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1/1/2004 10:41:39 PM

Reality of UFOs

I am currently 55 years old and hold a Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Michigan, think I am a reasonably intelligent and rational person. I am a licensed psychologist but am currently employed as an educational administrator. I also belong to MUFON and have a small library on UFOs.

My interest in UFOs dates back to 1969. On a clear night, driving alone at approximately 9:00 pm in a semi-rural part of Long Island, NY, I noticed a peculiar object above my car, pulled over and got out. Somewhat above the tree tops (maybe 100-125 feet above me) there was a amorphous object, perhaps 40 feet in diameter, "floating" very slowly, and having something in the vicinity of 20-25 colored lights. At least some of the lights were focused down in circumscribed beams that seemed more solid than incandescent. The object made no sound. It was difficult for me to discern a clear outline or shape of the object, which appeared to be camouflaged in some way, hard to tell where the sky left off and it began.

I watched this object for approximately one minute. It "drifted" from above me, across the road, and disappeared beyond some trees. I was not shaken, but perplexed and dazed by this experience. I went to see some friends at a bar, and since they had been there awhile they laughed at me. When I told my mother about it the next day, she was incredulous.

One of the stranger aspects of this experience is that in some respects, I "forgot" about it. For over 20 years, it did not seem unusual, although I told very few people about it. Things changed soon after I turned 40. The full force of the experience hit me, and for two or three years I was obsessed with UFOs and ufology, trying to learn what I had witnessed years earlier. I have come to accept the fact that I will probably never know exactly what I saw, but keep up with news about sightings.

Now, I do not claim to have seen aliens, or even an extra-terrestrial vehicle; but I do know that whatever I saw, I have seen nothing like it since. I have ruled out every conventional object that it might have been, including balloons, blimps, helicopters, etc. I suspect that the object was other-worldly or perhaps, extra-dimensional.

I do resent people who dismiss UFOs wholesale, and wonder what attracts them to discussion groups such as this one. At this point, I do not think anyone has proof that UFOs (whatever they are) exist, but the converse is also true: no one has proof that they don't! In the meantime, there is sufficient reason to suspect that something odd is "out there," and for further inquiry.

In closing, I would like to add that as a psychologist, I have read several studies concerned with UFO witnesses, "abductees," etc., although it is also true that I have never treated someone who had been traumatized by some UFO-related experience. The studies I have read indicate that UFO witnesses are average people, with the same hang-ups, problems and neuroses that non-witnesses have. So, claims that UFO witnesses, believers, etc., are "crazy" are unfounded.

I appreciate what I have seen of this site, and will visit from time to time.

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1/4/2004 11:26:11 AM

Thanks for your account. You are one of thousands of us who have witnessed technology that we know is not man-man. I believe earth is being used as a supply stop and probably is part of a route that ufo's travel throughout the universe. I get so bored with debunkers. They have nothing to offer. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.


Robert L. Sharp
1/4/2004 12:02:40 PM

HI HighHorse:
If you have read any of the replies in this forum, you would have noticed that
I have seen and experienced many unworldly things in my life. At least that is
how they appear to me. I am one that is a confirmed believer in other life.

I get a little annoyed at some of the debunkers also, especially when they
viciously attack me on a personal basis. However, when you say they have
absolutely nothing to offer, I don't believe that is a fair thing to say. This is a
forum where we can all express our views, no matter how absurd they may
come across to others. I don't understand all of the name calling in here. It is
like if we don't get our way somehow, we have to go off on some extended
tirade against anyone that has a different view on the subjects.

I feel, the only way we can ALL learn, is to listen with open ears, all sides of
the debate, whether we like it or not. We can then form our own opinion, if
we don't already have one. Again, I am a confirmed believer of Aliens, UFO's,
Extraterrestrial thingies, and otherworldly phenomenon, but I will always be
willing to listen to the other side. It only opens up my mind personally, and, I may
be able to learn something in the process.
Robert L. Sharp

1/4/2004 2:17:41 PM

You are very generous Robert. I don't have patience with debunkers because I know the ufo I witnessed was real and superior alien technology exists. I have a suggestion for all the negative debunkers whom I suspect are really cowards: Why don't you spend as much effort in trying to speculate or wonder "how" the thousands of ufo sightings can be real.

Or better yet, why don't all the debunkers address the astounding number of sightings as a "strange phenomenon" in and of itself? Really, all you naysayers!! Here is something concrete for you to work with. You courageous debunkers know that thousands of respected citizens on this planet claim to have seen, photographed, or interacted with aliens. That is worthy of your study - don't you think? Instead of running off at the mouth questioning thousands of ufo witnesses' sanity, why not explain something that is happening right here in front of you?????

If you are not a part of the solution, then you are part of the problem....

Robert L. Sharp
1/4/2004 2:43:26 PM

Thank you for saying I'm generous. I have witnessed many, many UFO's and
have experienced other things that would frighten most people out of their wits,
but, I will always listen to what other prople say about the subject. I don't like
being dubunked at all by folks that have never seen or experienced. I have NO
idea why I may have been "singled out" to see and observe, while others never
have or never will probably. I am just trying to be open-minded about all of this, however, my beliefs will never change. I know without a doubt that this planet
is being visited by other worlds, and has been for possibly hundreds of thousands
or, maybe even millions of years.

It is quite possible, other civilizations sparked life right here on Earth. Oh boy,
the nay-sayers will probably jump on me like a bee on honey. This is just a theory
of my own, but, I have heard other people talk of this possibility. I also believe that
the various visitors to this planet over the eons, have created the different races,
and that we all might have been started elsewhere. What do you think of that?

I believe a lot of the debunkers can't see beyond our own atmosphere. They seem
to think that our Scientific and Physics knowledge, is IT, and nothing else is possible.
However, I also believe that a lot of our laws of Physics and so on, are the same
anywhere in the universe, and we have to learn which is which. That may not happen
for a long time on this planet without the help of "outsiders". I believe the day will come,
and soon, that a lot of our so-called knowledge will get swept out the door.
Robert L. Sharp

1/5/2004 4:33:09 PM

I read your fascinating post almost with incredulity. Like you, I saw something many years ago (in 1977), but "forgot" about it for nineteen years. Not forgot, perhaps, but somehow did'nt recognise it's significance. Also, with a young family to bring up, all my attention was focused on my husband and children. And you use the word "dazed" - that is exactly how we felt following the sighting. The object itself was enormous; maybe 400-500 feet in length, and low, perhaps 800 - 1000 feet up. And another similarity to your sighting here, is that although we were aware this thing was cigar shaped, the outline was "blurred" by what looked like cloud. It was glowing orange, very brightly, as though the sky was on fire; was completely silent, but we were aware of a deep, throbbing hum, and a sort of vibration. And it was absolutely static. I have never seen anything like it before or since, and don't want to. Nor do my family. But I would dearly like to know what it was. It was also witnessed by several people in a nearby town, and there was talk of it for a while locally, then it was forgotten.

You are right when you say there are no answers - well, not at the moment, anyway! But too many people have had experiences of this nature for it to be dismissed out of hand, although there are people who simply stonewall everything. You are right to feel resentful - it's as though we are all being labelled liars, idiots, attention seekers, or worse. But sooner or later, we will have to be told what's going on....

1/5/2004 7:21:00 PM

Thanks for your kind words, Liz. I realized after writing my account that this site also has a place for filing reports, but appreciate your having read mine here. It seems we had similar reactions to our experiences.

For years I went along my way, thinking, "Oh yeah, I saw a UFO once," denying the bizarre aspects of the sighting. I didn't talk much about it, and gave it relatively little thought. I have to admit having been somewhat embarrassed (or afraid) to bring it up in conversation, so maybe that was part of it. But in my early 40's the whole thing came home to roost, like I had a whack on my head!

If I hadn't had a similar experience, it would be hard for me to understand how -you-could go so long putting your sighting on the back-burner: after all, you saw something the size of a battleship! But, having been fuzzy about my sighting for so long, I certainly empathize. Good that both of us came to our senses!

Like you, I would love to know what I saw 'way back when . . . and sometimes, I decidedly think that somehow, all will be revealed. Then, pessimism sets in. Perhaps I'll never know!

Although I am definitely ambivalent about it, I hope that I have the opportunity for a "repeat" sighting. I live near Lake Ontario, and have been lakeside a few times to observe three lights that occasionally hang over the water (and which are decidedly unusual . . . see "Orb Watch" website for details), but somehow those lights just don't cut it! Guess I prefer close up and personal.

1/6/2004 12:56:20 AM

charles, thanks for your account. i'll save my account for perhaps another time, but what i find most interesting about it, besides the detail, is the account of forgetting. my sighting was, though at a distance, a very good one, yet i managed to forget it too for maybe in the range of five years and lay dormant till reawakened during the stress of a difficult episode with a girlfriend. bizarrely, i even managed to write a paper on et life for an astro class which if anything should have been written on that very sighting, and the memory lay unretrieved at that time, in spite of its strong detail.

i first thought what might have driven the memory underground was the shock, but i doubt that now: shock alone doesn't have that effect universally, which to me suggests, odd as it sounds, that there's some paranormal phenomenon going on in some way we don't grasp at this stage, perhaps consistent with accounts of telepathy and the like. moreover i'd had a casual distant interest in them in the 70's, so it's not like the concept a new one. i also recall pretty clearly trying to devise alternative explanations after the fact, and failing.

my own description for debunkers is that for all the utility in skepticism in sieving out the fluff, they're often people who can't see the forest for the trees and dogmatics on an imagined crusade against dogmatism. just read that doc allen's post of four "proofs" against that i could easily skewer, and after three hours talking to another guy elsewhere i find myself asking what's the point. the honest people eventually become converts and therefore no longer credible simply once they've crossed the line. evidence for debunkers is definitionally not evidence in spite of the fact they risk their lives crossing the street on less evidence. i'm grateful for this site and hope to refer to it more in future.

1/6/2004 10:41:48 AM

Hello Charles and Peakquester -
Is'nt it interesting that we all "forgot" our experiences? Not mere coincidence, I think. Like peakquester, my memory was triggered in 1996 when I was having a conversation with my sons. We were talking about when they were younger, and I said "do you remember that huge orange light we saw?" And that set it off - both of them remembered all to clearly, and we began to realise that it had, indeed, been something extraterrestrial.

Charles, if you think back to when you began to remember your experience, do you think something could have triggered your recall of it? This "forgetting" seems to be a pretty common thing.....

Robert L. Sharp
1/6/2004 11:54:35 AM

Hi Liz, Charles and Peakquester:
I would like to relate to you one of my experiences. If you have read the various
replies to some of the subjects, I recently talked with Doc, I believe, about a
Flying Saucer I saw, along with four other men, not a UFO, but a right in our
face Flying Saucer. This occurred in the summer of 1970, outside of the small
town of Byers, Colorado. We were working on an oilwell drilling rig at the time.
My driller, who will remain nameless, along with the other three men, were
on the rig working around 9 PM that night. Off to the South, my driller saw a
very bright light close to the horizon. He jokingly said, "here comes a flying
saucer". This light kept getting closer and closer, traveling at a very slow speed.
As it approached the rig, at about 45 degrees in the sky, and almost to the west
of us by this time, it was indeed a craft right out of a Buck Rogers movie.
It was only about 50 to 100 feet off of the ground, moving at only around 20
MPH. It was metallic silver in color, approximately 30 feet in diameter, and
around 8 to 10 feet tall. On top of this craft was a rounded dome with portholes
around the perimeter. An extremely bright light was emiitted from within. We did
not see any Entities, Aliens OR humans, but we assumed it was "manned".
It was no longer a joke to my driller, or to the rest us. If you look to the top of
this page, you will see six small pictures of flying saucers. The 5th from the
left, or 2nd from the right, is exactly what we saw.

As bright as the light was, coming from the portholes, we still could clearly see
the rounded interior. The amazing thing, besides just seeing it, was the extremely
slow speed it was moving. The stalling speed of even the smallest airplane is
two to three times this speed. It was totally noiseless, no humming, buzzing
or any other noises. No exhaust trail, smoke of evidence of a propulsion system.
We all just stood in awe of what we were witnessing. It slowly moved to the
North and disappeared over the Northern horizon. Approximately two or three
minutes after it disappeared, a formation of three jets came screaming over the
rig moving in the same direction of this craft. These jets had the afterburners on,
and were hauling ass.

After the dust settled, we all went about our work, as if nothing had happened.
We DID talk about it a little bit on the way home at 11 PM, but NONE of us were
excited or freaking out or anything like that. We were all living in a small town in
Western Nebraska, and it was about an hour and a half drive each way to work
each day. This town is a small farming, ranching, oil community. I believe we all
decided to not say much about our sighting, simply because of the type of people
living there, and the general frame of mind of society at that time.

Amazingly, and it was only years later that I realized this, but, NONE of us ever
talked about it again, it was like nothing ever happened. Over the years, we have
all gone our own way, and most of us have moved to other parts of the state or
other parts of the country. Two of the men on the rig moved away, and I have no
idea where they ended up. The Driller on that rig lives in a neighboring state. I found
out through a mutual friend where he lives, and I called information one night just a
few month ago, to see if I could talk to him and see if he would like to hash over what
we saw that night. He has an unlisted number apparently, but at least I know the
name of the town where he lives. About three years ago, I ran into one of the other
men that was with us that night. I asked him about what we saw, and he point blank
said he DID NOT want to talk about. I didn't push it, and let it go at that, but I have
wondered over and over, just why he did not want to talk about it.

Over the years, I have been consumed with this sighting, as I think about it almost
daily. I can still see it in my mind as though it was yesterday. I moved away from
the small Nebraska town about two years after this incident. But for some reason
none of us ever talked about it again. It has boggled my mind so much, just trying
to figure out that part. I have told only a few other people about this over the years,
and most of them are non-believers, and I hear the same old thing over and over.
"What were you guys smoking or drinking that night". Well, in the first place, a
drilling rig is a VERY dangerous piece of machinery, and you don't even think about
drinking or other things while working on them. You can get killed or maimed very
easily if you are impaired in the slightest way.

I have seen many other UFO's in my lifetime, but none as clear and up close as this
one. I have experienced a number of sleep paralysis events, have a "missing time"
thing that happed just a few years ago, and the list goes on. Again the most
distrubing thing about the flying saucer event is, why we sort of blocked it out of
our minds, or at least didn't talk about it again. It was though this never happened!
Robert L. Sharp

1/6/2004 7:28:51 PM

Having read the last few accounts, all I can say is . . . WOW! Even with the severe limitations of cyberspace, I feel the presence of people who truly understand. Thank you for that. It has not happened before.

I'm really not sure about the "forgetting" I experienced, but it certainly seems commonplace if still remarkable. I am all-too-familiar with denial, having worked with dozens of people who were in various stages of that; rather, I am prone to think that peakquestor is on to something, and really wonder if repression -- even of a sighting -- is induced by UFOs and/or their occupants. Certainly "abductees" report massive repression. Maybe what I (I hesitate to say "we") experienced is a milder version!

Liz, to answer your question, I am not sure what triggered my shock of recognition, although it occurred simultaneously with marital separation and moderate depression; or at least, that is my immediate association. There is no singular event that I can identify. Maybe my emotional state opened me to recollection.

I did become involved with a local MUFON chapter at the time, but more as a result of recognition than as a catalyst. I brought my new "significant other" to some MUFON meetings, and it was important to me that she be accepting of my flying-saucer nuttiness. She did, and we're now married, and she will even watch shows about Roswell for the umpteenth time without dozing off right away!

Thanks again to all for sharing experiences. Yours, Robert, is hair-raising and compelling. I hope your former co-workers come to their senses, but it may not be their fault that they haven't.

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