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Keith M. King
3/6/2004 7:44:33 AM

UFO= Unidentified Flying Object

Yes-- Unidentified Flying Objects exist
We all can agree to that

The real question is: Are they always interstellar vehicles
or artificial flying platforms not constructed on Earth?
The answer is: We don't know
Plain and simple --- we just don't know

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3/10/2004 4:36:39 PM

As a group, homo sapiens does not know.
As individuals, certain people do know.
The trouble is that whatever the group thinks is what gets thought of as true (and this is the case in any subject at all).

Keith M. King
3/10/2004 5:39:34 PM

There may be a "group" that knows the hard facts concerning
Interstallar UFO's. I have no doubt that is true. But that is the dilemma.
An everwidening circle of hypothesis, supposition, and half-truths.
UFOlogy hasn't really progressed (in the modern age), much past what we
originally knew in the 40's.
1) Who are they?
2) What do they want?
3) Why are they here?

I am more convinced than ever that if we are to learn anything
concrete about these visitors, we won't gain that knowledge
from Crop Circles, Cattle Mutilations or Distant Light sightings.
I believe that we have to explore more deeply the Abduction
event. Perhaps even the Contactee, as strange as that may sound.
I believe that the seeds of understanding the Visitor question
lies in what is happening with these Abductees.
Gleaned somewhere within the Experiencer/Contactee/Abductee
dwells the answer to this situation.
I have no proof of this. Its more a feeling after studying UFO's
since 1967.
My quest is for answers.

3/10/2004 9:01:22 PM

The trouble with examining the Abductee is the WHO is doing the examining and how.
I think that the subject is too important to leave up to the disinformation experts, the psychs. And it most certainly should be based on persons having awake direct memories as hypnotism immediately places a cloud on the data received. As long as hypnotism is already know as a parlor game which makes people think things are happening which are not happening, well no one is going to trust any results coming through it.

Michele Bugliaro Goggia
3/26/2004 5:54:17 AM

I'd say *no* to UFOs=aliens. It's a phenomenon, the ETH one among some explanations.

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