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10/19/2006 1:39:45 PM

OUR WE REAL!!! how much evidence does it take!!

Thinking about this subject, it is crazy (“TO ME”) that people believe we are IT. To begin with, one only needs to walk outside and look up to the sky on a clear night, and realize how insignificant this planet really is. We are just a grain of sand on this planet if as a whole, it were the universe. How can we be so ignorant as to believe that out of the VASTNESS of the UNIVERSE…..WE ARE IT, in my eyes it is ridiculous and just plain unintelligent. We need to know ourselves and see that we are real and alive and “one”, we are each oneself bound by no one else’s “laws” and “beliefs”. If we cant think for “ourselves” (free of all external nonsense) and see that we are what matters most, how will we ever see beyond. Until we see what lies within, we will never see what lies “out there”. I hate bickering about this subject and don’t usually try to yet; this subject is just to important in my eyes and there is just to much evidence to believe ET's arent real.
If a scientist noticed a new species of bird flying around in the woods and with that, took pictures of it, video taped it, and documented the place and time, would people say he was lying and that there was no such thing as this supposed bird. NO, scientists would look at the pictures study the videos and put the bird in the archives and on the lists. I know that we know of other birds and that one species is relatively the same as the other thousands(?) of species we already extensively know about. Yet, how much evidence do we need to believe, people consistently believe in a man that no one has met, that hasn’t proven to exist in any form except in the past and yet BILLIONS believe he is everywhere.
IS it so against our thought process to validate the truth and see it as it is? To see the logic that is in front of us…..beyond what anyone thinks up to this point…………it is always and the most critical part of life not to try and make anyone believe anything. We should all be free to believe what we wish NO MATTER WHAT. Yet, there is only one truth to everything and everyone should have a chance to see it as they wish.
If a civilization was intelligent enough (didn’t wipe itself out for no reason) to make it here. Does anyone honestly think that after they took a good look around, any race would want to land “openly”? WE are not that intelligent we think we are but as a whole we lack many basic skills that any creature would cherish and depend on for survival. The real question for me, isn’t are they real its how can we change our behavior so someday they will land openly and help us see our ignorant ways. WE need to see that WE are what matters most and to change before we destroy each other for nothing more than money and religion.

Phil B

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