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3/13/2004 1:59:17 AM


It wasnt a rocket firing up that caused the alien craft to move suddenly. It was a missle fired by are military. The craft wasnt that far away. The curvature of the Earths axis changes the viewing perspective. When will you people learn and look at the evidence on a scientific bases?

Have you ever heard of the STAR WARS defense initative?

Missle fired by military. Can you understand that?

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Man of Science
3/24/2004 8:05:17 AM

When are you gonna look at things from a scientific basis ILLUMANTIE! They have already prooved that that was a water droplet on the window which was being moved by the upwards push as the shuttle entered our atmosphere! Yes i saw that program too!.... ALIENS!

Robert L. Sharp
3/24/2004 8:34:31 AM

Man of Science:
Who is THEY that you refer to? THEY didn't prove anything. All THEY did was
confirm that THEY are part of the vast debunking crowd that permeates every
inch of this subject.

Man of Science(ok i have no degree!)
3/24/2004 8:51:51 AM

Robert robert robert they are water droplets OK?

Robert L. Sharp
3/24/2004 8:54:19 AM

okie dokie

3/24/2004 8:56:04 AM

Hey has any one here read that Nigels thing about a new conspiracy theory is it for real?

Robert L. Sharp
3/24/2004 9:35:33 AM

I am not at all familiar with this conspiracy theory. He explained a little about it,
but I don't know anything about it. Maybe he will elaborate.
I personally am not a conspiracy theorist, and don't get involved with this activity,
although I DO like to read and listen to what others might think about it, and will
on occasion post a reply to something like this. There are too many theories
floating around to keep up with it all.

3/26/2004 1:22:40 AM

To man of science - I didnt see any program on it calling it a water droplet. NASA are idiots by thinking people will believe such excuses as that.

I remember one time on a space mission a while back one of the astronauts said to the other when he saw a alien craft "what are they doing taking pictures of us". Later on he tried t take it back like me meant something else.

I know classified info into the Columbia incident that proved that out of laziness or lack of funding the craft went up in flames. No I wont say anymore than that on what I know about this.....

3/28/2004 6:38:40 PM

Well someone took me up on it. Unnamed posted "Hey has any one here read that Nigels thing about a new conspiracy theory is it for real?" using my handle. I guess they think that they came up with something sufficiently original.

4/15/2004 3:21:46 PM

To Man of Science, I have a question about the water droplet. Was the droplet on the inside of the window, or outside?

9/13/2005 12:28:30 PM

I can't believe this one Water Drops? No Way! I stand with Missile fired at UFO. Any other explaination is just Disimformation. The only thing that bothers me about this video clip, is how it got public.

  Replies 1 - 10 (out of 16 total)

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