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4/12/2006 2:25:17 AM

UFO's are REAL – ON believers...READ THIS !!! (facts that cannot be ignored)

UFO stands for unidentified flying object. This can refer to any object seen in the sky (man made, atmospheric, alien etc) that one is unable to identify. Most groups (including Royal Air force and Ministry of Defence including) agree that they can satisfactory explain away 90% of UFO cases from the Public, however appx 10% remain in a category which cannot be explained.

NOTE: there are many groups whose UFO sightings are not included within these statistics (ie Military, Army, Royal Navy, National Defence, Civilian Pilots, and Astronomers etc). It has been proven BEYOND DOUBT that NOT all UFO's are hallucinations, atmospheric phenomenon or hoaxes.

Anyone who suggests such a thing nowadays is open to even more ridicule than the UFO reporters themselves. Even Government officials will openly agree about this because a huge number of cases have included radar interception, multiple witnesses and physical evidence (marks, burns etc).
This is undeniable proof that some flying objects classed unknown - have actually been structured craft.
Here are some UFO facts:

1) One of the earliest recorded sightings date from around 600BC - sighting recorded by Monks in their inscriptions (Black Globe like objects seen across the skies - multiple witnesses). NOTE, this is not the only recorded early sightings.

2) 1st ever UFO photo taken was in the late 1800's (through a telescope) showing a spindle like object crossing the sky in front of the moon). Since this before the Right Brothers flew the first ever plane, it rules out the Stealth Bomber and any hallucinations.

3) In 1989, the UANS UFO research group manage took advantage of the Freedom of Information Act within the USA and took the UFO subject to the Supreme Court. The Courts released 100's of classified UFO documents from NSI, FBI, CIA, US Navy and various other agencies. On their own admission, the Court WITHELD THE RELEASE of a further mass of around 10,000 documents due to the interests of National Security. The information gleamed from the documents clearly proved 3 important things:

a) that the US Government had been investigating the subject of UFO's for many years (even though publicly they denied this).

b) the US Government classified the Subject of UFO's and the findings of their investigations, 2 points higher than the Hydrogen Bomb Project - well above TOP SECRET.

c) many sightings by Military and other trained observers where classified by the Government as actual unknown intelligently controlled craft (this includes multiple witnesses, radar interception and military pilot deaths due to chasing UFO's - with admittance that technology involved in some of these UFO sightings shows something far beyond current known Man made devices).

4) Several heads from the now x-KGB (x-Russia) have acknowledged that UFO's invaded their airspace and out manoeuvred their craft with capabilities far beyond they have ever known (again, radar interception, multiple witnesses, physical evidence etc).

5) The Mexican Government, only recently, publicly acknowledged the existence of UFO's within their air space. They provided gun camera film aswell as radar evidence, also admitting their fleet of jets were unable to intercept the invading craft.

6) The Belgium Government was one of the first to acknowledge that they have had UFO's invading their air space. During the late 80's within one year, they had accumulated over 2000 reports of triangular objects being seen sighted. In one sighting, an object being chased by their jets was seen via radar to jump from amazing distances within a few seconds - again technology they Belgium Authorities felt was far beyond capabilities that they know off.

7) A poll of astronomers in the late 80's showed that 40% had seen objects within the sky that they could not explain.

8) Several astronauts (including Gordon Cooper) who have come clean in admitting UFO's being sighted whilst on missions and informed that NASA are aware of these issues. Original de-briefing document from NASA handbooks have been unearthed which clearly state that if any information regarding such topics must be withheld from the public. The military also have clear rules on this (again, documents uncovered to prove this – see Timothy Goods – Above Top Secret), they use the “National Security” line and threaten imprisonment for releasing such classified information.

9) Any person who disbelieves in UFO's as being anything other than aerial phenomenon, hot air balloons, hallucinations or the planet Venus should try to explain away even just the following cases:

a) Lonnie Zamora cases - Highly respectable and trained Police Officer witness's unknown object together with occupants

b) Betty Cash UFO case - multiple witness case, left Betty Cash fighting for her life in a coma - radiation poisoning leading to Cancer. Betty was one of the first US citizens to take the US Government to Court in her county over the case that caused her health problems for the rest of her life. What an extraordinary story, would you be able to tell her family that this is all poppycock?

c) Several cases involving near passenger jet collisions - including deaths like that of Captain Thomas Mantell.

d) The Rendlesham Forest Incident (involving highly trained military men being involved in a UFO landing incident - note: Radar evidence was involved in this aswell). This is mind blowing case.

10) Various Presidents (including Carter and Reagan) had seen UFO's. Reagan had mentioned to Gorbachov (Russia) during their historic meetings on how the world would come together and how their differences would melt away if we faced a threat that came from outer space.


This is what it means - though we may not have that particular UFO from the above cases sitting available for public viewing, we can ascertain that structured craft have been sighted over restricted air space flying at capabilities beyond our own and they been acknowledged (officially and in some cases unofficially) as being UNidentified objects under some form of intelligent control.

What the non-believer must understand is that it is NOT being stated these craft are aliens from outer space, however common sense would dictate that some extraordinary events have taken place which were not caused by a child’s hot air balloon or the stealth bomber being tested over public area space airspace.

What many NON believers don’t understand is that much of the academic world (and Government world) who are interested in this subject are NOW asking a new question..."Where are they coming from?” NOT "Are they real? Or are they hallucinations/pranksters?"

So it seems that many of the non believers have fallen behind with the times and revelations that have been out available to the public for years. If any NON-believer can read just even the following two books:

1. "Above Top Secret" (Timothy Goods 30 years of breath taking research into Government involvement into UFO's - and we’re not just talking about the US)

2. "Open Skies and Closed Minds" (Nick Pope's research into UFO's and his involvement in cases whilst working for the Ministry of Defence).

and come away thinking that its all nonsense, they must surely by lying, uneducated and behind with the times or brainwashed like a fanatic - the real ridicule must be on them surely. I find it amazing to believe that the "average Joe" NON-believer thinks they can pit themselves against high qualified academics such as John E Mack, Dr J.Allen. Hynek, Dr Jacques Vallee, Stanton Friedman (but to name a few) and ignore all their work years of objective study and then simply conclude that the whole topic is a load of nonsense.

So the challenge to a NON believer is simple. Do as proper scientist would do, before making your opinion on a particular issue, follow the simple rule "MAKE judgements AFTER examining the evidence." Closed and dismissive minds about something you don’t understand or that does not fit with your currently version of reality - only halts the progress of knowledge.
Remember, even Scientists can make the mistake of forgetting this rule. Dr Hynek started off Blue Book Project with the brainwashed view already in his mind that "UFO's are all nonsense." Then he proceeded to sift through the issues as a true scientist and found that there was some data that could not be ignored.

We can only make progress and get to the truth when we change “Do we believe in them?” to “Where do they come from?
Brief view of cases can be found at: http://www.ufocasebook.com/casefiles.html

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8/16/2006 8:26:12 PM

i love this post it's my favorite good job

karl 12
11/6/2006 4:04:07 PM

APPLE ! Great post! Concise and very informative.Why is it you think that certain UFO cynics are in denial.Is it the conditioning and indoctrination they receive from the media or is it they are just lazy, cynical ,prejudiced,afraid of mockery and willfully ignorant?
I have read that globally ,people who take UFOs seriously are now the majority and rightly so.Yours is one of the best posts Ive seen on this subject.Keep up the good work!
Regards Karl
PS Have you seen this one from Mexico(its a bit long, but very interesting!)

2/19/2007 9:24:54 AM

The one thing I feel that all branches of scientific exploration including archeology geology astronomy ect. Should be to KEEP AN OPEN MIND!!!!! ALWAYS!! I read your message and I agree. Keep up the good work for I am with you in mind and spirit!!

2/21/2007 6:26:08 PM

Hello Apple.

Thankyou for taking the time to write an intelligent post. I have been fascinated by the phenomenon ever since i can remember thanks to Spielberg no doubt. Over time and as specially in recent years, there has been a dramatic and exciting shift in the subject thanks in no small part to diligent researchers with impeccable credentials accumulating and corroborating accounts by truly impeccable witnesses. I am familiar with information and accounts you refer to and am glad others are on the same track.
In mid 2006 i had my own ufo experience and found that rather than putting my mind to rest it just flared up like a bee sting. The image is burnt deep into my brain ( see posting titled incredible show of technology in the regular forum on this site ). Was it Alien? I don't know. Was it our own advanced technology being tested in the upper atmosphere. Possibly. Was it a collaboration. Possibly. Do the powers that be withhold information from THE PEOPLE ?. Yes!. Would it be difficult ?. No!. Especially because of " The Ridiculous Nature " of the subject.
Think about it. If you have ever spun a web of lies that grew exponentially, how do you eventually divulge the truth and save face without losing the trust of everyone involved. Generally speaking, most people or organizations will not divulge the truth for that reason. Rather they will defend their position to the bitter end to maintain some sort of functioning relationship.
Will the truth eventually surface?. We hope so.
Will the truth hurt?. In a lot of ways, i would imagine.
Will the truth be exciting?. Yeh baby!

4/26/2007 3:15:36 PM

Advanced flying machines or all time machines what ever you want to call it it's no big deal everything in the universe is moving nobody calls a person driving a motor car a God or somebody flying in an airplane called Zeus the whole UFO phenomena can be an obsession especially for those who want to intellectually masturbate whether not it all makes sense.

The government's secretly undermining the intellectuals who are not enrolled in the secret service people that are happy to be a robot that are mind controlled and the general public are considered to utterly stupid.

From the very early age people are indoctrinated by the state so anything to do with their so-called secret society of friends is off-limits to the general public factually speaking their professional liars.

Human beings on this planet are no more intelligent than the average domestic cat or dog while people are meowing and barking the government is with its secret departments hissing like snakes making contact with demoniac forces and evil alien perpetrators.

If you spend most of your time watching TV and reading all the books full of rubbish your hardly have any time to contemplate your own personal experiences by not sharing your personal private experiences you are hiding behind a whole load of pug wash.

Debates on masturbate that is the question it's good for people to express themselves or share their experiences most people live in a vacuum in every respect does not the Internet promote robotism why can't we all meet in real time physically and do some think about being disempowered by a whole load of evil politicians who are merely puppets in the hands of the illuminati and freemasonry network banking system.

What a pathetic little planets even the aliens don't care for it that much and this you mean some been modified disabled and read cloned where more like half animal half human half android and if you've got alien inclinations try watching six episodes of Star Wars that should sort your out.

Science-fiction or fact anyway I am only trying to socialize with people I do not know it's nice to try to enjoy the subject so I welcome your own comments and please don't be so serious there only little flying machines it's no big deal.

Dear Friends
Having a conversation about whether or not there is advanced interstellar
space travel or whether is possible and if there are advanced civilizations out
out there in the cosmos who want to communicate with the human race?

Having physical evidence of such things at this present point in time is
impossible declassification of top-secret document both in America and
Russia give proof that such things do exist.?

My name is Caruana I live in London can you visit my website that was
made for completely for new people interested in UFOs

Address is for Google www.radha krsna consciousness.com
www.radha-krsna-consciousness.com for yahoo and msn

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