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10/23/2006 3:32:56 PM

I have recorded a UFO (13) min !!!! over the mountain

I recorded a flying object while i was hunting it has 2 antenas and a green lamp in the middel. it was hovering over the mountain.

Now i want to sell this vedio to any company or researchers. if you are intersted in this vedio contact me for a deal
E-mail me at: razialt@yahoo.com

I will be held responsible for my vedio ... it's real!!!!!

pleas contact me if you are serious !!!!!


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subject: I have recorded a UFO (13) min !!!! over the mountain

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10/26/2006 10:56:58 AM

i havnt heard of ufos with antenaes (or however you spell it). sounds like trash to me, lol. i understand what you are saying, i myself took 5 pictures of 3 ufos i observed and am selling them to a newspaper before i put them on this website. but im not going for the highest price ever, i belive that good ufo evidence should be shared with the world, to let us know the truth.

10/29/2006 4:49:03 AM

hi :p
forgive me for spilling mistakes i allways do!
the intersting part of this Footage it's rare !!!!!
even NASA.co dosen't have an evidence for this phenominon!
second thing i am talking about 13min video not some shots!!!

11/25/2007 12:01:57 AM

Perfect fit: two morons who deserve each other.. spelling notwithstanding.. Yeah
right, let's share 'good' ufo evidence with the world, but only if people are willing
to 'pay' for the truth, as you two supposedly see it.. And no doubt, some will..

I'm sure you have a comprehensive refund policy in place too, eh?


  Replies 1 - 3 (out of 3 total)

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