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2/29/2004 7:33:46 PM

By the way those "lines" I was talking about - I took a piece of cotton thread and streched it over thirty feet og ordinance survey map and it intersected each "event" exactly.

Have you any questions at this point before I go on?

Robert L. Sharp
2/29/2004 7:51:31 PM

Please continue. This is very interesting.

2/29/2004 8:09:06 PM

Another situation was one where I was travelling home from work. I always travelled back on the same route and knew the exact time I would get to places on it. One night I travelled this route and found myself being lifted out of the car whilst I was travelling along. Then I went back into my seat and continued up the road. Usually there are people about at that place / time. Nobody was about and the place was strangely quiet. I had a growing aprehension as I went further up the road until it grew unbearable. Then as I moved away from this spot / particular house the feeling subsided.

I got home and told my Wife about this event. A week later the local newspaper was put through the door. On the front page was an article about a woman who had seen a UFO from her window. The date was the same as my event. In fact it was in the same road. I went to see this woman. It turned out to be the house which I hadh a strong vibe. In fact she saw the UFO at the exact time I came past the house!!!!! A week later I had three UFO spherical silver balls fly over my house in broad daylight. They were photographed and maany people saw them.

rThis will be my last posting today.

Put down some questions and i will have another go tomorrow.

Mr. Retard
3/1/2004 10:01:58 AM


Where was the ET when you were checking it out? Was there an encounter? Was it unmanned? How did it leave? Do you still have it hidden away in your mountain retreat?

Good luck with the regression if you go ahead with it. I have unsolicited advice however. Take someone who is not related with you as an observer. A good friend who doesn't have a clue about what you allege is happening to you. Ask him for that huge favor. If it turns out the grays have messed with someone else in your family, do not disclose it but ask him to go to regression. Tell him its just a random sampling your hypnotist suggested. Then you and your other friend observe also. Make it as objective as possible. If both your recollections are similar and not led on by the hypnotist then there might actually be something there. Then share it with us.

If there is anything to the cattle mutilation, its not covert gov't action thats for sure. Absence of tracks yet the carcass is left there like an open invitation? Maybe they were testing for something that devastated their home and are leaving them as clues and warnings? Could it have something to do with mad cow or prions? Crop circles? Are they telling us to just eat crops or feed the cattle just crops? Are crop circles stamps of their approval?

I don't buy the eventual takeover scenario. It is my opinion these beings have been around at least since the Sumerians. Why didn't they just take over the primitives back then especially if they are not even mammals like us which is the most likely? Why wait until we could put up a resistance to their technology? It just doesn't make sense does it?

3/1/2004 11:34:36 AM

Dear MR Retard I did not say that the military caused the sheep mutilation only that they followed up on it! Yes of course the UFO caused the mutilation not the military. Please be a bit more careful in your reading of my comments.

All the best

3/1/2004 8:52:12 PM

Robert, Joseph and Retard...and anyone else,

the previous posting of mine, quote below, is incorrect:

'One night several years ago we had to drive into the country to pick someone up and she said she saw a ufo which changed shape. Even I didn't believe that she witnessed it at the time, although I didn't say so - it seemed all too easy if you know what I mean. She looks out the back of the car and an object with coloured lights changes to a star shape. She swears by it, I now believe that anything is possible but I am now banned from discussing the topic. '

But what I"m about to tell you IS the truth as I know it: My daughter is currently visiting me and was in the house when I posted the above account - as I had recalled it!

Now I'm definitely not a debunker so I would like everyone to understand how my account and hers (to follow) are not in sync. Remember that I haven't been allowed to discuss the ufo issue with her, 'not one word' I was instructed. After the posting I ventured to raise the issue of this forum and let her know I was sharing her story as a direct result of Robert's suggestion to include children.

To my surprise she was open to the discussion and I even invited her to participate on this forum but she wasn't that_ open. I related the event above and she corrected me, getting upset in the process. The reason for this is because, hate to admit it, I DID NOT give her the support she required after her sighting. I was still in some form of denial myself and unable to surface to consciousness with events involving me, let alone what I thought was a child attempting to please her mum.

Here is her version of that singular_ event: We drove out into the country on a deserted country road, very late at night. It was a relatively moon lit night. For some reason she was in the back seat - unusual in itself. Maybe she had a blanket as we were driving to pick someone up and that person would take the front passenger seat.

She looked out the driver's side back window and saw a 'gun metal, cigar-shaped object' close to the horizon, above a silhouette of a hill. It altered shape from cigar-shape to a smaller oval and back again a few times, and quite quickly, as she watched. I didn't provide her with the support she required so she, age approx 11, went to her school library in search of answers and found the 'exact one in a ufo book in the library'. So she confirmed the sighting for herself.

Yesterday, as a result of this forum, we discussed the entire topic at length and she admits she firmly believes in ufo's and that they are here. She then told me things related to premonitory dreams and a particular house we lived in. As I write this I'm stopping to question her. She said she has no conscious recollection of contact but understands that it's possible that 'her brain' won't let her remember. She has told 'them' that she is not ready (something I did 32 years ago) but occasionally senses a presence and feels afraid.

I know her birth is intricately tied up with them. I know my son witnessed a landed ufo in 1975 and appears to have had contact from an early age.


Robert L. Sharp
3/1/2004 10:16:43 PM

I hope I didn't open up a can of worms in some way. In no way would I tell anyone
else what to do as far as family goes. I only stated that my family doesn't know much
about UFOs and abductions, as they are not very interested in this, or they don't
believe in it, or it is a subject we haven't all discussed too openly. All of my family
knows of my great interest in the subject. I think my wife and three of my daughters
all know I believe in UFOs and abductions, but I haven't talked too openly with them.
My oldest daughter is the most receptive of it all. She suspects I may have some
abduction experiences, simply because I have been able to talk with her, and her
boyfriend about it. I recently told my oldest daughter and my wife that I was in contact
with a reputable UFO and abduction investigator, and that he had emailed me on a
couple of occasions. The next step is regressive hypnosis. Only my wife and oldest
daughter know of this. The other three daughters know nothing of it as of yet.

I also stated I didn't know if I would reveal to them the outcome of it all. If I find out my
family is involved somehow, I don't know right now if I would tell them or not. This is
the hardest part of it. If I do the hypnosis, I believe it will be done without any of the
family members present. At least for the first time. I have so many sleep paralysis
episodes, and missing times on a couple of occasions, that it will probably take a
whole series of meetings to unfold all of the mystery. This could drag on for months.
If any family members are present at the sessions, and something bizarre and terrifying
and horrifying comes out that shows they might be involved also, it might be way too
much for them. The investigator told me that it may be best if they don't know, and to go
on with life, meaning them, and for me to do this on my own. I have told this man that
I am strong enough to know the truth, no matter what. I will have to live with it.

I was also told that great things may come about, after the hypnosis reveals the truth
to me. I was also told that some NOT so great things may happen to me. I may find out
things that would involve the future for me. I won't elaborate on that. I don't mean I am
going to time travel and pretend to know or predict the future like some people in this
forum claim. I mean, I may find out for myself personally, that the Aliens have a job or
something I am going to be involved with in the future, that brings the Aliens and me
together again, out in the open, not hidden and under their spell. I will knowingly and
openly and willfully do what I am told. This is really scary to me. I can handle knowing
I have been abducted, or even experimented on, as I am still alive and well, and have
no long term ill effects from it, at least I don't think I do. If I were to find out I was going
to help them with some sort of sinister agenda against my own fellow Earthlings, I
can't handle that.

I know this all sounds crazy as hell to some people, and I don't blame them for thinking
that way. I just know in my heart that this planet has some scary things going on, and
I am somehow involved in it. I don't mind helping Aliens with things that are for the good,
I just don't want to be involved in any way that would harm our planet, or our people.
I am a firm believer, that this planet will find out the full truth in just the next year. Don't
ask me how I know, I just do.

3/2/2004 2:29:20 AM

Robert, Joseph, Retard etc.

It was good to hear from Mr Retard without the offensive language and bantering that might be more useful in some other level of existence. To be honest and hopefully not so paranoid, I don't know...do I?...that you are ALL not the same person, or the moderator. What I do know is that it isn't necessary for you to continue the verbal abuse, it could well be a deterrent to any newcomer who genuinely requires some intelligent debate/support. We all know how to spell 'ass' and this isn't highschool guys, so let's raise the standards and move on.

I agree with Retard (could_ you supply us with another name?) that these beings appear to have been around since the Sumerians. I question whether, as the Raelians understand it, they are our creators?????

I have great empathy with Joseph's experience of being taken while driving... have 3 conscious recollections of this type of experience. I understand the synchronicity in your experiences and this is not unusual to me. My only question is: why me?

While I'm totally terrified sometimes I don't get a sense of them taking over the world. I also don't feel that I have any malicious intent myself. I'm more afraid of the leaders of organised religion than I am of these beings. Organised religion can be big business.

Robert, take a logical look at the technology exhibited by et to date and wouldn't it be more likely that they have the capacity to have already done so? They could paralyse the finger that is about to press the nuclear button couldn't they? Or abduct world leaders?

In all seriousness, being an ignorant layperson I realise that there has to be a level of knowledge within a hierarchical group - and whether that precludes government I wouldn't know - that has understanding of what is really happening.

Robert, it did open a can of worms. I don't suggest to anyone that this issue be discussed until and unless someone makes the request for understanding.

Are these experiences stored at a subconscious level? How does screen memory work to disguise reality? It isn't just 'I thought I saw an owl but it was really et'... it's as if a lid was placed over a portion of one's memory banks. Better that person chooses when to begin lifting the lid.

I've had a strong affinity with ancient Egypt since an early age and have felt there was a strong connection well before it became a popularised source of inspiration. Any comments??


3/2/2004 3:22:46 AM


Doesn't your post on the General Discussion link, copied below, contradict what you are saying above - that you now think they have some bad intent?

"2/7/2004 8:02:13 PM

Don't you think that the Aliens visiting our Earth are shaking their heads in
disbelief at the waring nature of this planet? Do you think they are going to
want to befriend us with our simpleton attitudes about the seriousness of
life? That we are a bunch of blood thirsty, war-monging heathens? I believe
one of the main reasons they won't actually make full contact with us, and
mingle with us on a peaceful nature, is because we don't have a peaceful
nature. If I was in their shoes, and could travel to a planet somewhere in the
universe, and could look down at a killing blood thirsty population, I think I would
keep on a' truckin and find something else. Until this planet cleans up its act, I
don't believe contact will occur for a long time. By that time, this planet will be
so polluted and destroyed by all of us peaceful beings that live here, they will
also look for another place to park their hat. Know what I mean, vernalene?

Would appreciate your comment or explanation.


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