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subject: Possible UFO find

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4/26/2007 12:49:07 PM


Brazil some time ago tens of thousands and millions of people witness UFOs flying over a major city it was televised and put on the TV and people on the radio and newspapers did their bit.

Did you hear anything about it on the English or American television news reporting programs not even a whisper of it happening somewhere in out to space just like we have a car factory somebody is manufacturing 10000s UFOs and selling them for intergalactic currency.

The fact is that you're telling me that one has been detected at the bottom of Lake sounds interesting but whether or not this is allowed to be publicized worldwide or if the object is displayed in a museum is another thing backward engineering is a very valuable commodity why should somebody put such a valuable thing in the museum at any rate it would be interesting if you rush down there with your camera and take a few photographs of the object of I hope that the F.B.I. and the CIA do not stop anybody entering the site.

Who is going to allow the press and the World TV News en route for discontinuing deception its called a scam!

Have you ever ask yourself who owns the World Media I think it's a draconian billionaire Rupert Murdoch being a member of the illuminati or freemasonry network
Aliens that can do tricks like shape shifting into reptilian semi human forms
I've been told its like one of those Hollywood's special effects jobs for real..

But what if it's all lies then search the Internet and you’re learn a lot more about the conspiracy theories from David Ike website

Having a conversation whether or not the advanced interstellar space travel is possible or and are there advanced civilizations out there in the cosmos trying to communicate with the human race. Having physical evidence of such things at this present point in time is impossible declassification of top-secret document both in America and Russia give proof that such things do exist. (UNIVERSAL FLYING OBJECT) UFO?

My name is Caruana I live in London can you visit my website that was made for completely for new people interested in UFOs

Address is for Google www. radha krsna consciousness.com
www.radha-krsna-consciousness.com for yahoo and msn

  Replies 11 - 11 (out of 11 total)

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