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9/5/2006 4:12:34 PM

Are aliens and ufos truly alien and unidentifiable

As a boy, the son of a pilot, I saw many UFOs. Most of which were just balls of light seen from a distance and describing strange paths in the air usually seen from the window of a airplane as we cruised at 30,000 feet.

There was one that changed me into a believer.

I was 12 and the episode was over in a matter of seconds.

While sleeping in my second story bedroom in Huntington Beach, CA.
I was awaken by a loud thunder clap outside my window.
Since the head of the bed was against the window I turned over and rose up on my hands and knees to look out at the storm.

I was puzzled, a single cloud appeared to be over the houses across the street from me. It seemed to be hovering over the house directly across from my room and was just hanging there.

I had my windows open and thought it strange there was no wind and the thunder clap was not accompanied by a storm brewing in the night sky.

As I cleared my eyes of sleep a pulse of white light and streamers of lightning burst from the base of the cloud and climbed up and around the surface. There was no accompanying thunder and I was even more confused.

I sat up and leaned against the sill and watched the white light turn to a red glow. The glow grew brighter and what appeared to be an incandescent object shaped roughly like a cigar descended from the base of the cloud.

It descended till it was just over the house across the street. It was no more than a hundred feet from my window and a hundred feet above the house. It was so big that if I sat back from the verge of the window I would loose the outer contours. Only by looking out and up at the same time could I see the whole object.

The next instant there was a loud clap of thunder and the object that had hung in the air seemed to transform into a long bar of red light that shot off into the distance and turned abruptly up into the sky disappearing into the night in an instant.

The air in my room seemed to be sucked out and the cloud that had been there was now just a wisp of mist swirling along the path the light had taken.

I was so excited I tried to awaken my brother. I made so much noise doing it I was grounded for a week and received a spanking for my efforts. Being twelve and prone to telling tales and fanciful stories I was dismissed outright by every one.

There were no other witnesses and no one in the neighborhood had heard a thing during that night. Since then I have seen my share of strange lights but nothing has ever come close to that experience.


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9/5/2006 4:19:19 PM

Life in the universe

First I think life is not only abundant in the universe, It is pandemic.

I suspect it will be composed of the same genetic building blocks
of life as is found here on earth. The genes that form all life on this planet will be found in life everywhere in the universe.

This is an out growth of studies done on the life forms of earth, and the speculation that life may have been seeded here by comets.
Life seemed to spring from the earth in a huge explosion of creation and diversity. I suspect it was the process of stellar explosions dispersing the substance of life throughout the galaxy that created us and all we see on earth. I base this on the fact that life can be found in every environment above and below the surface of our world. Life has been found in solid rocks and samples brought up from thousands of feet within the crust. It thrives in the depths of the oceans around thermal vents two miles deep. It is found in the core of nuclear reactors. It is found in the most toxic and deadly environments we can imagine. I believe we will find it even in the atmosphere of gas giants such as Jupiter and Saturn. It will be found in the deep freeze of comets, in the sulfurous lakes of Io, and on the moon of Pluto. I suspect, we will find the compounds and structures of life everywhere we look for it. The evidence seems clear by implication.

For intelligent life we have evidence of that here on earth but are yet to find confirmation that there are other intelligent life forms any where else.
There are many intelligent life forms on earth. We do not have
exclusive rights to that claim. Only that we are the ones that cover
the land and populate the globe in mass. The reports of UFOs and
the sightings of craft that appear to be controlled and constructed
dispute that assertion. And what of the dolphins and wales and and other creatures that live with us on this world. Do they not have an intelligence?

I feel life will seek to exist where ever it can find a way to survive.


9/5/2006 4:25:17 PM

Allowing the government its claim to ignorance. Discounting all reports of UFOs which can be explained. We are left with an unalterable fact.
Hundreds and thousands of people all over the globe and down through history have described apparitions and beings that are intelligent, not human, and on this world.

As from where they originate I have no evidence. If the Government or some other agency behind or beneath the government know, I can see no way we will be able to force them to reveal it.

It also seams that the ETs are of the same predisposition.

That is to remain  unknown and unidentified to the general public.

Although many people have reported to have received messages and conversed with the life forms encountered in their abductions or by other means, they inevitably recount something which contains
either assertions of beneficence or prophecies of doom.

The Aliens provide no proof and never allow those they have talked with to return with concrete evidence of their encounters. I find the tales these individuals tell suspect. Not in the respect of the veracity of the individuals themselves but in that they may be relating experiences that were scripted by those that abducted them.

Without some evidence to support their claims I choose to remain unconvinced that their assertions are the unadulterated truth.

I have heard many theories and read as many assertions that these entities are from other worlds, or even deep within our own world.

None of these have been proved.

My own belief is that they might be from our future.  

Consider what you would be willing to do to insure your survival.

The idea of our descendants returning to retrieve materials and the genetic code of their ancestors is intriguing to me. It explains a great deal if viewed from outside or if you are convinced that we will be the cause of our own downfall.

The aspect of historical visitations and the admitted influence of these in the religious context lends itself to this idea as well.

It leads me to ask the following:  What if a future society was desperate to survive their impending demise from an undetermined cause? Might they be willing to meddle with their past in a last ditch attempt to avoid the inevitable end?

I do not know this is true but feel it is possible.


9/5/2006 8:57:24 PM

My screen name is woodgnome49 but prefer to be called woody. I have been investigating aliens and ufos and developing a theory for the past 38 years. I am 50 and live in southern Louisiana at the present time. I wish to discuss the merits and flaws of my theory and investigate the possible ramifications if this theory proves to be correct.

Please feel free to respond and interject any comments and or questions that may occur to you. If you have a new idea or a conflicting theory you are also welcome to post it and we can discuss the relative merits of our respective thoughts.

To begin I give you this. It is something I created many years ago as a reply to others who appeared to be confused about the meaning for these three words. Fact , Proof, and Truth.
It incapsulates my understanding of these words.

T r u t h i s n o t f a c t

F a c t i s n o t p r o o f

P r o o f i s n o t t r u t h

It can be a truth that all men are created equal.
It is; however, not a fact that this is so.

It is a fact that thousands of people state similar beliefs on any given subject.
It is not proof that this subject is an indisputable fact.

Proof can be given to support almost any supposition.
Proof depends on what you are willing to accept as real.

Proof is what we perceive.
Fact is what we accept.
Truth is what reality could be.


8/1/2008 12:25:13 AM

woody this might be getting of the subject BUT have you or anyone noticed or considered the rate of new technology these days or when a new baby is born the new capabilities it is born with.
time feels as though it is moving faster these days, is it because of the new technology, where is it comming from,? our brains arn't capable of this knowledge,look around at it i cant believe what i'm seeing at times, is the human race capable of handling all of this.
woody everything we see or touch is a new life, my animals are treated as another species the same as i would like to be, if you stand back in time you can see the changes in humans and terra and fauna the whole world is changing and it's happening faster than we expected, as for alien's and ufo's being unidentifiable that is not the case , everything can be identified and will be identified if the gov of all countries can be open to the people of their countries, the more a sighting can be documented and spoken about will make it just that little bit harder for them to hide that info that we as humans are entitled to and also will not cause the mass panic that they are going to predict when this info is released.
when will it happen?, soon i hope, before technology outruns us lol.

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