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Eddie Holmes
12/2/2003 4:08:54 PM

Maybe we are from another planet

I believe that humans and other life forms on this planet once came from another planet, one that cauld have been on the verge of destruction maybe. so many unanswered questions like how were the pyramids built, makes me wonder if we havent had visitors for a long time.
Imagine how advanced the human race will be in 100 years and then imagine how advanced another race could be if they were just a 1000 years ahead of us.
(1000 years is not long in space!)
All these sceptics caught up in thier own self existance, do they really think that this planet holds the only life in all that space. Seems very unlikley to me but I suppose nobody likes to feel insignificant, it's just human nature. I Think that humans need to believe in something, I believe that we are not alone, rather than in any religon.
I wonder if we will ever know in our lifetime, I hope so.

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7/5/2004 9:40:30 AM

Maybe they are from the same planet.

Why do we keep telling that they are the outsiders? What's the proofs? Their aircraft flying in the sky doesn't mean that they come from the space. They may share the same planet with us, but the dimension or their space of existence is uncertain.

I too believe that we are not alone in this universe. God power is not limited on the earth. I too believe in the Big Bang theory, and I will not believe in anything until I get the proofs or any acceptable reasons.

Are you an atheis? If we have time to believe in aliens and stuffs like that, why don't we belive in the story of Adam and Eve, and the Garden of Eden?? Why do some of us believe that we come from other planet while there's not even a transcript said that, and don't believe in Adam and Eve even it has been told?

Science approach-hypnosis is nothing until it is proved. That's what I practiced in my life and I my every words based on that.


I am from Houston, Texas. We are born on Earth!
7/5/2004 9:43:16 AM

Maybe Jesus lives forever and is alive to today, in a paradise located in higher altitudes, like the moon is?

equals 86 - We are born on Earth, and we are conceived on Earth....
7/5/2004 10:27:58 AM

"Science approach-hypnosis is nothing until it is proved. That's what I practiced in my life and I my every words based on that."

What is determined by the scientific estabishment is scientific fact. Fact does not necessarily equate with truth, but the truth of this world equates with fact. In court, we have until proven guilty. In mainstream science we have doubt until proven to be true or existing. And in fringe science, we have doubt until proven false or nonexisting. In other words, mainstream science attracts skepticism because doubt is a major component of the scientific process - and that is why we skeptics should make hypothesises. In fringe science, anything is considered possible in the future. As our technology advances, more and more things, will be possible. Biotechnology, nanotechnology, psychology, and neurology are fields of new science that will further help us in our quest for knowledge about our origins.

In the science after the latter days, everything is to be considered possible in the future. It is even possible for future men to devise a plan to start a new human civilization on another planet barren of any life. These men could dig and pile up a single huge continent and design intelligent life like themselves and other necessary things like food, a suitable weather system, social order, and wisdom. It is possible in the future that our children's decendants, would act as "gods" in the eyes of their created people and be led a project leader (who is considered the "God").

Looking at after all this, the people, who were created, could have their own ideas and interpretation of scripture brought down to by *those who come from the sky* (in Hebrew, the word for this is Elohim). It is labourious but not impossible, that scriptures can be twisted, back in those ancient days where those like Moses and Jesus were persecuted. And so is the corruption and coverups of the *Roman* Catholic Church and other religious and political organizations.

The future of man and woman kind may be for the best of us to comeforth and become gods and . Not false ones, but real ones, led by one whose wish, shared by the masses, is to give birth to a new civlization on another planet, and perhaps restabilish order on Earth for a scientific paradise world of rest, relaxation, and hakuna matata "no worries".

the above text finished at 12:22 PM Central Time

Revelation 22:12
"Listen!" says Jesus. "I am coming soon! I will bring my reqwards with me, to give to each one according to what he has done..."

equals 86
7/5/2004 10:32:04 AM

"In court, we have until proven guilty."

my apologies for this typo... it apalls me that my web filtering software sees the word "innosent" as unsutiable for children, as i am a 17 year old... appalling.

7/5/2004 5:21:15 PM

I like Koels response.

Are the dates off? Or did everyone just post to this today.

I too wonder at how much effort is put on UFO's being ET's.
Not to say that maybe thier craft can fly in outerspace just when you stand back and look at it we really don't have any reason to believe that is where they are from.

But to the original post...of course we could be from another planet. As could life.

7/5/2004 9:59:59 PM

I know this is the nature of this forum...

But this is little more than speculation, on a topic we haven't even proven to be of more than mundane origins.

That said... I suppose you could delve into any kind of fiction, and create a theory on this subject. I personally, prefer the more conventional explanations, atleast until evidence points to a contrary conclusion.

7/9/2004 10:08:42 PM

Well since the conventional is ever evolving...like for instance not to long ago they said life emerged in the last billion years of the planet...now some push that as far back as 3.5...i think it is on topic if even a side issue of UFO's to talk about life and its origins and possible origins.

Since physically we are have been only on one planet an it's moon that is decidedly dead...of course conventional has life starting here as far as earth is concerned. it would be a lot bigger news if the conventional said anything else. We've only been in the space game for 50 years.

As a skeptic tho i'd like to know your opinion, would you give life on earth having started elsewhere as high as a one percent possibility?

I personally would give it about a 5 percent chance.

I find it relevant particularly because i believe in UFO's and I see slim probability in life from outside having visited us even if only .0001 of UFO stories are true sightings

That's why I find it odd that so many people who do the science and are believers are so set on ET's...regardless the data and probabilities.

7/13/2004 7:44:49 PM

We are of this world. It's that simple.

Look, interest in the UFO phenomenon is okay, but some of this stuff like :"humans are from another world!" stuff is borderline insane.

We're from Earth. God or a Higher Power (whatever you choose) created us and watches us. I'm open-minded to think thgat perhaps He created those of other worlds, but to say we're from there is lunacy.

I've heard of a theory like that scientifically (called Pansperma or something like that, where things form space seeded life on Earth), but it has no credible evidence.

Is it too hard to beleive that humans, yes HUMANS created the pyramids and built the empires of Egypt and Greece and Rome?

Mankind is stupid, but not dumb enough that we couldnt build things like pyramids

7/14/2004 6:26:59 PM

Good post ^

"As a skeptic tho i'd like to know your opinion, would you give life on earth having started elsewhere as high as a one percent possibility?"

I don't have enough knowledge on the matter to give it a certain probability. However, based on what we know of our universe, there is no reason why life on earth came from other planets. Ofcourse it is possible... but there is no reason to dismiss all knowledge to allow for it, especially when more logical explanations abound.

Until there is *something* that supports the idea that alien beings seeded earth, or that microbes on a meteor did, I will continue to accept the conventional model, although I will gladly consider any speculation.

7/14/2004 9:44:05 PM

Hi AB,

Have to disagree with you.

take another look...

'We're from Earth. God or a Higher Power (whatever you choose) created us and watches us. I'm open-minded to think thgat perhaps He created those of other worlds, but to say we're from there is lunacy. '

don't want to para-phrase...but what is implied to me is...I'm open-minded but/and becauseIi disagree it is 'Lunacy'?

I believe in God...very much so...and a very Biblical God.

Of course there is no credible evidence for life having been seeded from afar..or it wouldn't be a fringe idea. But that to me is the same as telling the Wright brothers if God wanted man to fly he would have given them wings...really it is.

I think even a limited creative writer could make the story about Noah easily one that involved replanting. And lets not forget Genisis 1 where God commanded life...to 'Replenish' the Earth. Lot's of room there.

On Man and Rome and Greece...no doubt I don't even think anyone argues that.
But to throw in two right things with one questionable so you judge the whole...is old in and of itself.
But the Pyramids...ie...the Great Pyramid of Giza...now that is different...you have to seperate that.

It has been said over and over that we couldn't build it today...and I've never heard any scientist or better yet any engineer say different. If you have please enlighten me. I would love to have that source.
By the way the roadway in Peru is a much greater engineering feat...IMO.

But on the great pyramid...while we accept all the ancient egyptian writings as like gold on individual humans...we blow off any written record during same said time period from same sources on the gods...isn't that odd? We pick and choose which is true from a distance of 4500 years?

The Egyptians several times when asked about the great pyramid answered several times the gods built it. They didn't even flinch...until now...as nationalistic pride takes over. The 2500 bc date is terrible. But even if true...doesn't beg the question with tech like that they couldn't stop the invading Hyksos?
But if you like the ancient human approach...google the footprints but more importantly the age of the handprint found on the ancient itilian volcano...not an evolutionary in-between a very human handprint.

Mankind is far from stupid as individuals...IMO...but in groups the IQ level goes down...that said...what do you think was the glue that held hundreds of thousands of workers together for decades to build a single object?
That whole concept boogles my mind even if true...hundreds of thousands of workers would mean over a million supporters... for a single cause?
Very un-human in my experience...unless for something absolutely terrific... that is why I ask what you think it was.

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