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2/25/2004 6:38:32 PM

MasFrank Meteorite, Spaceslag...scientific evidence of Extraterrestrial Mining

I have a website dedicated to inform the public of scientific evidence of Extraterrestrial mining activity being done within our Solar System, www.spaceslag.com
The MasFrank Meteorite, Spaceslag, has been scientifically proven to be both a manufactured piece of metallic slag material and a meteorite with a cosmic exposure age of between one and ten Million years in space. This manufactured material
was found as a meteorite. Its unique and Extraterrestrial origin was determined by various testing including Pixe, Raman, Xrd, 26Al gamma counts, INAA.
It was examined by various scientists. Their conclusion, the MasFrank Meteorite,
is manufactured slag, and this slag happens to have been in space for well over
one Million years. This staggering contradiction of manufactured slag from outer space from over one Million years ago definitively proves Extraterrestrial mining activity
within our Solar System, including our planet Earth.
Never before have we had evidence of manufactured Extraterrestrial material
pre- dating mankind's existence, and originating from outer space.
Cosmogenic science has proved this.
Please look at www.spaceslag.com and decide for yourself. We are not alone.

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6/20/2004 10:48:33 PM

If this were true, scientists throughout the world would be proclaiming it. It would be all over the news, conspiracy or not.

The fact is, to this date there is no clear evidence of extraterrestrial powered UFOs... much less their mining habits.

William Fox
2/9/2006 10:11:43 PM

I am the president of a society at Wittenberg University, in Springfield OH. The Society for Extraordinary Phenomena. If anyone is interested in other sources of information apropos the UFO and Abduction Phenomena, as well as other aspects of the paranormal, you are welcome to visit the site and post on our forum. We are a group of professors and students with an academic interest in such phenomena. the website forum is:
-William Fox

7/27/2008 9:11:27 AM

"If this were true, scientists throughout the world would be proclaiming it. It would be all over the news, conspiracy or not. "

The Zhor have warned me that human, my own kind are quite a primitive minded race. That we are completely incapable of observing the true reality due to our fears and misconceptions. Your misconception is the fact that you believe that everyone would be interested in this event. You believe world media news agencies would try to pick into this story and spread to everyone across the globe and that countries and private interest groups would fund science agencies to take and investigation in it to learn and understand as much as they can. Unfortunately, you are quite naive. The people who control our governments would never want such information to be leaked. They do not want their power structure to be jeopardize and it would be jeopardize if we knew the truth about ourselves and this world. The real reason behind all these cover-ups and conspiracies isn't to protect us so much as to protect themselves from us. You see one of the components necessary to govern is the legitimacy behind your power and authority. Long ago we had the divine right of kings. Now we have democracy and the believe that this world belongs to our species since we live here and have absolutely no recollection of this world belonging to anyone else. We don't see these true landowners of our world, so we assume that since we are alone on this planet and since we are the most advance species in terms of being able to conceive our own identity which is absent in all other walks of life that this planet rightfully belongs to ourselves. Knowwing that the planet rightfully belongs to ourselves the principles of democracy can be used to determine who rightfully should govern over us and if there was a sort of flaw behind democracy that allows the never-ending rule of large, wealthy, and powerful families and/or groups then certainly these individuals that govern over us will be able to maintain their status and power, because there is by no means aside from an extraterrestrial invasion or the conquest brought forth from a neighboring state that they will be removed from the permanent position of power they have constructed by networking ties with other powerful individuals and the enormous wealth they have in influencing us to vote and participate as they see fit. We live in a very corrupt and evil society of extremely primitive minded creatures that happen to be ourselves.

What we need is guidance from a successful species, one that has brought forth a government that isn't corrupt and is a society full of trust and benevolence. When people become more aware of this reality and the fact that there is such a species that has been watching over us, but can't simply offer help to us unless we decide to want that help. They have taken many liberties to present themselves to us in the hopes that our people will want their help and invite them into our society. These are moral implications from their beliefs that hinders them from taking any aggressive action of simply just coming here on their own.

Also if you must know, they did arrive on the white house lawn in the past. It happened in the 1950's during President Truman's time in office. The Zhor empire situated a private meeting with the president. It was in secret, the arrival they took wasn't and couldn't have been noticed by anyone else. There was no sound, their was no lights to let people know that they had arrived. They didn't want to make so much commotion as it may alarm us and make us panic. Instead, they decided to come during the night in a craft designed to perfectly infiltrate our airspace onto the grounds belonging to our national government's head of state. And then by using other unique features from their advance technology they simply arrived into the office of the President while he was still at work with reviewing some of the legislation made by the two houses of congress. They then had their little meeting with him. It would only take two Zhor individuals to make such an interplanetary meeting with any political leader, one zhor to do the actual meeting it self and the other as backup incase trouble should occur.

I believe the meeting was intended to discuss the matter concerning the use of nuclear weapons. The Zhor offer a warning to the president that if he should engage with the Soviets or any other country that it would devastating to the people of his country and to the entire world. They then told him the truth about this world and who really holds to true authority over our species. This knowledge he was given was passed down to his political successors (Eisenhower and later Kennedy) and to certain individuals that hold an importance to evaluating this information. The time of which a political leader from our own country holding full authority over the matter concerning extraterrestrials unfortunately ended with JFK's assassination, which left the white house pretty much occupied by individuals that hold limited information the subject yet held political supremacy for the time being (Johnson, Nixon, Carter, and perhaps Clinton), by individuals that were later put into office simply to act as a face behind those who truly held knowledge of this reality (Reagan, H.W. Bush, and W. Bush).

Those who currently hold true power over our nation are probably just Senators, Representatives, Business Owner Executives, and heads of highly influencial families.

The fact is, to this date there is no clear evidence of extraterrestrial powered UFOs... much less their mining habits. [/quote]

Oh I assure you there is evidence, true evidence about the activities of these extraterrestrials just that you won't be able to get your hands on it.

Fortunate for our species, the Empress of the Zhor Empire made a marker in the time table concerning the limited autonomy of human beings. That period will expire and the Zhor empire will intervene with our society regardless of how we feel on the matter come 2012. She is tired of the stubborness of those influencial individuals holding information that could easily insure our survival and the end to suffering for hundreds of individuals that have cancer, aids, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease. So come 2012, like it or not, we will have those diseases cured, not treated, cured.

8/3/2008 5:33:08 AM

i must have a short word to you all here. i live in a mining town population 26,000, now because of the mining boom we are about to reach the 50,000 mark.
we mine silver lead and zinc we are an area that has a great amount of uranium phelspa and other minerals that are used in in space craft etc, we also have a huge amount of gemstones and a huge amount of garnets saphires etc.
we have a very large contingent of mines in this district, recently one of the largest mines we have here held a dinner and we were discussing different topics and it come to the discussion of ufo's.
one of the gentlemen was the managing director of this mine and other mines
(as we in australia call it)THE BUSH, the bush is miles and miles of country that is desert,they were here to inspect their mines and to see how production was going, one of the local people asked this man and others that were with him had they seen anything at night out there, he said you have to see it to believe it the amount of flying craft that cannot be explained flying around the mines . they had been warned by management not to repeat what they saw out there as no one would believe them anyway. some days they would find a vein of gold and go out the next night it would be gone, no mining had taken place at that time and no explanation could be given on where and who had taken it.
huge dams full of water used for mining would disappear over night and no explanation could be given .
so yes they definatly mine and yes they do have technology to extract from the earth, lazer lights have been seen comming from these craft.

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