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12/3/2003 9:16:42 AM

It doesn't make sense to me.

It takes nearly a quarter of a million years to visit the nearest star (disreguarding the sun), and in light years that still about 9 or 10 years, yes? I understand that those whom believe in this phenomenon will say that they have a much more safisticated understanding of technology and travel, but why would they waste of all that time to come visit us? And wouldnt you first try and contact a planet you are planning to explore first before you arrive?

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1/8/2004 10:03:10 AM

just because you think it would be a waste of time doesn't mean an alien race would. there's no way to compare our way of thinking to an extraterrestrial race.

1/8/2004 10:20:26 AM

Why shouldn't they waste their time?
Maybe they have ways of travelling that we dont understand yet. Of course there wouldnt be any point if it would take that long.
However , we don't really know about them a lot and if they REALLY exist at all , do we?
I wanna believe in it because i think that we are not the only planet with life on it and im quite sure that if we would find out that Aliens , or whateva u wanna call them , really exist that we would like to find out more about them. talking about wasting time, didnt we just spend loads of money, time and effort on sending a probe to a place in which we probably know no life exists? (beagle 2, mars, and nasa)
Everyone is curious, why shouldnt other beings be?


Ps: sorry im from austria my english isnt perfect.

1/8/2004 1:11:19 PM

Why does any one do anything, because they can. Why do we send probes to mars to look for signs indicating life (old or new). Because we can.

Its hard for us to see beyond our own concepts of reasoning becuase its the only model we have to base our understanding on. Look at how far we have come in the past 100 years. Imagine a race of beings that have been around for millions of years.

Im sure its as easy for them to get here, as it its for us to walk down the town, and buy a carton of milk!

Robert L. Sharp
1/8/2004 9:45:44 PM

Hi Mike:
You state that it takes nearly a quarter of a million years to visit the nearest star?
Which star is this, and are you talking about traveling in a SUV at 65 MPH?
Our own galaxy is approximately 1oo,ooo light years across. Traveling at
186,000 Miles Per Second, not MPH, it would take aproximately 100,000 years
to traverse our own galaxy.
I am not a believer in the phenomena because of possessing more sophisticated
understanding of technology and travel, but, because of seeing and experiencing
many, many UFO incidents.
You ask, "why would they waste their time to come visit us"? There could be a
thousand reasons for this, and I don't think they would be wasting their time
doing so, for it is obvious they have an agenda that is unknown to us at this time.
We send out rovers to Mars, send people to the Moon, and send other space
objects towards Venus and beyond, to find out a little bit about what's out there.
And as far as contacting us first before they explore our planet, I believe they
would want to scope us out a tad bit before they made verbal contact with us,
maybe to see if we are hostile, carry diseases, or are worthwhile to contact in
the first place. I am sure they are explorers just like us, but far more advanced,
and have figured out a way to zip around the galaxy, and the universe, and are
able to do it in a way that our human minds can't even comprehend yet. They
have discovered a way to do it by bending, or shortening the distance between
point A and B, and probably have utilized the different dimensions, that we as
Earthlings have only recently realized may possibly exist. They don't exist like we
do in our little 3-D world. They have "graduated" to the other dimensions.
Just a thought..........

1/9/2004 6:42:27 PM

It is all fascinating but when you think about it, it is logical to find out what your neighbours are up to. As stated by others, there could be a thousand reasons to visit us but I can’t think of many reasons why they would not want to visit us….. Well, that’s to say if they haven’t got Satellite TV and seeing how Governments are treating one another. Then again, if I had a super duper flying machine, I think I would steer way clear of planet earth but then I may want to take advantage of the situation and use them as Ginny pigs before they destroy themselves completely. Or, if I was an Alien Samaraton, I would want to show the errors of our ways… wouldn’t they have an impact with that????

samuel small
1/9/2004 6:48:14 PM

look how much we (man) have advanced, from kitty hawk to the space shuttle in a mere hundred years! It's arrogance and stupidity to think we cant achieve such great accomplishments in so little time.. by the way man isn't the most intelligent creature on this planet...dolphins are!

1/10/2004 2:45:46 AM

Could an ANT understand what a car is, yet alone a 747?

1/23/2008 6:59:43 PM

Why would there be a thousand reasons for "visiting" earth? I can only think of a few. 1. They are studying lower life forms
2. They are doing experiments on lower life forms (an invasive form of study)
3. They are just curious?
4. They are monitoring us to make sure we are not going to be a threat (recon)
5. They are looking out for our own good (so we don't destroy ourselves)
6. They are doing a recon for a take over (unlikely since they probably would have done it by now)
That's it - that's all I can think of. If anyone can add to this list please do it.

What I do know is that what ever the reason - they have no business being here - they weren't invited and they are basically trespassing. If they wanted to help us out by giving us their technology they would have done that by now. It seems like they just want to purposely show off to let us know how advanced they are - that is pretty obvious to me. Why any race would do that is a mystery to me also.

By the way - they don't necessarily need to be biological entities. If they are machines, they may have been traveling for thousands or millions of years with no problem.

1/23/2008 8:16:55 PM

I have to concur in part with the previous response.. I think most of us feel
reasonably comfortable that some ufos represent extraterrestrial craft. And with
that, we're having to accept that the phenom also involves an advanced technology.

At the same time, I think the word 'advanced' bothers many, for some reason or
another, much as being 'in denial' does, but that's a topic for another discussion.

Obviously, the most challenging of all obstacles here is trying to come to grips
with what an alien agenda might involve. We seem to be dealing with two
'whys'... why come here and why not stage a formal introduction? Although I'm
of the opinion that governments around the world can and do keep secrets related
to ufos, I'm not persuaded yet that they know much more than we lay people. I
believe there's a belief that this must be kept under wraps, but whether those
reasons are valid or not is just another puzzle to figure out.

To an alien race, we may be considered barbaric, backwards and even infantile
(and rightfully so, in many respects). But we've obviously drawn someone's
interest when you take all the historical references into account.

I would think that no matter how 'advanced' the race, the 'need to learn' new
things would remain constant.. much like simple curiosity, which seems to be
a never-ending process. Perhaps we're just one stop along the path of their
travels and, in their concept of time (which may be vastly different from ours),
they've found reason to take a more intense interest in us. Should we doubt that
we haven't telegraphed the basis for that interest many times over?

'Showing off' just doesn't top the list of reasons that I think ufos make their
random appearances. They've shown interest in individuals by way of abductions,
overflown nearly every category of airspace, demonstrated that they possess a
superior technology, and chosen to maintain a degree of secrecy without direct

From all appearances, this sounds like a continued surveillance program rather
than putting on 'a show'. Perhaps our planet's resources are involved. Perhaps
we're slowing becoming a threat to the galactic neighborhood as Friedman
suggests. Perhaps we're being slowly acclimated to the idea that we're not and
never have been alone.

In any event, 'they' have just as much of a right to pursue their curiosity and need to
know, by visiting us, as we do, in our feeble attempts to reach out and touch the
stars (limited and unsophisticated as our technology is). To suggest that 'they'
have no business being here shouldn't be the mindset that we want to adopt, imo.


1/23/2008 10:25:01 PM

If any of us could travel back in time 2,000 years ago and told someone that in time, one could travel from Egypt to Rome in 1 or two hours they would instantly think that you were out of your mind. You can make a million analogies thru out time just like this in regards to travel and speed and so many other scientific achievements and theories.

To me, it makes perfect sense that other more advanced civilizations eventually discovered how to travel through space at distances that seem impossible to us now.

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