seconds of the 31 second film sequence are not seen on the Video – as Hynek is seen talking, only. Therefore, 27 seconds of this sequence are shown on the Video. 8 or 9 objects on “Normal Speed” are noticeable, in the clear blue sky. However, on “Pause/Still Frame progression”, 22 to 46 objects are noticeable).

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