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2/26/2004 10:06:43 AM

New to this forum so let me lay down a ground rule. I will only converse with people conducting a proper conversation.They don't have to agree with my point of view- but no piss-takers please.

Oh bye the way "hi"

2/26/2004 10:06:48 AM

New to this forum so let me lay down a ground rule. I will only converse with people conducting a proper conversation.They don't have to agree with my point of view- but no piss-takers please.

Oh bye the way "hi"

2/29/2004 1:48:11 PM


Thanks for reiterating your experiences, I appreciate the effort. By now I think you know I'm genuine, but I made a mistake with Mr Retard - whose style
is strikingly familiar with another regular on this forum - but I agree with Josephj and let's not waste further time.

Interestingly Robert, out of my immediate family my mother is more inclined to believe me than anyone else. I guess she trusts my integrity and knows that I wouldn't be so intense about these experiences if there were not some solid base of truth. After all, there are so many wonderful things to do and experience on the planet without having to resort to fantasy.

Without going into too great detail on children I will just say that there has been great interest in the subject then disbelief due to fear. I am not allowed to even say the words ufo or et to one of my children - I remember one day she was crying and said it was because she knows it is real. One night several years ago we had to drive into the country to pick someone up and she said she saw a ufo which changed shape. Even I didn't believe that she witnessed it at the time, although I didn't say so - it seemed all too easy if you know what I mean. She looks out the back of the car and an object with coloured lights changes to a star shape. She swears by it, I now believe that anything is possible but I am now banned from discussing the topic.

Two of my children were witnesses to my returning from a ufo conference, walking in the door and the smoke alarm activating within a few minutes - no smoke or fire around.
The daughter mentioned above was sleeping in my room one night due to guests in the house, the next morning I mentioned activity/strange voice in the room overnight - she asked if I had heard the smoke alarm go off during the night. I hadn't and it was located in the hallway directly outside my bedroom door. Needless to say the guests were totally freaked and there was an alteration to sleeping arrangements to better suit for the next night.

ps on that one: the smoke alarm only activated on approx one other occasion over a seven year period, due to burnt toast or something.

The child who witnessed the landed ufo in 1975 has recently told me about another childhood experience and at the time of telling believed it was et contact. We have both, also recently, had a dream of being in a strange landscape. I didn't tell him my dream because I didn't associate it with contact but on hearing his dream the description of the buildings is too similar to ignore. He now alternates between affirming his experiences to disbelief - the state I was in several years ago.

I'm sidelined on this issue by my children, who would no doubt prefer I totally dropped the topic and moved on but, as you know, this is now impossible. The rest of my family feel the same way - but if you took everyone aside and they were perfectly honest they would admit to believing.

It's just not so important in their lives and I can only understand this in the context of fear.

I would like to undergo regression hypnotherapy as well but would only consider it in a controlled environment with witnesses.

A question for anyone reading this: what do you think they actually want, need or are taking from us?


Robert L. Sharp
2/29/2004 3:06:45 PM

Your experiences are very interesting. I don't think it takes a brain surgeon to
figure out what is happening to you and other members of your family, as scary
as that may sound. My wife and daughters don't really have much interest in the
subject of UFOs or abductions, and I am not really sure if they even believe in
visitors to this planet. My oldest daughter is probably the most receptive to all of
this, as she and her boyfriend will at least listen to me when I talk about various
things, and they have read a couple of books on the subject only recently.

When the day comes to try the regressive hypnosis, I am curious to find out
what has happened to me obviously, but if I find out that other members of my
family have been involved also, I am not sure how I will handle that, or at least
I am not sure if they can handle it at all. If I do the hypnosis thingie, I will probably
do this with no family members present. If I do find out they are involved, I don't
know if I will keep it from them, or try to find a way to reveal this to them. I may
choose to say nothing at all, and live with what I may find out. I just don't know!

And as far as what they are doing here, and what they are doing with us, this is
my guess. At first, I believe they were here to just experiment with us, study us,
examine us and find out what makes us tick, and what we are made of. As time
went on, I believe much more sinister things unfolded. After they found out our
DNA is a close match, or maybe perfect matches, they went on to create HYBRIDS.
Possibly to repopulate a planet that has some serious problems, or to create a
race of people for our own planet. What that reason is, I don't know, except I have
a feeling that they could have ideas of completely taking over this planet sometime in
the future using these lab made creations. There will be so many of them, and they
will be dispersed into the general population slowly and methodically, so that we
won't even notice it until it is way too late. If you have read as many accounts of
abductions as I have, with the taking of eggs and sperm from Earthlings, then it is
fairly obvious what they are doing. I used to believe it would be a good thing to
have all of this UFO stuff revealed to us, and that it would be good for us,
knowing they would somehow help us with our environment, pollution, help us get
rid of nuclear destruction possibilities, help us with medicine and technology, but I
don't think that way anymore. I am convinced they are here for not good things at
all. I have thought for a time now, that this is one of the reasons all of this is being
hidden from us by the government. Our government knows what is going on, and they
can't do a damn thing about it. They also could be in cahoots with them for exchange
of technology, weapons advancement, and other evil things that they definitely don't
want us to know about. This is all a guess of course, as I don't have in's with anyone
of high authority. I only know of my experiences in the vast amount of sightings I have
had, and the fact that I am positive they (the aliens) have experimented with me.
It is possible that the people that have been abducted, are somehow to be used by
them in the future, whatever that purpose may be. Just my guess, and it makes me
feel a bit queasey to say the least.

Robert L. Sharp
2/29/2004 3:34:40 PM

I am certainly glad a newcomer has layed the ground rules for us all.
Have a great "piss-taking" day.

2/29/2004 5:47:36 PM

I am sorry if I was a bit blunt the other day but I am fed up with idiots clogging up the forums.

Anyway let me tell you a little bit about meo. I am a life long experiencer. I have had three other members of my family who have seen / interacted with ETs. I also have documents that prove that the military have direct interest in the UFO phenomenon relating to my family. There is a direct link between the animal mutialation senario and the military in collusion with ETs. I have evidence for this.

Robert L. Sharp
2/29/2004 6:31:04 PM

You are right about that. I have been to a lot of forums, and there are a lot of
loonies out there. I would like to hear more of your experiences. I know that what
you stated about the military is true, and may involve a lot more than that.
I have been experiencing for 46 years myself, and I know there are millions
of others in the world. Would you like to reveal more about what you know?

2/29/2004 7:01:25 PM

Sure. After a majoer"event" that I had with ETs in 1998 I had what can only be described as a pychic upgrade. I found that I was ablle to locate people - a sort of remote viewing.This was done by gaining an impression of a person{s} feelings to an event they had I had to trudge through the countryside in order to locate people / things. (I could not locate from co-ordinate - to analytical ). Anyway the RV only seemed to work on UFO related events. I had many successes and found out many surprising things.i

2/29/2004 7:15:58 PM

One occasion stands out in my mind. I knew that there had been a sheep mutulation vent , on a farm in North Oxfordshire, England. This was some distance from where I live . I knew that a Granfather / grandson had seen the UFO over the farm. Thats all I knew so I concentrated very hard on their emotion to the event. I located the farm needless to say even though it was one of thirty farms in the neibourhood. When I arrived at the farm I was wearing camo gear like the military. The farmer came out to meet me and even though I uttured not a word at first he started to come out with all sorts of things. You see he thought I was military!!! He said that they had done all they could to help the military in connection with the UFO and that they had handed over allk the sheep mutulations. Why was I coming back too haress them when the military had been to the farm only a couple of hours before!! Then he sussed that I was not in fact the military at all!!!

That was just one of many RV events on a vibe 19998 - 2000.

2/29/2004 7:24:50 PM

I had many RV situations on vibes. Over the course of two years I had about twenty of them. Then It dawned on me that they were all on exact co-ordinates of longitude and latitude. One line running west / east across southern England and another SW / NE intersecting the first at a place in Wiltshire. It was here that I did aCSETI experiment in conjunction with other experiencers. That night was bizarre. Anyway what happened was that it was the night the last crop circle for the millenium occured - in Wiltshire. It was also the same symbol that featured on a document written in 1971 ( connected to my original UFO event},

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