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6/7/2006 7:31:36 AM

The Condon Report Conclusion

The Conclusion to the Condon Committee Report stated that no scientific knowledge had came from the study of UFOs.

This is very interesting, considering that even big-time ufologists like Dr. J. Allen Hynek were on the Committee. Even if UFOs weren't real, Project Blue Book has certainly learned how people responed to unexplained situations. In "THE EDGE OF REALITY" Hynek mentions how the Air Force intentionaly flew an unusual plane with strange flashing lights in a public area at night to see how people would respond. It turned out that people reported a UFO as would be expected. All of the details were mostly the same, exept for most people mixed up the color of the lights. You can't say that isn't scientific knowledge?

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subject: The Condon Report Conclusion

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6/7/2006 7:59:58 AM

Condon's conclusion, really, wasn't a surprise. The Air Force had long wanted to rid
itself of investigating 'flying saucers' (at least openly), and commissioning the Condon
study would serve as the perfect vehicle to do just that.. so, in that one respect,
I'd consider Condon's approach to be an absolute joke.

And the Condon Report has been repeatedly used as the basis for undermining the
UFO issue ever since. No mistake about that.

Most people aren't aware (and probably don't care), that Condon himself was
predisposed, many many months before the study was concluded. He was quoted
as saying something to the effect (my wording isn't exact here), that there wasn't
anything to the ufo issue but I'm not supposed to arrive at a conclusion for another
x number of months yet..

Reading the entire report is pretty difficult, so unless you really dig for some good
case examples, it's kinda tiring.. you get the impression that all reports were
satisfactorily explained. But take the McMinnville case (Trent photographs), for
example. Even those who investigated this case were inclined to believe that some
metallic object of unknown origin flew within sight of the witnesses.

Of course, you won't find the slightest references to this sort of thing in Condon's
formal conclusion.. that's all that the media took interest in.. his conclusion.

I believe that most of the panel investigators did attempt to look at various cases in a
somewhat thorough fashion, but in the overall scheme of things, the outcome of
the Condon study was already predetermined. It was nothing more than a
formality that was used to pacify the public and to get the issue off the Air Force's
back. It worked.


1/9/2008 7:14:26 PM

The comdom report is just that , full of bull , bull and more bull.

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