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Kieran Wilson
1/2/2004 1:39:18 AM

Books and videos

Hi, Can anyone recommend any videos or books about this subject. I have a few already but want to look at some more stuff. Id rather stay away from the cheesy, just decent videos or books from respectible people bearing in mind i live in England. Any ideas?

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1/2/2004 1:41:47 AM

sorry one more thing, what do you guys think of Stanton Friedman?

1/2/2004 7:25:51 AM

I really like . . .

Thompson, K. (1991). Angels & aliens. New York: Fawcett Columbine.

Lindmann, M. (1991). UFOs and the alien presence: Six viewpoints. Santa Barbara, CA: 2020 Group.

There are several others I would recommend, but these stand out as especially cogent explorations of UFOs and ufology.

1/2/2004 7:49:24 AM

Ok cheers!!!

Peter Abrams
1/2/2004 8:24:48 AM

I would recommend most stuff by Timothy Good such as Beyond op Secret. Richard Dolan's UFo's and the National Security State Vol 1 is a good history. Ray Fowler's The Allagash Abductions is very intriguing. All of Raymond Fowler's writing is very interesting.
I have been reading this stuff for thirty years or more and have the good, the bad and the ugly on my shelves.

Robert L. Sharp
1/2/2004 12:46:57 PM

Hi Kieran:
Here are a few good ones to read. Maybe start with a book by Stephen Hawking
entitled, "A Brief History of Time", a little in depth perhaps, but very good.
Another book to read is: "Cosmic Explorers" by Courtney Brown, "Witnessed"
by Budd Hopkins, "Unsolved UFO Mysteries" by William J. Birnes and Harold Burt,
"Case MJ-12" by Kevin D. Randle, "Cosmic Voyage" by Courtney Brown,
"Alien Agenda" by Jim Marrs, "Silent Invasion" by Ellen Crystall, and try a book
entitled "Taken" by Thomas Cook. There are obviously hundreds of other books,
but, these are a few good ones.
Robert L. Sharp

Doc Allen
1/7/2004 9:00:14 PM

Kieran, I'd recommend 'The Day After Roswell' by Colonel Phil Corso. Col Corso personally witnessed alien craft and EBE's not of this planet--retrieved by our government on July 1947. Another good source is disclosureproject.org. Look over the posting on this forum on Dr Steven Greer and the disclosure project...

Robert L. Sharp
1/7/2004 9:15:53 PM

I just finished a very good book titled: "Captured By Aliens"--The search
for life and truth in a very large universe. Don't let the name throw you.
It is not all about being abducted, although a little bit of it is. It talks of Physics,
Science, Astronomy, the Universe, Carl Sagan, the Mars rovers, Mars rocks,
etc. The author is Joel Achenbach.

I just started reading another book titled: "Sight Unseen" --Science, UFO
invisibility and Transgenic Beings. The author is Budd Hopkins and Carol Rainey.
It IS about being abducted and taken aboard space ships, where Aliens perform
hideous things on human beings. A lot of recalled events under hypnosis, and
other things recalled naturally by abductees. A wake-up book!


1/8/2004 12:22:05 AM

people've already mentioned tim good's above top secret; he also did a followup work called alien contact. corso's day after roswell's been mentioned. there are at least two interesting works out on area 51 including david darlington's book by that name.

reading in this field is sometimes hard to gauge or piece together with other sources, and you play it by gut feel. for general analysis of abduction claims, cdb bryan's book close encounters of the fourth kind, an account of attending the conference at mit is interesting, and john mack the harvard guy is supposed to be very good. i also find phil krapf's the contact has begun, and its sequel the challenge of contact, a provocative and interesting set of claims. on the technical side, i find the bob lazar story fascinating too -- some of the particulars around the guy are indeed fuzzy, but it's compelling reading from a science side.

i have heard people allege that stanton friedman and budd hopkins are part of a disinformation agenda, though my own tentative exposures to them to date make me want to learn and flesh out the specifics a little better before i accept that.

Robert L. Sharp
1/8/2004 9:30:28 AM

Hi Peakquester:
You mentioned that Budd Hopkins and Stanton Friedman are part of a
"disinformation agenda"??? I don't really know much about Friedman,
but I have read all of Mr. Hopkins books. They are "Intruders", "Missing Time",
"Witnessed", and his new book titled "Sight Unseen", who was co-authored
by Carol Rainey. Mr. Hopkins books are mind boggling to read, and are the type
that I can't put down until I have read every page. I read until I am so tired I
have to go to sleep, and can't wait to continue with them the next morning.

I don't quite know where you get the idea he has a disinformation agenda
at all. He tells mostly of abductions, sleep paralysis, invisibility, and other
things like, being taken aboard UFO's for examinations.

For your information, Mr. Hopkins is the originator of this website that we
are talking back and forth on. I don't believe he would want to be labelled as
a person who is engaging in disinformation. Read his books and form your
opinion that way. I also think there are a lot of volleys shot back and forth
between the various authors of books. Who is right, who is wrong, who is
dealing in BS and who isn't. I personally believe Mr. Hopkins is one of the
most above board people around, genuinely interested in the experiences of
abductees and so on, and is a very open minded person, who is not quick
to judge or ridicule.

1/12/2005 11:16:41 PM

I really don't like to have my name involved with such foolishness

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