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subject: It doesn't make sense to me.

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1/24/2008 9:49:35 AM

what if there from our solar system,life may form on a moon or a big astriod

1/24/2008 10:13:04 AM

In any event, 'they' have just as much of a right to pursue their curiosity and need to
know, by visiting us, as we do, in our feeble attempts to reach out and touch the
stars (limited and unsophisticated as our technology is). To suggest that 'they'
have no business being here shouldn't be the mindset that we want to adopt, imo.

Hey LJ,

Do you really believe that entities from -God knows where- have the right to violate our airspace, harrass our military and civilian aircraft, put on shows of fantastic levels of technology with out our permission just because they might be curious? They really do not have the "right" to be here - especially since they have made no effeort to calm our understandable fears about why they are here. You mentioned resources the eatth might have - that they might want. If that's it - you better to get ready to bend over and kiss your ass goodby.

I know for a fact that if it were us doing the visiting - we would first try to make contact - that has been the official operational proceedure in our entire effort to make contact with other life. After making contact we would ask permission to land or whatever.

Who or what are piloting these craft don't seem to care about what we think do they? You also bring up the point of abduction. If that is really happening as many people claim than this is the worst possible interference an alien race could do to another. We throw people in jail for doing the same crimes.

1/24/2008 3:07:39 PM

Dear Mike,

It doesn't take that long at all , Does it take long to drive to work every morning?, does it take long to make dinner?, at times it does but to travel among the planets doesn't take long at all. You have been decieved by your so called knowledgable scientists and Politicians. They make trips to the Planets daily ( All classified ).

They want to cloud your mind with doubt.

Have you ever came back from doing something late at night , let's say a clear beautiful night when the stars were out and asked yourself, " it's just beautiful out there", "I wonder if there are other places out there in outer space?".
Well Mike there is , and there are other Earth Planets like ours and other Earth planets better than ours.
Planets that are free of tyranny and fear.

1/24/2008 10:50:09 PM


Yes, strange as it may seem, I think an alien culture that's been traversing space
for some time, might have several reasons for looking in on us.. what those
reasons are, we can't precisely say, but I believe we've telegraphed enough of
our activities to possibly draw some external interest over the last hundred years.

I do think 'they' have the same privileges as we presume we have, to venture
outward. To venture outward for reasons of needing to know new things or out
of curiosity.. these are ongoing processes I would think.

For all we know, 'they' may or may not have guided us or influenced our behavior
in ways that we're not even aware of, who knows? Obviously, there's been no
open and direct interference with how we govern our own affairs.

In the 40 or so years I've followed this, the vast majority of ufo sightings do not
involve behavior that lends itself to the characterization that 'they' are openly
hostile or aggressive. What's been reported certainly suggests that there's an
advanced technology behind the ufo phenom. It seems logical, at least to me, that
we're essentially powerless to regulate their behavior anyways.

We can speculate as to their agenda till the cows come home, but it seems half-way
reasonable to conclude that if they wanted confrontation, they could have taken
that approach long, long ago. Maybe I'm in the minority, but there's a purpose here
that we're simply not able to decipher. We're at the disadvantage because 'they'
prefer to maintain the approach they have, for all these generations.

To go back to my previous response, what 'they've' been doing seems more akin
to a long term surveillance program rather than just 'putting on a show'. It's just as
possible too that they are slowly acclimating us to the fact that we're not and never
have been alone. Maybe we've reached a point in our development to where they
feel compelled to interact with us in some limited fashion. In any event, my view
isn't such that 'they' are harassing military facilities or civilian aircraft.

There's just so much that we just don't understand. The ufo (and abduction)
phenom may be entirely misunderstood, because the entire subject has been
clouded by disinformation, bogus information, outright fairy tales, denial and
everything else in between.

I agree that the abduction scenario presents some difficult questions; again, I don't
necessarily accept that zillions have been abducted.. but rather some reports, are
fairly compelling and likely true, imo. The best we can do is to find some commonality
amongst those and form some preliminary opinions (unscientific and faulty as that
may be). But we ourselves do something similar in studying animal behavior here.
To my knowledge, our invasive studies don't involve getting 'their' permission to do
what we do, yet we accept such studies as being essential.

I made mention of the Earth's resources only because of the sheer number
of ufo (and uso) reports over the years.. it seems logical to me that all these
reports might suggest that 'they' operate in some close proximity to us (rather than
travelling great distances). It seems just as logical that the Earth offers advantages
(whether it's for its resources, its strategic location, or rent free apartment space).

This is just my conjecture however..


1/25/2008 7:47:05 PM

'Showing off' just doesn't top the list of reasons that I think ufos make their
random appearances.

They've shown interest in individuals by way of abductions,

Hey LJ,

You might not say that if you were one of the many miltary pilots that were in essence -harrassed by UFOs. They play games like letting the fighter aircraft get close and then zoom off at thousands of MPH. Then they stop and let the jet catch up and do it all over again. It sounds like something kids would do, not "super advanced entities". The record books are loaded with UFOs messing with military aircraft in similar instances from back since WW2.

The second part implies that abductions are real which is very hard to prove

1/25/2008 10:02:28 PM


I certainly don't dispute that there's been many excellent pilot reports, from both
military and civilian aviators. In fact, there may well be a considerable number
from both communities that we're simply not privy to, so the statistics might have
greater or lessor significance... we just can't verify that.

In any event, there's no established history of clear, outward aggression on the part
of ufos that supports your earlier argument 'they' have no business being here.

There are, however, considerable reports where we (Earthlings) have fired upon
ufos. I might ask what gives us the right to shoot first? To wage war, pollute our
enviroment, murder in the name of religion (or robbery), or add our waste into

It's just my individual view that ufo appearances do not occur for the sole purpose
of 'showing off', at least not exclusively.. heck, if that were true, one could then
say that any ufo appearance, no matter what the circumstances, was for the
purpose of 'showing off', simply because their technology appears to be much
further along and we have nothing comparable. Impressive - yes. Extraordinary -
yes. True agenda - unknown.

Who's to say for sure, which of our interpretations comes closest to describing
what the alien agenda really involves? Maybe we're all grabbing hold of some small
piece of the truth, I don't know. Until we're able to confront 'them' directly, we'll
have to continue debating the characteristics of each sighting.

Admittedly, not too long ago, I myself suggested that the Washington DC flap of
52 (two weekends) might even have represented some sort of demonstration for
someone in some prominent position, given the circumstances of those events.

Those weekend sightings had all the earmarks of being some sort of demonstration,
so, in a sense, I'm not rejecting the idea that there's some 'show' involved here.
But I just don't think that each and every sighting occurs for that singular purpose.

Reports describe ufos of so many various shapes and sizes, that we might have
to consider that there's more than one group expressing curiosity in our behavior.

Again, I agree that the abduction scenario presents some rather difficult challenges.
I sincerely believe though, in isolated instances, some reports are pretty compelling.

While I also share some doubts about whether or not we can truly measure the
extent of the abduction phenom, I'm not inclined to write it all off either.

I think many of us essentially agree that reports rely pretty heavily upon regression
therapy, which has been attacked over and over again, due to a variety of reasons.
But then you have to consider the other side of the coin. I'm not exactly impressed
with the alternative explanations that clinicians love to put forth.

I suppose I'm just not completely comfortable into the idea that each and every
abduction report is attributable to a sleep disorder, over active imagination, mental
health issue, and so forth. Perhaps some percentage, yes. But not all.

So I'm more or less trying to walk down the middle of the path, because both
scenarios leave us questioning which way we should turn on the abduction issue.


  Replies 11 - 16 (out of 16 total)

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