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2/23/2004 4:05:38 PM


Hi beautiful beings everywhere,

Is there anyone who is experiencing ongoing contact and requires support through this

Are you waking at night with a feeling of an unseen presence or seeing a strange type of light in your room?

Are you waking and experiencing something indescribable and then not remembering this event until a few days later?

I trust this site as a place where we can protect our privacy and at the same time feel
secure in revealing ongoing experience. As I've said before, I have experienced deep
horror and it's great to have a safe haven where we can all share and know we aren't alone.

Has anyone smelt them or been touched by them? Eventually you have to move beyond fear or the stress levels get so high you can't continue to operate in a day to day existence.

I now attempt to take a humorous approach or ignore, especially at 3.30am, but this is not an easy approach and I didn't choose to have these experiences.

Or did I?

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Robert L. Sharp
2/23/2004 4:33:09 PM

I guarantee you, you are not alone. I know firsthand what you are going through.

Mr. Retard
2/24/2004 9:20:34 AM

What experiences? Smelling burning electricity and other pungent scents? Being engulfed in a pale blue light which looks almost liquid while they levitate you, immobilizing you? UFOs inexplicably sighted where you just happen to be? No, I don't know anything about that. Why in the world did you even ask?

Robert L. Sharp
2/24/2004 10:03:37 AM

Mr Retard:
That was a retarded reply. Why do you think D was inquiring about this
experience? He has obviously has some traumatic things happen to him, and
was simply making a plea to others in the forum to offer a little insight as to
what is going on. This forum is a good place for people to start the process
of finding out about these types of things. You know, help from others?
I can relate to what is happening to him, firsthand. If he would like some help
and information on the subject, I and others can surely help out. Apparently,
this is some sort of joke to you!

2/24/2004 3:59:27 PM

Robert and Mr Re-tread (sic),

Robert I think Mr Retard was posing rhetorical questions in a sort of cynical way but I'm ok with it because this person obviously has had ongoing contact experience.

Mr Retard: the icy blue light is a common night time experience of mine - I now know that I've had contact on a regular basis going back at least to 1974 when 2 friends and I witnessed a huge silver disc in the sky during daylight. I felt pressure on my forehead, received telepathic messages (although didn't know what that was at the time, I was not into sci-fi whatsoever). The messages didn't make any sense at the time so I didn't even tell my friends - I just attempted to tell you but still can't bring myself to do that.

The following year, as I've previously said, I witnessed a landed ufo while coming home from a party at approx 1.30am - along with another adult and a child. Once again telepathic contact which continued after the sighting.

I definitely began to be taken in 1975 but early childhood memories indicate that I could have been taken as early as age 7 or 8.

From 1975 I frequently experienced waking at night and a floating sensation working it's way from my feet to my head. I lay in bed, conscious of this abnormal sensation, until it reaches my head and I then have no further memory until the next day, or a few days later. I feel that I am supposed to remember, but these beings know that I might have a heart attack if I had to deal with it directly.

It's my understanding to date that they are advanced to the point that they don't disturb or affect our environment too directly. I don't deal with the concept of good and evil myself so won't comment except to say that my contact (with 2 seemingly different types of beings) was benign. One type exhibited a positive, happy approach while on another occasion another type clearly demonstrated compassion.

Whether I'm supposed to 'go for that' while they are really carrying out 'evil deeds' is not really a concern of mine because I know I can't stop what's happening.

I'm female, so that might throw some light on topic and pretty sure it's to do with inter-breeding and ...well, beyond that to the point, once again, of indescribable.

Hello to the likes of John Mack and Whitley Strieber - you saved what sanity I had left!

I've also experienced paralysis, have woken with bruises on both wrists, and have woken on one occasion exhibiting such extreme behaviour that I know I have utter terror in their presence.

It goes on and on - is somewhat bizarre at times but now makes perfect sense in the light of other people's experiences.

I suggest to anyone reading this that they start a journal and write down anything that strikes them as abnormal - including dreams. This is how I found out that I KNEW.

Robert, does all of above strike a chord for you? I'm still waiting to hear some of your experiences. Do you want to share with us all?



Robert L. Sharp
2/24/2004 5:04:40 PM

It most definitely does. I have posted on this forum a number of times in the past
about some of my experiences. I would have to sift through it all to find. I too,
have had many experiences with sightings to start with. Next, I have had six (6)
sleep paralysis episodes that are mind blowing, terrifying events. I know there are
beings in the room when it happens, and my wife is totally unaware when it happens,
almost as if she is placed in some sort of trance or hypnotic state so she doesn't
know what is going on. When I am returned from wherever that may be, I almost
freak out. My wife wakes up at that point, and wants to know what the heck is going on. I have to get out of bed, and end up staying up for the rest of the night, as I am too
afraid to try to sleep. This memory is all I have for days to come, as it is all I can think
about, affecting my work, friends, social life, and I have a terrible time trying to sleep
for weeks to come. I get almost to the stage of becoming zombie like, I am so tired.

I have the "scoop" marks on a couple of places on my body that I woke up with.
I also am positive I have an implant that has been with me for about 15 years now.
One morning, I awoke with a perfect triangular shape on my left leg, three round
purple colored dots about the size of a BB. I could see this formation for about a
month or so, and they slowly disappeared. A perfect triangle, with the spots about
an inch and a half apart.

I have a couple of "lost-time" events that are baffling. I have seen many, many UFOs
in my life, not blurry, fuzzy off in the distant types, but in my face up close, and looked
right inside one (FLYING SAUCER) with four other men one night in Colorado.

The list goes on. I documented everything that has happened in my life, from the time I
was 12 years (my first sighting of craft) until just recently when I had my last sleep
paralysis. I sent all of this to a reputable UFO and Abduction expert and researcher,
about three months ago. Just about three weeks ago, I received word from him. He
emailed some very nice and interesting information for me to study. The next step is
to pursue regressive hypnosis to take a look at what is going on. One of the things I
was strongly warned about, was the possibility of finding out that other members of
my family may have experienced the same things. I have four daughters, the oldest
29, twins 26, and the youngest 21. I want to find out what is happening to me, but I
am terrified that I may find out more than I want to know. I feel like I am strong enough
to go through with this, and have decided to do so. I am awaiting for word from this
research group to contact me again. One thing you have to do without fail is, talk to
your family, go over everything with them, make them aware of what might be, and
once they are receptive of the possibilities, take the next step, which is where I am now. I don't care what is revealed through hypnosis. It has already happened to me,
so reliving it will not harm a person, as you can quit the hypnosis at any time, and then
try later if you desire. What's happened to me is already in my subconcious, so bringing
it to the surface will only help me clear up things in my mind that have haunted me for
a long, long time. I want to find out the truth, no matter how horrific it may be. I can relate
more if you would like.

Mr. Retard
2/25/2004 11:23:32 AM

Are you also going to say there was something like poltergeist activity too? LOL

Don't get upset that easily if you plan on going around talking to people about it. The very people around when these things happen and know something is up will find it laughable and crazy. They will sound like the media and marginalize, trivialize, and ridicule it when you articulate your explanation for it. They will want to dismiss and forget the whole thing. Even if they too saw or heard it happening.
And the people who will give it some thought are likely to be really crazy or want to take advantage of you, probably. Or they want to write a sensationalized book for money. Thats human nature.

Mr. Retard
2/25/2004 11:38:11 AM

"relate more if you would like"

Could you elaborate how you got to look right inside one? Did you find one on the side of the road with its hatch left open while its occupant was taking a leak? Do the other men remember it the same way you do or you don't know because they were strangers also waiting for a cosmic prostate exam?

Robert L. Sharp
2/25/2004 12:32:16 PM

Mr Retard:
I understand completely how you have that name now. NO, I won't relate anymore
to you about this incident, thank you!

Mr. Retard
2/25/2004 1:41:43 PM

Aww, c'mon. D would want to know. I am genuinely curious.
Don't be so touchy. I was just trying to lighten the mood. If you don't tell me, my retarded imagination is going to run wild and come up with a story which will explain why you lost your sense of humor. Like, you got probed too hard where the sun don't shine it actually hit the roof of your skull. Or something like that.
Post it here because after a while it becomes tiring to you and your family trying to convince them and yourself it actually happened. You can never get something off your chest too often.
That goes for you also, D. What do they want? Are they jailors, rescuers or what? Are they looking for something or did they lose something?

Robert L. Sharp
2/25/2004 2:51:19 PM

Mr Retard:
If I have had a steel rod or probe shoved up my ass all the way to my eyeballs,
I don't find anything too humerous about it. I really do take this seriously.
And the men I was with when we saw the flying saucer, were very good friends of mine, and no one was taking a dump except for us when we saw it.

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