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3/6/2004 8:52:01 PM

Freedom of Information shows genuine concern of US government

Over the years, and done by many researchers, the Freedom of Information Act has caused the slow, and often painful, release of thousands of documents which, taken together, show just how completely worried the US government has been over the UFOs. That worry hasn't dried up and blown away. The disinformation campaign is still in full swing although the methods have changed somewhat. Still the disinformation still seems to depend the most on people in general not having even the smallest amount of scientific knowledge with which to blow away the absurdities offered by the government.

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3/24/2004 7:59:55 AM

Dear Observant do you realise the chances of meeting an alien race are so so very small and the chances of meeting an alien race on a similar level to communiccate with in any way are astronomical! If and that is if we did meet aliens they would either be so primitive theyre practically fish or so advanced theyre energy balls!
So IF we have had other worldly encounters with similar beings it must have something to do with the meaning of life or summit mystical like that do you agree?

3/24/2004 9:46:58 PM

Dear U,
"The Chances" only count right up unto the moment when the "very unlikely" has happened. At that moment the carefully estimated "chances" are so much rubbish.

Following a post in the vein of your post, what would be an exercise if futility would be mine or anyone's else's already made direct observations.

  Replies 1 - 2 (out of 2 total)

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