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Robert L. Sharp
12/1/2003 7:33:21 PM

Do we represent the ENTIRE universe?

Hello to all that believe!
I for one have been fortunate or UNfortunate to have witnessed many, many UFO's in my lifetime, starting from the time I was 12 years old. I am 58 now. I have always been bewildered at WHY ME? I have experienced the so called sleep paralysis a number of times, have had a lost time incident, have developed psychic abilities, and the list goes on. Just today, I sent an 8 page letter to Mr. Budd Hopkins at the Intruders Foundation in New York, describing in detail the odd and bazarre happenings throughout my life. I only wish to have someone shed a little light on what in the world is happening to me. I am not a kook or crackpot that is looking for publicity in any way, shape or form.
My mind is consumed with the thoughts of all of this activity that is being thrown at me for some reason.
I can't remember the name of the scientist or astronomer who tried to estimate the number of places in the universe that could possibly be inhabited by living, intelligent persons. I say persons, because that is probably just what they are. Granted, they may be odd looking to us, but I am sure they wouldn't be extremely overjoyed at our appearance either. If one takes into account the vast number of Galaxies, which is probably in the billions or even trillions, and then realize that each contain millions or even billions of stars and planets, there has to be at least ONE little rock out there that could harbor people. Are we to believe that the planet Earth actually represents the entire universe, because of the ones that say that we are alone, and God or a higher being created all of this, and earth is the ONLY place that has life?? I personally believe that there are millions of rocks out there that have intelligent life. Way intelligent. If there are people that believe we are IT, then I believe the universe is in deep stinky stuff. And if we indeed are not alone, then I can see why our visitors to Earth don't want to outwardly have much to do with us. Take a long serious look around this place. Everything is polluted almost to the max. Our air, water, food and on and on. We have created a monster that is named Nuclear. There are enough nukies to destroy the entire Earth a couple of hundred times. We are a terribly vicious, vindictive, malevolent, mean, angry, hateful, racist planet. Who would want to invite the planet Earth to join in any type of Confederation of Planets if there is indeed one that exists. Who would want someone next to them that would bite their head off if they looked at them wrong? Why do we go to war with other human beings to kill them stone cold dead, just because we don't like their politics, color, religion, or what they eat for din din.
I am actually hoping for the day that an extremely large herd of Aliens will swoop down on this crusty rock and slap us all around a little bit to get our attention.
I believe the main reason our Government won't disclose the truth to the non-believers, and beleivers alike, is that they would have to admit that our airspaces can be violated without us being able to do anything about it. After all, we are the powerful ones here on Earth that can waltz into any spot on Earth, and show the rest of the folks that we aren't to be messed with. Ask the guys on the deck of 55 cards. Must be extra jokers in this deck. Like I said earlier, I'm 58 years old, and I wish something would be disclosed before they stuff me in a cold box in the ground. THANKS TO ALL!! EYES TO THE SKY!!

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subject: Do we represent the ENTIRE universe?

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1/5/2004 1:07:47 PM

There can be no way in the vast unknowable universes that the constantly miserable and crisis centric Human Being collectively 'represents' the entire Universe! and thank the stars that we don't! This alone assures one that perhaps there is true order to the universe after all-because no really intelligent being or creator would put the Human Being in charge of anything, except maybe their own self-perpetuating hatred and chaos which is so easily attained mostly at the huge expense their OWN SPECIES!
The only thing that et's could possibly learn from Humans is WHAT NOT TO DO.
I am sure that lesson has been mastered already.

Et's will not save humanity from its ever blackening mud puddle. But, by some accounts, et's have been willing to warn humanity, directly or through human beings.
Once humans started screwing around in space, their interest perked up rapidly-and well it should. Collectively, the Human Species simply cannot be trusted to respect their fellow species, planet Earth or any other life for that matter, here or in space. We have not earned our cosmic 'wings' mechanical or otherwise.
We continue to behave like power addicted rogues and then expect everyone else to play fair with us - that is not the way the Law of Cause and Effect works, humanity.

1/12/2004 11:37:25 PM


Scott Johansen
1/13/2004 12:05:52 AM

very well said. It is sad that our race may not ever survive itself much less have a potential to infect the rest of the universe. And you are right it only makes sense that when we were making our attempts to reach the heavens Nebuchanezzar style that they would express a concern. Also is it possible you think that if an advanced species of beings that has mastered governing dynamics algerythyms of a species,and are mathematically advanced enough that they would be able to calculate the possible self destruction of a species and have motives of either pre-reconasence or prevention. We as a species have harnessed the power of the sun in order to destroy life on this earth five times over, whereas they have possibly harnessed it to perpetuate life.I personally think that mankind has the nightmarish potential to be known as the experiment that went bad. WE NEED INTERVENTION like a suicidal man needs counseling.

  Replies 1 - 3 (out of 3 total)

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