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12/3/2003 6:05:06 AM

I guess yes

Lately i read John Mack's book about abductions (after having it nearly 10 years on the shelf). Lately i also read articles about quantum gravity and the spin network that makes up all that is (energy, matter, time !, space ! - time and space are not fundamental, they are made up by smaller units). For those that not have yet heard about quantum gravity, this is a concurrent theory to superstring and other theories that try to explain the fundamentals of our world, currently kinda popular in theoretic physics.

If you combine the descriptions of these abductions, or better what they describe about alternate "realities" and timestreams and the possibilities for the universe contained in the 'spin network' that include different levels of time and space you have pretty much a possible answer to the question "Are they real".

I actually think we are at the edge of understanding even with "traditional" scientific means part of the phenomenon. People, and first and foremost scientists themselves, have to realize it. Research would be necessary to combine these experiences of alternate realities with newer findings and math of theoretical physics. I think results might be very interesting.

Too bad i'm just an interested layman lacking the skills to do some research myself.

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subject: I guess yes

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5/13/2006 8:10:44 PM

That's a great theory Doc.
Thanks for posting intersting Info.

5/14/2006 2:42:28 PM

Wow you barely have to wait 3+ years after posting a message and you already get an answer. Truly amazing. Thanks for digging this one up he he.

It seems to me that we are slowly, very slowly working on leaving the chains behind, that Einstein and Newton put on us long ago. (Not to mention chains put on us by alledgedly ethical superstitions, sorry couldn't resist)

About trading information and civilizations elsewhere in this universe:

I think most likely only one of the civilizations would benefit such an information trade since it's very likely that the stages of development differ so much, that one is far ahead of the other civilization. I also think that actually we might benefit most of such an information trade.

But it's a bit more complicated. Lets say, they send us construction plans of a zero point energy generator that would provide free energy to the whole world that might actually turn out pretty bad here for a couple of reasons, such as either being abused by one group or destroying our social and economical balance, perhaps even destroying our planet.

Hmmm thinking about it some more, i think interference and trade of information with any type of other civilization would have to be thoroughly decided on a per case base. And that holds true on either end of it.

Sorry Dale, no altruism today.

Space God
5/15/2006 8:27:12 PM

DOC, your theories are incorrect. You are describing the activities of DEBUNKERS, MIBs and HYBRIDS.

Try to learn the truth, not from books written by MIBs and DEBUNKERS. Gettit?

Move forward to the TRUTH. Okay? Congratulations.


  Replies 1 - 3 (out of 3 total)

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