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4/13/2006 1:41:21 AM

Intergalactic Travel and Neutrinos

What are Neutrinos? These are particles which have almost zero mass and can pass through any matter be it the Earth or any other large bodies and maybe even blackholes.

If we were to be able to convert Matter to Neutrinos and then reconvert them back to the original matter, interstellar travel would be a reality.

Based on this idea, I explored and devised a new theory called GEE Theory. Following is a summary of this theory and its derivation which I posted on another forum.


Based on this theory, I tried to explain the natural phenomenon of Sun Spots, Supernova Explosions and Black Holes. I predicted that if and when these occur, there would be burst of neutrinos as matter is converted to Neutrinos when the GEE force field is formed there.

This was theorised by me in 1987

And today it has been proved beyond doubt that there is burst of neutrinos accompanying these phenomenon

This encourages me to believe the theory could well be explored in developing technology that could one day enable us to achieve speeds equal to and greater than the speed of light and be able to undertake time travel.

I also conducted an experiment based on this theory. Here is a summary of the experiment. Please do not try it at home. When I did it at home, all electronic equipment were knocked out for an hour due to the electromagnetic disturbances created by the GEE field.

Equipment Needed;

1. One Powerful Horse Shoe Magnet
2. High quality Copper Wire which conducts electricity efficiently
3. A very fine Needle.
4. Electric Power source


Wound the copper wire around each of the arm of the horshoe magnet into rectangular coil. Extend the coil out of the arm to some distance (2-3 inches)

Therefore you have a horseshoe magnet with both its arms wound with the coil

Connect the coil on each arm to the electric power source so current flows through it.

Switch on the power supply.

Introduce the tip of the needle at 45 degrees to the electric field inside the coil but without touching the coil. This is the point where the GEE field is created.

The tip of the needle will display a bluish green tinge a sort of glow and the tip will corrode. When this happens, there will be electromagnetic disturbances in the vicinity.

Switch off the power supply. The matter on the tip of the Needle has been converted to neutrinos and they have speed away at the speed of light or more. Maybe into the future.

Unless you have neutrino detectors, there is now way to find if neutrinos were released by this experiment. I believe they do because they cause the disturbances on electronic equipments and the reason for the disappearance of the tip of the needle and the bluish glow.

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4/15/2006 5:01:35 PM

neutrino are 3 parts,a neutrino traveling at the speed of light wich turn the neutrino to mass as all things the travel the speed of light turns into a mass,making the secound neutrino with mass now as the nuetrino with mass speeds up to the speed of light it loses the mass now it is the third nuetrino that will not pass through alot of elements.now where does this mass come from ?also this neutrino that lose its mass ,this mass is what we are and everything in the skys are made of this mass left by the speed of a neutrino,the magnet floated 2 feet in the air at 220 volts untill grounded out on the lamp over head and exploded into small glowing particles

4/17/2006 4:47:54 AM

Following is the link to the original document with diagrams.


4/17/2006 4:50:36 AM

If you are not able to open the PDF file by clicking on the same, Right Click and Save as from the above link.

  Replies 1 - 3 (out of 3 total)

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