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Nommos Prime (Dogon)
3/2/2006 7:51:49 PM

Martian Subsurface Bacterial Life 101

This isn’t really ET Craft-related, but I “recovered” my “wiped-out” Martian Life Thread, which I reproduce for people’s “viewing-pleasure”.
Feedback, opinions and criticisms are welcomed.
MARS LIFE 101 (Basic Biological Gases)

The majority of CH4 (Methane) on Mars is created by a process called Anaerobic Decomposition. This is where sub-surface microbes/bacteria (similar to Methanogens) break down plant/lichen/fungus matter and expire H (Hydrogen) and C (Carbon). Note, that Methanogens DO NOT require Oxygen (O) to live.
The remaining (small amount) of CH4 is created by Hydrothermal Vents (Water Geysers).
The NH3 (Ammonia) is quite OBVIOUSLY created by the same microbial/plant life on Mars. Note, that NH3 is an UNSTABLE MOLECULE (lasting A MAXIMUM of four hours, before it DISAPPEARS!).
CH4 and NH3 on Mars are biological in origin.
"MARS VULCANOLOGY 101 (including, Basic Planetary-Wide Magnetic Field Theory)
Further evidence to illustrate that Mars (was ONCE), but is NO LONGER Volcanically active;
Note: When Volcanic (Molten) Rock, which contains Magnetic Elements, solidifies on a Planet with a Global Magnetic Field, it is Magnetised and “fossilises” the Exact Value (POLARITY) of the Magnetic Field which was present at the time of Solidification.

The Martian Meteorites found on Earth (known as SNC Meteorites) are volcanic in ORIGIN, having originated in the Martian Mantle and crystallised near the surface (where, incidentally, they TRAPPED fossilised Martian Life, which we in turn found in places like Antarctica). Refer to the famous Clinton announcement (which WAS ONLY PROMPTED by the infamous “LEAK” of the PHOTOS). All SNC Meteorites found are Billions of Years old.

Next, Mars had an strong ANCIENT Planetary-Wide Magnetic Field as well as Plate Tectonics. Although IT STILL DOES have a Planetary Magnetic Field, it is NOW very weak. Mars no longer has Active Plate Tectonics. How do we know this? Simple.

Mars has “fossilised STRIPES or BANDS” of Magnetised Crust, which are approximately 100 kilometres wide, that run PARALLEL in the Martian Southern Hemisphere. The POLARITY of the Stripes ALTERNATE. This also CONFIRMS that the majority of ALL ROCKS in the Martian Southern Hemisphere “hardened” or SOLIDIFIED over 3 BILLION YEARS AGO! Only those rocks which have been RE-SOLIDIFIED (by Cometary Impact) have LOST their Magnetism. Measurements taken also confirm that the Martian Planetary-Wide Magnetic Field changed POLARITY (just like Earth’s) for unknown reasons, with resultant POLAR SHIFTS."[/i]

The linked article relates to "Aurora on Mars", but contains a nice little gem regarding the Martian Magnetic Field. This is consistent with my Findings...
[i]"The phenomenon on Mars is created in the same manner. But Mars has a much thinner atmosphere and only weak magnetic fields, its internal dynamo having died out long ago. Remnants of martian magnetism exist in pockets of rock, and that's where the new study focused."
“How To Detect Life” – The OFFICIAL NASA Policy;
“The one experiment that will attract the greatest attention from the public is the search for methane in the Martian atmosphere. Methane is solely produced by biological processes, and is quickly destroyed by light. Therefore, if any methane at all is found in the atmosphere, we can be almost certain that life exists on Mars right now. The equipment used to perform this experiment has already proven its worth in helping us understand the process of global warming, and perhaps it will make similarly ground-breaking discoveries on Mars.”

And notice, how right next to this paragraph, in RED LETTERS, is states;

“If any methane is detected, there's a very good chance life exists on Mars”

It really is sad that NASA is unaware of their own "Life Detection Policy".

Ivanov was onto this back in 89, like me...
“ACC.NO.: 0920392
PUB.YEAR: 1992
DOC.TYPE: Abstract
CONTENTS: Illus. (2 fig.) 11 ref.
LANGUAGE: EN (English)
CATEGORY: 05 (Mars)

Then the British found Methane in some Mars Meteorites;
"This time it is EETA79001, another Antarctic meteorite that had been the most famous one until 1/4 year ago. It was the first one in which pockets of Martian air had been detected, which led to the widespread acceptance of the Martian origin of the SNC meteorites (Ad Astra July 1996). And it was again EETA79001 in which British researchers claim to have found the first organic matter from Mars in 1989 (Nature July 20, 1989, p. 220-222). Now the same scientists have given a news conference in London, claiming even stronger evidence for this result which was controversial at the time. EETA79001 is much younger than ALH84001: Significant traces of life from Mars in this rock would be strong evidence for life enduring on that planet til the present time.
In 1989 there was suspicion that the organic matter could have been terrestrial contamination, but now the sample was from a part of the meteorite that had been sealed in a glasslike substance before EETA79001 landed in Antarctica. The evidence apparently is purely isotopic: Carbon atoms extracted from the rock have an isotope ratio matching the C ratio in methane produced by bacteria. The British geochemists applied the same test to the carbon compounds in ALH84001 and found the same isotope ratio again - but to claim that this is proof of present live on Mars (as one of the scientists had said) is pretty bold... ( Science Now Oct. 31 + Boston Globe + Florida Today Nov. 1, 1996)"

“When the embedded organic compounds burned they released carbon dioxide. Carbon is one of the fundamental building blocks of life. The British scientists say that methane producing organisms produced the carbon. This is the opposite of some microbes here on Earth that produce methane as a waste product. The scientists say that this is the smoking gun that astronomers have been hoping for.”

Extract from my e-mail to Dr James Hurtak, dated 3 October 2003;
"(5) Do you think Beagle 2 will find life on Mars?"

Extract from reply to my e-mail, dated 6 October 2003, from Kathleen Donaldson (on behalf of Dr James Hurtak);
"(5) Dr Hurtak thinks there is life on Mars – bacteria life, that is. Whether we find it and can confirm it from such a distance is the question. You may recall that there were three VIKING experiments searching for life and two were “inconclusive” – so who knows what scientists assume is “conclusive” at this time – although the timing would be right for a positive affirmation and planetary scientists seem to be building in that direction.”"

I (Sebastian Wood) wrote the following "to explain in layman's terms" the ABSURDITY of Vulcanism on present-day Mars...
It's an "oldie" but a "goodie"...

"A Conversation With My Local Crack-Head
The conversation began with me bitching about NASA’s complete burial of the Methane on Mars issue and their side-lining of my biogenic subsurface theory regarding the origin of such gas. I told him about the “SPIN” regarding active Vulcanism on Mars;
A Conversation With My Local Crack-Head:
“Me (Regurgitating the “Standard NASA/ESA Lie” to the Crack-Head):
“Those dicks keep telling me that “We are uncertain whether there are active volcanoes on Mars. We need to conduct further studies.”
Crack-Head: “Why don’t you study the Thermal images of Mars?”
Me: I have.
NASA can (and HAS used) Odyssey and the SIRTF to obtain exactly such! However, the “very intelligent Scientists” claim that this data/images would not give conclusive results!
Crack-Head: But that’s (swear words removed by me).
Heat = Thermal Activity = Marry Night/Day Images. Easy…
Me: Do you sell your “goods” to NASA?
Crack-Head: No, they still claim the world is flat and that aliens don’t exist. They don’t need my drugs to talk crap…
Me: So what makes you think that Thermal infrared would do the trick?
Crack-Head: Have a look at this image of an active Hawaiian volcano, taken with Thermal Infrared imaging. (He hands me this Image and a “Pipe”);
(Image was removed from Website – after I posted the IR image)
Me: Yeh, its obvious, methinks.
Crack-Head: About as obvious as a bee-fart in a hurricane “they” will tell you…
Me: I’ve got a few of these IR images from Mars. It ain’t no “Volcanic” heat.
Crack-Head: Has to be the critters…
Me: Course!
Crack-Head: Could be those Phantom Plumes…
Me: I’m certain that spectral lines in the infrared can identify exact distributions of organic chemicals.
Crack-Head: Of course! All biogenic gases (aka complex biomolecules) on Mars have unique spectral signatures. When absorption AND emission values are known, NO DOUBT can be argued over the Results of such signatures measured.
Me: Yeh, because of Mars’ narrow spectral lines. But the “Monkeys” always claim that complex biomolecules don’t have specifically unique absorption/emission lines in the infrared spectrum.
Crack-Head: Well that’s a Furphy, even for a vagrant like me. Methane has an absorption feature of 7.8 Microns and Ammonia’s is 10.7.
Me: I see, so Martian Atmospheric Absorption/Emission Features allow Thermal Structure of the Atmosphere to be determined with ease, as well as finding any Non-Equilibrium Chemistry which exists in the atmosphere.
Crack-Head: Exactly and this information is more than enough to create “Hot-Spot Maps”.
Me: Ahhhhhhhh…I get it…
Crack-Head: I’m going to sell outside the DPS.
Me: Drop some Acid in Mumma’s drink for me.
Crack-Head: Ha-ha-hahaha!
He then free-based some Coke in front of me and told me that “Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass-Destruction” and that “George Bush Jr. was a man of God”.

After these comments, of course, I knew he was a liar.

Brief Background to My E-Mails To Methane "Players"
Royal Observatory (Greenwich;
“On the 15th of July 2004, ammonia was detected in the Martian atmosphere using a Planetary Fourier Spectrometer on Mars Express and was detected by looking at the spectral signature detected on the European Space Agency’s orbiting Mars Express craft.
The components of ammonia are Hydrogen and Nitrogen. Nitrogen is an element which is rare and is usually only produced by two methods:
1. Active volcanoes and
2. Microbes.
We also have to take into consideration the presence of Methane in the atmosphere, which is another component that could be the indicators of simple life on the planet.”

I sent the following e-mail to the "Methane Players" (Chicarro, Formisano & Mumma), last year some time. It included my Mars/Io "Volcanic equations", which were written in the 90s;

"Hello Mr Formisano and Mr Chicarro,

To determine whether Mars has had any active Volcanoes within the last few million years is pretty simple. Try comparing established data from Mars and Io (an active Volcanic Moon/World);

(B-V Colour) Refractory Surface Comparisons of Mars and Io.
Fact: The Visible-Bandpass Colour Slope of Mars is RED.
Established BV Colour Values;
Mars (BV=1.36)
Io (B-V=1.17)
(1) Determine U-B Colour Values for Mars and Io.
(2) Determine “difference” between U-B and B-V Colour Values for Mars and Io.
(3) Convert B-V Colour Values for Mars and Io into Astronomical Magnitudes.
(4) Compare “Colours” from Eclipse-data.
If Mars has NO Life (or oceans) today, then the Carbon Dioxide Levels determined and released to the Public, MUST be higher than those (so far) determined!
Reasoning Behind Fact:
The reason why Martian levels of Carbon Dioxide are not “high enough” to determine it to be a lifeless planet, is that Martian Subsurface Bacteria convert Carbon Dioxide into Martian Rocks.

If you need to determine whether a certain gaseous species’ spectrum line (namely NH3) is of Solar or Martian origin. Well, I respectfully put forward that Ammonia does not exist within our Sol’s Spectrum, and therefore must be of a Martian Biogenic origin. Although Hydrogen exists in the Sol’s Spectrum, Nitrogen does not. Therefore, Nitrogen must have a Martian origin. The Nitrogen must be produced by either the Method of Active Volcanoes or Subsurface/Partial-Surface Microbes. Combined with the fact that methane is in the Atmosphere, concentrated around the “Water Sinks”, and the Ammonia. Add to this another fact – that Martian levels of Carbon Dioxide are not “high enough” to determine it to be a lifeless planet (as a result of Martian Subsurface Bacteria converting Carbon Dioxide into Martian Rocks). There can be little doubt remaining of Ammonia’s Martian Biogenic origin.
I would put forward, however, that Formaldehyde is not Biologically produced on Mars.
I’ve prepared a little Research Paper, detailing all of the above. If you’d like a copy, drop me a line.

Sebastian Wood
Independent Researcher”

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