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Dr.H (Chris Humphrey)
3/6/2004 11:28:12 AM

UFOs jump hundreds of light years in an instant

First, there is scientific proof that UFOs are the spacecraft of star traveling humanoids in the body of "landed occupant" cases, where citizens happen upon a landed UFO with alien humanoids standing about collecting samples or taking measurements. The best source I know of for these cases is the book "The Humanoids" edited by Frank Bowen, and published in 1969. Do a Google search and you will find used copies for sale. The reason this is best evidence is that we can easily rule out secret government craft, "swamp gas," earthlights, Venus, all the usual suspects. Furthermore, they are not apparitions, since some species like no hold-barred wrestling, though they will temporarily paralyze anyone who attempts to use a weapon. There is also the famous seduction case of A.V.B. (one of Gordon Creighton's cases from South America). This humanoid lady looked almost human, with slightly slanted blue eyes, white hair, red pubic hair and red hair under the armpits. AVB was not abducted and he did not have his memory erased. It was in no way a traumatic experience, and he could recall all the details ten years later. No hypnosis involved.

I am not much interested in the typical UFO sighting since it is so hard to rule out alternatives, even ones which are hypothetical, rare, unlikely or non-existent.

UFOs have always been here, in small numbers. The modern wave began with Kenneth Arnold's observation of 9 of the 3-tailed boomerang types flying near Mt. Ranier in May, 1947. This is about one year and 8 months after Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

There are good reasons for thinking that the stars of the proper type and age, with the proper planet-moon combination, are rare, separated by thousands of light-years. See my book "Jumping Lightyears" at Amazon.com or Alibris.com for details. For them to start arriving less than 2 years after we went nuclear suggests instantaneous jumps across hundreds of light-years. The behavior of UFOs resembles something we see in psychical research, namely levitation and teleportation. There is no technology compatible with the laws of physics which can duplicate these abilities. See the chapter on "Chinese Studies" for controlled produce-on-demand teleportation experiments. Clearly this is an innate power of the mind which when developed to gigantic proportions allows star travel.

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subject: UFOs jump hundreds of light years in an instant

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3/6/2004 1:22:13 PM

Is it FRANK Bowen or CHARLES Bowen? Thanks.

3/6/2004 1:56:50 PM

Is it FRANK Bowen or CHARLES Bowen? Thanks.

3/6/2004 6:02:25 PM

Oh excuse me! It is Charles Bowen, of course.

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