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2/19/2004 5:14:49 PM

Reality: Transporting in Space for everyone!


I would like to introduce you a new service: Transporting everything to the ISS that can be designed on a sheet of paper, flying with 17.400 miles/h to a 73,5 million miles trip. IŽam not talking about an illusionary service that you know from many other services .... I Žam talking about an absolute real and serious service which can be booked until 5th of March for M1. The next flight M2 with ISS Mission10 is planned, but from the view of today not 100% secured. Result: M1 may be the only chance to get in real contact with space!

For further information research the largest newspapers in austria or simply search for "spacewish".

Greetings from London

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subject: Reality: Transporting in Space for everyone!

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Robert L. Sharp
2/20/2004 6:59:02 PM

So where do we sign up, and how many Dragoons does it cost?

Scott Johansen
2/20/2004 10:12:19 PM

Hi guys I just thought I'd share with you what I found on the web when I searched space wish. You're gonna love this.


Posted: Feb 19 2004, 07:28 PM

Dust Speck

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hello at all,

on april I want to send something very special into space and to the ISS. Its no joke!

But I dont know how i can design my spacewish. Do you have an idea?
Do you heard about that crazy service?

greetings from austria

franz gustli

spacewish Posted: Feb 20 2004, 01:04 AM

Dust Speck

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Hello Franz,

Put your wish in words, handwritten or directly on the PC. You have 3 formats (small, medium, big) to choose from, which enables you to design your wish very individually.
You have two alternatives to design your wish. For further information go through the description of the order process or send an email to support of the site.

Thank you

DippyHippy Posted: Feb 20 2004, 03:34 AM


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Spacewish, please don't use these forums as a place for advertising commercial services.

Both you and franz have exactly the same IP so don't think it hasn't been noticed that you're actually the same person.

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