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subject: Books and videos

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1/31/2005 11:03:04 AM

Read everything you can get your hands on by French astrphysicist and computer scientist Jacques Vallee: The Invisible College; Passport to Mgonia; Messengers of Deception; Forbidden Science; Dimensions; Confrontations; Revelations. Some of these are out of print but are worth the effort to track down.

Raymond Fowler is a very experienced investigator whose research into the Betty Andreasson abduction case is very interesting.

2/1/2005 3:45:14 AM

Here is a like to some free e-books.

The main one I recomend is "the message given by extra-terrestrials"


Sirius Is Serious
2/1/2005 6:46:47 PM

FYI - This web site contains some of the best compilations on UFOS & abductions, though I feel that the producers do not update it on a very frequent basis. However just reading all the info listed can keep you busy for a long time.
Do browse their book store as well as Barnes & Nobles.

2/3/2005 4:30:12 PM

Anything by Jenny Randles, Tim Good, Nick Redfern, also a 'must read' is "Cosmic Top Secret...The Unseen Agenda" by Jon King, others by John Keel, Arthur Shuttlewood, "The Circlemakers" by Andrew Collins, etc, etc, etc. AND, try either Virgin Megastores, HMV or Amazon.Co.Uk and do a search for: "British Bases 2 parts 1 & 2", VHS vids.............these will open your eyes, I'm featured on Part 2!!!!!!!!!!

  Replies 11 - 14 (out of 14 total)

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